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35 Reasons Why Love Is in the Air This Spring


As the semester winds down and the sun finally begins to shine, we can’t help but notice that love is in the air. It may not have hit you yet, but you can’t deny that you’ve noticed a lot more handholding and not-so-private displays of affection on campus. You could be next! The end of the semester is the best time to enjoy your DFMO, fling, FWB, or knight in shining armor. Here’s why:

1. You were getting sick of winter. Who wants to make snow angels when you can have water-gun wars instead?

2. Spring fever is catching, and suddenly everyone is more excited about everything from sunny days to soft-serve to Saturday night make-out seshes.

3. Going out for ice cream is a classic first date, and it just felt wrong trekking out for a cone clad in snow boots and mittens.

4. He might no longer have an excuse to give you his coat when you’re cold, but he can still show his chivalry by letting you cut him in line for the ice cream truck.

5. He might even buy you that ice cream, which would be convenient given the sorry state of your bank account after a semester of late-night Chinese food orders and fro-yo excursions.

6. Walks in the park may be clichéd, but they’re a heck of a lot more romantic than snowed-in dinner dates in the dining hall.

7. Walks in the park are also much more private than dining hall dates. Expect handholding and even, if you’re lucky, kissing. It just didn’t feel right sucking face surrounded by one hundred of your classmates and their lunches, anyway.

8. Everyone likes a girl who can throw a Frisbee, and you just caught the attention of every male on the quad with your champion skills.

Earth Day Festival


Now that the warm weather’s here, we can’t wait for our second favorite springtime event: the annual Earth Day Festival! Okay, so it isn’t as awesome as Fun Day, but we’ll take any excuse we can to chill on the South Green with the sun on our shoulders. Plus, if it means we can listen to great music, eat finger-licking good free food, and celebrate the springtime finally getting rid of all the snow, we’re on board!

Prepare for free food:

The Skidmore Beer Garden (bring your Campus Event Cards!) Chipotle Ben & Jerry's Comfort Kitchen Veggie Burgers

Good tunes:

https://8tracks.com/wspnsoundsgood/earth-day-14-playlist BadBadNotGood Ava Luna Slothrust Endangered Speeches The Rooks Zula Queen Ambrosia

And awesome activites:

Earth Day Clothing Swap Petting zoo Tie-dye Silk-screening Gardening Nike repair Bubbles!!! Bonfire & s'mores


See you Saturday, Skiddies!

Are Social Media Making You Depressed?


You know you love it: that thrill you get when you hit 11 likes on Instagram (yay you!), that little red notification flag that says someone looked at your LinkedIn profile or that feeling of triumph when you get good feedback on a Facebook post. With highs like these, it’s hard to imagine how social media could possibly be bad.

Still, behind all the online love that comes with each emoji and tweet, there’s also a darker side: social media can actually cause depression. We asked real collegiettes to share their stories and experts to share their advice to find out how social media could be bumming you out—and how to stop it. We’ve broken down each potential social-media-induced problem and paired it with its solution.

Social media are addictive

The problem:

Let’s face the facts: you might be addicted to Facebook. Sure, we probably all say it the same hyperbolic way we say we’re addicted to Netflix or Nutella (because why wouldn’t you be?), but the truth is that it’s way harder to resist the social media urge than it should be. It turns out that online interactions actually affect us in similar ways to cigarettes, drugs and sugary cupcakes by activating the reward centers in our brains.

Ecem Alçın '14


Campus Cutie Ecem Alçın, Class of 2014

Name: Ecem Alçın

Class Year: 2014

Major: Theatre

Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey

Hobbies: People watching, writing, photography, jewelry making, painting my nails in grandma colors, dreaming of my next meal

Relationship Status: Single

Describe your ultimate dream date.

The plot of the movie Before Sunrise.

Favorite movie?

The Hours.

Favorite ice cream flavor?


What do you notice first in a guy?

His height.

What’s your spirit animal?

I guess I would be a wolf. I am sort of a lone wolf.

Which Disney princess would you be and why?

I was never into Disney princesses, but I remember really loving Mulan when I first saw it. I love her self-reliance. Also I, too, have gotten myself into awkward situations plenty of times due to my clumsiness.

What is number one on your senior year bucket list?

What's your favorite nighttime hangout spot in Saratoga?


What's your favorite way to de-stress in Saratoga?


7 Golden Rules of Internship Etiquette


After months of editing your resume, relentlessly hunting for internships, and shopping for the perfect interview outfit, you finally landed a summer internship! Whether you’ve set your sights on the corner cubicle or the tent by an ancient archaeological dig, you’ll need to brush up on your intern manners in order to put your best foot forward.

1. DO smile

Employers and internship supervisors want to know that they’ve hired someone who is happy to be there, so show them that you are! Kelsey Mulvey, a collegiette from Boston University, polished her positive attitude during internships at Lucky magazine, Time Out New York, and Anthropologie.

“Interning isn't always a walk in the park,” Kelsey said. “Even when you feel a little overwhelmed, take on every challenge with a smile and a ‘can do’ attitude – your supervisor(s) will love your optimism.”

Struggling to stay smiling during those long, unpaid hours? Salwa Muhammad, the Program Director of Internships at Wellesley College, suggests learning more about your workplace.

How to Tell Your SO About Your Past Love Life


There’s nothing more exciting than the start of a new romance — after all, they don’t call it “the honeymoon phase” for nothing! Butterflies in your stomach, glowing every time you get a text, getting to know your SO (significant other) over late-night pillow talk, flaunting your new arm candy all over campus... it may not be as blissful as your relationship with Netflix, we know (few things are), but what’s not to like?

Unfortunately, revving up a new relationship can also mean rehashing old ones. At some point, your and your partner need to decide if you’re going to share about exes, old feelings and sexual history, just so you know all the facts. It can be uncomfortable, awkward and just plain hard (“Because I love hearing about my SO’s former flames,” said no one ever). Check out our tips before having the talk to save the situation!

Decide if it’s the right time for “the talk”

Come on, you know you’re curious! It can be super tempting to ask for all the details of his or her past exploits so that there are no surprises down the line. Plus, having that open, honest line of communication is one of the best ways to build up trust in your relationship. Sometimes, though, ignorance is bliss, so you’ll want to be prepared.

An Evening with Janet Mock


Thank you, Office of Student Diversity Programs (and so many other participatory groups!), for bringing us tonight's incredible keynote speaker: Janet Mock! For those who don't know, Janet is a writer, trans activist, and founder of the #GirlsLikeUs project, and author of Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More, which debuted on the New York Times bestseller list.

Tonight, Janet will share her experiences as a trans woman of color and her desire to change the way that we define womanhood. She'll discuss storytelling and trans movements in a moderated conversation (moderated by Professor Megan E. Williams and Sydney Magruder '14), followed by a book reading, Q&A session, and book signing. To purchase her book, bring $20 in cash or on your SkidCard to the event!

See you tonight at Gannett!

Why You Get Friend-Zoned (& How To Get Out Of It)


In the college dating scene, there are few things more frustrating than the friend zone. Affectionately known as “platonic purgatory,” this is the dreaded zone in which hoards of beautiful, talented, and down-to-earth collegiettes find themselves stuck together, all wondering why and how they ended up there. Since none of us have “JUST FRIENDS” tattooed across our foreheads, we’ve spoken with college guys, college girls, and relationship experts to determine how you got stuck in the friend zone and to how to get out so your crush can fall as hard for you as you did for him.

How you know you’re in the friend zone

It’s obvious that if he’s cuddling up to you for a heavy DFMO, he’s interested. But if he isn’t grabbing you mid-party and trying to swap spit, that doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t into you. So how can you tell if your crush is simply too afraid to make a move or if he actually only sees you as a friend?

Kim Olver, author of Secrets of Happy Couples, reveals, “You know you've been friend-zoned when your ‘friend’ consults you on what to do on dates with other girls, tries to hook you up with his friends, and basically treats you like one of the guys.”

Sam*, a junior at the University of Michigan, says he makes it clear when he only sees a girl as a platonic pal. “She’ll know we’re just friends because I’ll bring up other girls in front of her,” he explains. “I also wouldn’t do anything touchy like holding her hand.”

If he never gets that “I’m going to kiss you in the rain” look in his eye or if he only wants to hang out during Family Guy marathons, chances are, he’s not interested.