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Kelsey Bradshaw

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Get Spring Break Ready--NOW!


Spring Break brings with it images of girls in bikinis and boys in American-flag printed swimsuits, coolers full of beer and a lot of pressure to look good on the beach. Don’t stress! While you probably look great already, there are several simple, fun ways to get your body looking the best it can for the sooo stressful task of hanging out at the beach for a week. 

Stick to water. Soda can add an unnecessary amount of sugar to your daily diet. By simply swapping out your daily Diet Coke for water, the pounds will fall off. You might think quitting Diet Coke cold turkey is a sin, but it’s good for the mind, body and soul. You’ll feel lighter mentally and physically!

Many try extreme dieting, calorie counting and every wacky plan there is out there. Unfortunatley, counting calories and tracking everything you eat can be a major stressor. If you want to get healthy and look great without having to buy a calculator, just be simple about it! Instead of eating a cookie, grab some yogurt. Making easy swaps during the day can really be your friend.

Another good rule to follow when trying to get in shape for your trip, make sure to sweat once a day. Head to the gym before class, and make sure to take the stairs.

If you’re uninspired in the gym, do this “Full Body Meltdown” courtesy of Pinterest, also know affectionatley as the Fitness Bible. The ever-opular FB conists of:

40 Jumping jacks

15 Squats

20 Lunges

40 Mountain climbers

5 Burpees

50 Bicycles

20 sec. Superman

5 push-ups

40 High knees

20 vertical leg crunches

30-secon Plank

40 Mountain climbers

Campus Cutie: MIchael Smith


Michael Smith is the kind of guy that will pick you up from a party he wasn't at. He'll take you and your friend to Taco Bell at 1 a.m., even though he has class at 7 a.m. the next morning, and make you laugh the whole time...not that I'm speaking from experience. It might have just been the Taco Bell involved, but ladies, this fella's a catch.

Major: Psychology. I am wanting to be a Sports Psychologist because athletics are my biggest passion in life. I wanted to be in a career field where I can go to work, do what I love and feel that passion everyday.

Relationship status: I am single.

Favorite sport to play: I love playing basketball. It's the easiest to get a group of people to play.

Cat or dog person: I love them both, but I am more of a dog person for sure.

HCO: What's your favorite pickup line: "Hey, can I flirt with you for a second?"

HCO: What's your favorite romantic comedy: It's a tie between Crazy Stupid Love and Definitely, Maybe.

HCO: Describe your perfect date: I love picnics so I would say having a picnic, walking to a park where we can people watch and talk about life (what’s to come in the future), get to know the girl a little more. We can watch the sunset before going back to my place for a nice movie/cuddle session while eating cookie dough ice cream and chocolate covered strawberries (which I would make from scratch).

The Creepiest and Most Hilarious Video You Will Ever Watch


First step: Click here and watch this video.

No, don't read the next sentence and come back to it. Watch the video.

Done yet? Good.

The scene is set with a teddy bear and an obviously fake foreign accent discussing "Teddy's operation." You're prepared for maybe a little bit of a laugh, maybe a feel-good moment or two as a cute stuffed bear is restored to full health. Heck, maybe even a smiling baby!

Your expectations are set when the "doctor" adds sprinkles to Teddy. Then he says it's so he "won't hate the children."

'That's a weird thing for a feel-good video to say,' you think to yourself. It's not inherently shocking though, so you dismiss it.

Then it gets weird. And when I say weird, let me describe to you my reactions:

Me: Ladeeedahhh Teddy's cute...

Me: What the EFFFFFF is that meat?!

Me: Why does that scalpel look so sharp? Why is it...holy God. It's cutting. It's cutting Teddy's kidney.

Me: It can't any worse. Right?

Raw meat comes gushing out of Teddy's "courage sack."


At this point, the gloved hand feeling around in Teddy's heart is only milding surprising.

Acts of Kindness After the Boston Marathon Bombings


After hearing about the bombings that took place during the Boston Marathon, I was...well, there are no words for it. I was all at once shocked, frightened, angry, sad, and most of all, disheartened that these bombs killed and wounded innocent civilians--many whom had come to the race after months and years of training. On top of that there were those who had come to offer support to their friends and family at the finish line. 

But while this horrible act may have put me into shock, it also exposed what I had never truly experienced on a large scale before: people flock together during times of crisis. My Tumblr dashboard and Twitter alike were filled with #prayforboston tags. People put aside their differences and their political affiliations and were simply concerned, worried humans talking to other concerned, worried humans.

"We are Boston. We are one community. We will not let terror win," tweeted Boston Mayor Tom Menino. Take a look at some of the aftermath of the Boston marathon that shows humanity truly is one community, coming together to support one another in our time of need.

Brave first responders

Whether it was the people who broke down marathon barriers to get to the injured seconds after the bombs went off, the medical staff who were unprepared for this scale of carnage, or the doctors who ran the marathon and then volunteered their services, the response to the attack was heroic. "We salute all those who assisted in responding so quickly and professionally to this tragedy," said President Barack Obama when he addressed the nation on Monday.

Campus Celebrity: Laura Ruddy


Laura Ruddy, known simply as Ruddy to most, is an adorable bundle of energy who is a senior Human Physiology major. She also happens to be the captain of the women's lacrosse team, that recently defeated Oregon State to make it to the National Playoffs of the Northwest Women's Lacrosse League. Congratulations, girls!

What position do you play?

Defense, along with being the second year captain.

What are you most proud of this year so far team-wise?

Beating Northwestern in double overtime in Santa Barbara. Really hard game against a top ranked team, and my teammates refused to let it phase them. It was an incredible display of teamwork, love, and determination.

What was the process of making it to Nationals like?

There were a few games, especially against OSU and Western Washington, that were a little rough. But for the most part, we were the clear front-runners in the league and we showed that we deserve to go to Nationals.

Do you have any lucky traditions/superstitions?

I surprisingly don't have any lucky traditions. I mean, I refuse to put my left sock or shoe on before my right. And I won't redo my hair during a game if we're winning. And I won't give high fives with my left hand. Ever. If someone touches my left hand, I'll make them touch it again to "take it back". But that's totally normal, right?

What do you do in your spare time?

The Best Coffee Drinks You've Never Ordered


Being a self-described caffeine addict, I like to think of myself as having a pretty detailed knowledge of all things coffee. Of course, I love Starbucks caramel macchiatos and the traditional vanilla latte, and I've even been known to drink black coffee from time to time. But these are the drinks that took me several years of experimenting with drink menus and making friends with my baristas to discover. And now they're yours to try. Enjoy!

1. A vanilla bean powder latte from Starbucks. My mom told me about this drink about a year ago and it has changed my taste buds forever. The vanilla bean powder makes it sweet without being too sweet, and some of the powder sinks to the bottom so the last few sips are extra vanilla-y and delicious.

2. Anything Irish cream flavored. Seriously...Irish cream makes every drink like it's made with cream (like...Irish cream even. Imagine). It's delish, especially mixed with caramel. Mmm!

3. Most people already know about flavor-infused Red Bulls/Rockstars/Rebels, but if you don't, you're seriously missing out. They're delicious, they succeeded where the limited edition colored Red Bulls failed (the Silver Edition tastes like vitamins. Bad vitamins), and I swear the extra sugar in the flavoring makes the energy high that much more effective. My favorite flavor? Coconut.

Color Me Rad 5k


Collegiettes cheer as they are "color bombed" crossing the finish line at the Color Me Rad 5k in Eugene on April 13th.

Spring Trends: Hollister Style


Working at Hollister Co. means I not only get to smell like Hollister all the time (you know you still love that smell) and have my eardrums assaulted by upbeat music every time I work, but I get a sneak peek of what Hollister thinks is trendy for the next season. Sometimes, I see clothes that make me realize why Hollister is still marketed towards middle schoolers (with graphic tees that say “Let’s make out” and “Why don’t you tweet about it”).

But a surprising amount of the time, I see clothes that are actually cute. Like, really cute. Of course, the employee discount helps, but my closet is starting to contain the most Hollister it’s had since middle school. Colored pants? Done. Denim shirt? All over it. Twelve different variations of a white lacy tank top? I’ve got them all.

Here are some of my favorite things I’ve seen in the store that I will invariably be sporting come spring time:

5 Spring Break Accessories You Can't Leave Home Without


You've memorized your boarding pass, you've gone over your itinerary 50 times, and you've made sure the cute boy in Spanish knows you're going to be just a village away for the next week. So what are you forgetting?

Oh, yeah. Class.

Before finals, essays, or rain quell your excitement, make sure you're fully prepared for your trip by making sure you have all of the following essentials. Whether or not you have a great swimsuit could make or break your trip -- so get shopping!
Your Swimsuit

Be on the lookout for embellishments on this spring's hottest swim suits. I'm a complete bow fanatic, and I can't wait to "prep-itize" my backside and/or all of my beach accessories.

A one piece is one of those things that wearing it can instantly make you feel like a child...but with a few carefully placed cut-outs, that nostalgic feeling goes away and is replaced with a Hot Mama vibe. I prefer the latter. 

LIfe Lessons I Learned From Crossfit


This term, I decided to take the highest-level class I've ever taken in college, taught by professor who is known (literally, he told us on the first day of class) for being a hard grader. Not only that, I decided it would be a good term to take four other classes, become a group fitness instructor, and continue my internship at my gym--plus a part-time job. What am I forgetting? Oh yeah. My social life. How metaphorical.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I wasn't doing so well. The superhard class had the hardest grading scale I'd ever had in a class (basically, to get an A in something, you would have to include live video footage of a unicorn hula-hooping), so I was only getting mediocre grades on projects I had worked really hard on. Those projects I lost many hours of sleep over were harshly critiqued in front of the whole class, which combined with my inability to deal with criticism meant that I was seriously struggling.

...and by struggling, I mean that I was so stressed about my assignments for that class that I couldn't think about anything else until I turned them in (I know, I know, obession much?). Considering the assignments were due weekly, this meant that the rest of my classes were put on the back burner, which meant that I had a lot of catching up to do for midterms.

One day about a week ago, I had finally had enough. I decided to skip my last class of the day and go to the gym.