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Kate Moriarty

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How to Ask Him Out: 5 Secrets for Making the First Move


You’ve been spending your time hanging out with friends, keeping up with your homework and (of course) staring at the back of your crush’s head for the entirety of your lit class, willing him to ask you out already. Seriously, what’s the holdup?!

The best way to deal? Definitely not by waiting around for him to man up and text you. Instead, woman up and ask him out yourself! If the idea of putting yourself out there makes you want to hole up and hide in your dorm, try following these tried-and-true tips.

1. Be Confident

We get it: asking a guy out can be super scary. Like, I’d-rather-watch-The-Conjuring-alone-than-do-this scary. The problem is, if all you do is sit around thinking about how scared you are to make a move, you might miss your chance! To give you a much-needed confidence boost, we’re going to let you in on a little secret: most guys are A-OK with you taking the lead!

“As a guy, I really wouldn't mind if more women started taking action into their own hands,” says Her Campus Real Live College Guy Dale. “If you like a guy, go up and talk to him or ask him out—don't send out playful vibes and hope that he'll get the message. I would be so totally impressed if a woman just came up to me and asked me out. It shows me confidence and creativity, and I would really have almost no other choice than to say yes to a date.”

7 Reasons Why You'll Fall in Love With 'The Best of Me'


Remember that feeling you had when you watched The Notebook for the first (or thirtieth) time? You know, that feeling that made you just want to yell out, "If you're a bird, I'm a bird!" and throw your arms around some Ryan Gosling lookalike ASAP? Maybe you even attempted to dance to slow jazz in the middle of a deserted road; we wouldn't judge you.

Since we all already know - a little too well - the thoughts that every girl has while watching The Notebook, we can say with certainty that we've found the next tearjerking, heartwarming, all-around romantic movie that will steal your breath away à la Allie and Noah: it's called The Best of Me, and it's based on yet another fab Nicholas Sparks novel!

We went behind the scenes on the set in Louisiana to bring you the inside scoop on our new favorite chick flick - check out all of the reasons why you're about to fall in love with fall's best new blockbuster, in theaters October 17th!

1. The love story is timeless

The 7 Worst College Application Clichés & How to Avoid Them


Now that senior year is underway, only one thing stands between you and your totally awesome collegiette years: college applications. Sure, they may seem scary (Writing about yourself? Easier said than done.), but at the end of the day, the college essay is the best way to show your top schools what you’re all about, so the key is to be unique. Check out the easiest ways to avoid the seven worst college app clichés. With these tips in mind, you’ll be in the clear and decorating your dream dorm in no time!

1. Starting your essay with a famous quote

Let’s pretend for a second that you really do live by one of Shakespeare’s old adages, or that JFK’s patriotic appeals to the people really did inspire you to change your life (color us impressed!). It might seem like a great idea to share their wise words of wisdom—after all, they’re smart people, right?—but college admissions officers want to hear from you, not from famous people.

“Kids are used to trying to doing that [for] a paper for an English class,” says Michelle Podbelsek, co-owner of College Counseling Associates, an independent college counseling service for students and their parents. “In that case, they’re trying to start with something universal and then get into the topic. But for a college essay, it’s sort of the opposite. You want to get really personal at the beginning.” The first voice that the admissions officer reads should be yours!

How to Branch Out From Your Friend Group on Campus


Now that you’re back on campus (or are here for the first time), you’ve been thrown into the college social scene – lunch dates at the dining hall with friends, dorm hangouts with hallmates, student clubs, library study seshes with besties and maybe even some parties. Whether you’re an upperclassman surrounded by the same friends every day or a freshman looking to meet some new ones (read: people outside of your orientation group or dorm), you shouldn’t be afraid to branch out!

As the old saying goes, you can make new friends but keep the old, and there’s no better time than National Women’s Friendship Day, coming up on September 21st! Started by the Kappa Delta sorority, Women’s Friendship Day is all about celebrating the friendships you already have in your life, meeting new people and creating new bestie bonds!

Join a student club

At the start of freshman year, you probably made the most friends from orientation and your dorm, and that’s only natural; it’s easier to meet people who are close by! Still, proximity doesn’t exactly equate to similarity; you may love all these friends, but it’s okay to want to add a few more to the mix who actually share your interests.

Win A $2,000 Grad School Test Prep Course!


Applying to grad school? There’s no better way to prep for the for any grad school entrance exam than by taking a Kaplan course! But when budgets are tight and your wallet feels a little lighter than usual, you’re looking for all the help you can get to pay those pricey prep fees.

That’s why Her Campus has teamed up with Levo League and Kaplan to give one lucky winner a free Kaplan course scholarship, valued up to $2,000! You can score a prep class at no cost, which means your path to the to the grad school of your dreams is about to get a whole lot more simple.

This giveaway has ended. 

Win A Pair Of Jack Rogers Sandals In Your College Or Sorority Colors


Want to rock your college colors – or sorority colors – in style this semester? Get ready for the best new wardrobe staple to grace your fall wardrobe!

Her Campus has teamed up with Jack Rogers to give five lucky winners each a pair of Jack Rogers’s College Colors or Sorority Colors Sandals in the size and color of their choice!

Inspired by the love and enthusiasm collegiettes have for their Jack Rogers, affectionately known as “Jacks,” the brand offers 11 color combinations in the College Colors Sandal to represent several colleges and universities across America. A must-have for every collegiette’s wardrobe, the sandal is ideal for game days both in the early fall and the spring months; it’s also a way to show school spirit in the summertime and after graduation (though we’re trying not to think about graduation just yet... Because we never have to leave, right? Right).

Would you rather show off your sorority pride than your college colors? Size and color combinations are available in the Sorority Colors Sandal to represent some of the largest National Panhellenic Council sororities!

Win a Pair of Style-Savvy Skullcandy Headphones


Now that we’re rocking our fab back-to-school wardrobes, we’re all about accessorizing for the perfect looks. Our fave new accessory: super cute headphones (the kind that make a style-savvy statement)!

Her Campus has teamed up with Skullcandy to give four lucky winners each a pair of ‘Dime’ Women’s Headphones! The ‘Dime’ is specially designed for women, so it’s the perfect pick for collegiettes. Skullcandy’s custom tuning delivers an extremely smooth frequency response with minimal distortion; in other words, it’s the best way to listen to your favorite beats, loud and clear.

If you’re plagued with odd-shaped ear canals that aren’t perfectly round (don’t worry, it turns out we all are), using standard earbuds can be like shoving a circular peg into a square hole. Skullcandy has the solution with oval-shaped buds, which optimize comfort, stability, acoustic performance and more. Plus, Skullcandy headphones have pureclean ear gels, so you won’t get any grime up in there while you’re rocking out to your workout playlist.

You run the show. Manage your calls, playlists and your bestie Siri remotely using a single button on your ‘Dime’ headphones: Mic+Remote. Answer the calls you want, end the ones you don’t. Play your favorite song, pause it, or skip right through and be onto the next one. Voice commands welcome, too. Basically, it’s the best for any on-the-go and style-savvy collegiette!

This giveaway has closed. Make sure to check this week's Study Break email to see if you're a winner!

Win Style, Beauty & Selfie Essentials For Your Best Looks Yet


Now that you’re back on campus, you’re ready to rock your best looks yet (and obvi have to document the occasions with some amazing selfies... ahem, we mean candid shots?). We’ve got everything you need to start the semester right!

We’re giving away back-to-school beauty, style and selfie essentials to one lucky collegiette! Check out the awesome prizes on the line:

FabFitFun VIP half-yearly subscription (2 boxes)

Get the must-have products to prepare you for each season with the FabFitFun VIP subscription box, released seasonally! At $49.99 for each box (and free for our winner!), each box contains over $100 worth of full-size beauty, fashion and fitness finds. Curated by the FabFitFun experts, each FabFitFun VIP Box contains a surprise set of goodies from your favorite classic brands, cult celebrity favorites and must-try new finds to keep you looking and feeling your best.

HISY gift pack (4)

Apply to Be One of 'Glamour’'s Top 10 College Women


You’re a talented, driven, fabulous collegiette – it’s about time you earned some recognition for it! If you’re a junior this fall (2014), enter Glamour’s 2015 Top 10 College Women Competition!

Glamour is looking for the best and brightest college juniors – dynamic young women with leadership experience, excellent grades and inspiring goals. The magazine will award one grand prize of a $20,000 scholarship and nine $3,000 prizes to collegiettes like you who have proven themselves to be one in a million! All winners will receive a celebratory trip to New York City and a profile in the May 2015 issue of Glamour (you know you’ve been imagining yourself rocking those glossy pages for years, anyway!).

Each year for the last 58 years, Glamour has been recognizing 10 outstanding college women: scientists, athletes, activists, businesswomen and more. The one thing they have in common, aside from being juniors, is that they’re incredible at what they do. Read more about the 2014 winners online here and get inspired to put your name into the running for 2014!

So if you’re in the class of 2016, have leadership experience, excellent grades and inspiring goals, Glamour wants to hear from you. Apply here before September 15, 2014 to score a spot amongst the top 10 college women! You deserve the recognition!

Score Fab FRYE Boots for Free!


Now that we’re back on campus, we can’t help but look forward to the fall: apple picking, pumpkin spice lattés, cozy sweaters and of course, fabulous fall boots. After our bank accounts took a hit while dorm décor shopping (oops), we’re all about shopping on a budget.

But what’s even better than scoring cute boots on a budget? Scoring cute boots for free, of course! We’ve teamed up with FRYE to bring you the best giveaway for boot lovers everywhere: Win a brand-new pair of FRYE Harness 6 boots in Gaucho just by entering below! Giveaway ends September 21, 2014.

For 150 years, The FRYE Company has been crafting boots and shoes that are as utilitarian as they are stylish. Uncompromising quality and luxurious materials make FRYE a fashion must-have. With boots, shoes, sneakers and more, FRYE has something for every personality.

You know these Harness 6 boots will look a-maze with your awesome fall wardrobe, so why not enter to win? Score the prize now before someone else does!