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Katie Sieger

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Gearing up for finals with HC!


Hey readers!

Finals week is upon us and everyone on the Hill is stressed out - papers are due, exams must be taken, group projects must be finished! While this time is hard to get through remember that we're so close to summer! In the meantime we want to give a quick shoutout to the brands that have been helping us HC girls get through finals!


Here at HC we've been munching on these chips to fuel us through finals - we're addicted! popchips have all the deliciousness of potato chips, but none of the guilt! They’re naturally delicious and healthier, since they have all of the flavor but only half of the fat.


Here at HC St. Olaf we LOVE Chipotle. What better study break is there than grabbing a friend and going to get a burrito? (With guac, of course!) Thanks to Chipotle we'll be enjoying more of the food that we love!


Get ready for Spring Break with HC!


Hey collegiates! Spring break is upon us, and we hope that your spring break is the best yet! Spring break is an excellent time to recharge your batteries and pamper yourself, something you can do whether or not you're at home or on a beach somewhere. That's why we wanted to share with you all the amazing swag we got from some amazing sponsors in our Spring Break Survival Kit! 

neuro SLEEP

Ever have trouble sleeping sometimes and not know why? Well, our friends at neuro are here with neuro SLEEP to help you get the best sleep of your life! neuro SLEEP is a tasty blend of goodnight nutrients like melatonin and magnesium specifically formulated to give you the most golden of slumbers. This tasty drink helps promote restful sleep and normalize sleeping patterns. The best part? It's safe and non-habit forming, only 35 calories, and has no artificial colors or flavors! Plus it's delicious to boot!


Spring is here and that means so is increased humidity. Fight back with TRESemmé's 7 Day Keratin Smooth System! With just one use, this treatment makes your hair smoother and sleeker for a full seven days. For more hairstyle inspiration and how-to's, be sure to check out Primp away!


Thanks Garnier Fructis!


Hey collegiates! 

Do finals have you down? Don't worry - we're here for you! We just received a bunch of samples from Garnier Fructis and will be stuffing them in PO boxes to cheer up your finals week!

We love Garnier Fructis for so many reasons - not only do their products smell amazing (and fruity!), their Volume Extend Shampoo and Conditioner help us get the full-bodied hair we've always dreamed about. Volume Extend instantly extends volume for all-day fullness! The ultra-light cleansing hair care formula, with natural fruit fibers, papaya and cucumber extracts, strengthens while it thickens hair. How great is that?

HC St. Olaf and Garnier Fructis believe that everyone possesses her own natural beauty and everyone has the power to make that beauty shine through. The aim of beauty should be happiness and feeling at ease with yourself and others. It's about taking care.

We hope you all enjoy your free samples, be sure to check your PO boxes in the next couple of days!

Back to School Survival Kits!


 Back to School is a hectic time – thankfully, we got a super sweet survival kit in the mail to ease the stress! The Fall 2013 Back to School Survival Kit we received is chock-full of amazing must-haves to get us through the year and keep us primed to succeed!

We got some amazing swag from Neuro SONIC, Luna, Poppin, Chipotle and SK Energy Shots!

We were fortunate enough to have two whole cases of Neuro SONIC water sent to us. We got the Wild Berry flavor – trust us, it’s delicious! Neuro SONIC also provides you with sustained, focused energy, which is perfect for late-night study sessions. Neuro SONIC also gives you increased alertness and increased mental performance, which is exactly what a busy college student needs. Neuro SONIC also offers SONIC study breaks and will come to campus to set up a study break lounge, complete with Neuro SONIC drinks, great music, a wifi hotspot, comfy furniture, Neuro give-aways & more! What a great idea for club meetings, late night group study sessions or a fun pre-party idea!

The perfect accompaniment to Neuro SONIC is a LUNA bar – we got a bunch of S’mores flavored minis! LUNA bars help you wake up every day and make things happen – they’re the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth in a nutritious way. LUNA has a lot of other flavor choices to help you positively snack and make healthy food choices to power you through your busiest days!

Her Campus x Teen Vogue Giveaway Event!



Hey readers!

If you haven’t heard yet, we will be hosting a super awesome “trunk party” tomorrow evening from 5-7 p.m. outside the Cage in Buntrock! What exactly do we mean by a “trunk party?” Well, Teen Vogue sent us a swanky trunk filled with freebies from fashion, beauty, hair care & other brands (examples include Vera Wang Fragrance, Herbal Essences, Revlon, Pantene, Nasty Gal, H&M, Keds, LeSportsac, Olay Fresh Effects and more!) – we can’t wait to share the goodies with you all!

Here are some awesome highlights from our trunk to get you excited about this event!

Herbal Essences: Did you know that Herbal Essences now has fabulous body wash? It smells great and is super moisturizing to boot – luckily for you, we’re giving some away!

Hurley: Staying fit during college is essential, and Hurley wants to help you out! Stop by our event to win a cute new Hurley Pivot Sports Bra!

St. Tropez: Even though the weather is getting cooler, you can still get your bronze on with fabulous St. Tropez products. We’re giving away bronzing mousse for your body and face so you can glow all year round!

Murad: Come win luxurious face wash and treatments from Murad, one of the top authorities on skincare!

Burlington Coat Factory: We have some great clothes from Burlington that you can snag for free to help you create the ultimate fall wardrobe!

Have we convinced you to come yet? We hope so! Spread the word about this fun event on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the hashtag: #BTSS and tagging Her Campus St. Olaf College; also tweet about the event with #BTSS for a chance to win a spot at Teen Vogue’s Fashion U!

Hope to see you there!

Sto-Style: How to dress for a summer internship



Summer is almost here and for many Oles that means in a few short weeks summer internships will start up. Summer internships are a great way to get experience in your desired field, but for many of us internships are a big fat question mark. Going into an unknown office setting as a newbie can be intimidating, but with the right clothes you can make a great impression on your coworkers and get them to see you as a professional.

In this article we’re going to cover the do’s and don’ts of dressing for an internship. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about dressing for your summer internship!

Until you can accurately gauge the atmosphere of the office, dress in business appropriate attire. We’re talking dressy flats or heels, dress pants, a nice blouse and a blazer or cardigan (like the outfit below). You don’t want to show up to your internship on the first day wearing shorts and flip flops because until you work there for a few days you will have no idea how the people you are working with dress. As a rule of thumb, it’s always better to overdress than underdress when it comes to jobs. If you dress too casually, your first impression will be hampered by the fact that you seem wildly out of place. To gauge what is appropriate in the office, pay close attention to what others are wearing. Are they wearing suits? Then you probably should, too.

Don’t forget that it’s summer – dressing professionally doesn’t mean you have to cover every inch of your skin. There are ways to dress appropriately while still beating the heat, like wearing a knee-length dress with a chambray button-down. Just remember to layer in case your workspace is air conditioned.

StO-Style: Met Gala Favorites



While movie premieres, the Oscars and film festivals are great to sneak peaks of red-carpet outfits, my favorite yearly event in fashion is the Costume Institute Gala held every year at the Metropolitan Museum (also known as the Met Gala). The gala marks the opening of the museum’s fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute, is hosted by Vogue magazine and boasts some of the craziest outfits of the year. Honestly, it’s just that good.

The Met Gala has a new theme every year that dictates what the honored guests wear – in 2011, the theme was all about honoring Alexander McQueen; in 2009 the theme was ‘Model as Muse’. This year’s theme was ‘Punk: Chaos to Couture’, and the outfits did not disappoint. I think this may have been my favorite Met Gala yet!

Read on for my review of my favorite looks from the red carpet!

Anne Hathaway in Valentino

Okay, I’m biased here – Anne Hathway is my idol. From Princess Diaries to Les Miserables, she can do no wrong in my book. I did a double take when I saw her blonde hair, but in a good way – she pulls it off flawlessly. Her dress is dark and risqué in all the right ways, and she has just the right amount of side boob going on. Yes, I went there. Rock on Anne!

Sarah Jessica Parker in Giles Deacon with a Philip Treacy Headpiece

StO-Style: The Resurgence of Overalls



….yes, you read that correctly.

Overalls are back, ladies, and they're having a moment on street style blogs and fashion blogs alike. 

The overalls that people are sporting this time around aren’t like the baggy overalls your mom wore in the 80s or the kiddie overalls you most likely sported in elementary school (mine were embroidered with various varieties of flowers – I was the epitome of cool back then).

This time, overalls have a more streamlined look and are less frumpy (thank goodness). They also have been popping up in fabrics other than denim, like leather and silk, for a classier look. Think less hick, more chic.


Looking to try this trend? Pick from the few below or search the internet - there are tons of options out there right now!

From left: $155 -, $24 -, $510 -, $76 -, $30 -

StO-Style: Would you wear….a trendy baseball cap?



In the past couple of seasons, a trend has emerged that has been borrowed straight from the major leagues – the baseball cap. But not just any old baseball cap! This trend brings together sporty and fashionable with caps in a variety of fabrics and prints. Baseball caps can now be seen all over fashion blogs, the runway, and on the fashion elite during New York Fashion Week. 


I love the way this trend makes any outfit more casual and hip. It's also extremely affordable, as most of the options below are under $25. Grab one of your old favorite baseball caps or snag one from the collage!

StO-Style: Dress to Impress for President's Ball



President’s Ball is one of the most entertaining events on campus every year, offering Oles the opportunity to mingle and dance while being dressed to the nines.

Admittedly, though, President’s Ball can pose a challenge. As college students, we are so used to schlepping around in sweatshirts and tennis shoes that an event that requires us to dress up may lie a little out of our comfort zones.

Never fear! This article is going to show you how to dress for not only President’s Ball but also almost any formal event you will encounter in the future. Consider this your handy guide to all the weddings, parties, and class reunions (you know you want to go to at least one!) you will be invited to down the line.

Whenever you receive an invitation to an event like the ones mentioned above, be sure to look for words like black tie, formal dress, or semi-formal. These words will clue you in to what attire you are expected to wear.

Black tie: this calls for formal attire, like a long gown or a cocktail dress.

Formal: usually means the same as black tie – women wear cocktail dresses, long dresses, or dressy evening separates.

White tie/Ultra-formal: the most formal option – wear a long gown.

Resort formal: you will normally find this term included in an invitation for a beach or destination wedding. Women should wear something bright and lightweight, like a floral sundress.

Semi-formal/After five: this means that long dresses are not required. Adjust what you wear according to the time of day of the event. If it is an evening event, choose a cocktail dress. If the event takes place during the daytime, go for an appropriate short dress or dressy suit.