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HC Visual Artist Kayla Mento put together this lovely fall look.

Rock Your Relationship: Dating Tips from datemyschool and HC Chatham



Here's the deal:

There are over 900 undergrads at Chatham. 

Over 6,000 at CMU. 

Over 18,000 at Pitt. 

That's just counting our neighbors. Add the tens of thousands of students at all of Pittsburgh's universities, and the social scene starts to feel a little daunting.

Think of datemyschool as your ultimate wingwoman: an online dating site exclusively for college students and recent alumni. Whether you're looking for a fun fling, an engagement ring or anything in between, datemyschool safely and easily connects you to over 150,000 cuties.

Ready to go? We've teamed up with datemyschool to make you a love expert. Here, three HC Chatham writers share their top tips for rocking any relationship.

Alex Heathcock, Fashion Writer

1. Be your complete self. A guy/girl worth dating will find all of the supposedly “weird” and “quirky” qualities about you endearing. It’s cliché, but if he/she really cares, he’ll/she'll accept you for who you are completely.

2. Sometimes, opposites do attract. Just because somebody isn’t your “type” doesn’t mean that you should not consider them. Sometimes it’s the people who are the most different from us that we learn and grow from the most, and have the most interesting/best relationships with.

3. Don’t look for love. Let it come to you. When you usually obsessively search for it, that’s when things go wrong. When you’re ready for a relationship, the right guy will pop up at the right time. I promise.