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Kate Moriarty

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5 Ways to Treat Yourself After Working Hard


Whether you're busy being a superstar intern, cranking out essays for your summer classes or putting in a hard day's work at your mimimum-wage summer job, you definitely deserve a break. Those long hours of work can take a major toll on your mental health, so invest some time in some R&R for your own happiness's sake!

We at Her Campus know what hard work is like--we've just put on a super successful National Intercollegiette Conference (thanks to a lot of help from collegiettes like you!), and we're all about treating ourselves for a job well done. Check out how Her Campus treated their employees to the best relaxation time ever, and how you can treat yourself the same after all your hard work!

1. Say yes to some sweets

Okay, so cupcakes aren't exactly one of the foods that will keep you super healthy all summer long (but we dare to dream). Still, a cupcake a day keeps the stress at bay--or at least, a cupcake every now and then does! Indulging in something sweet as a reward for hard work is a great way to provide yourself with positive reinforcement. Plus, satisfying your sweet tooth cravings can help you unwind. We were so excited to choose from all the pretty cupcakes from Treat Cupcake Bar in Chestnut Hill; it may not have had quite the same thrill of, say, shoe-shopping, but it came close. We can't think of any better way to treat yourself than with, well, a treat!

2. Pamper yourself

7 Quirks You Have That Guys Love


As every girl who’s ever envied Zooey Deschanel knows, quirkiness is the cutest trait in a collegiette. The dating scene is full of awesome, attractive girls, so if you want to catch a guy’s attention in the middle of the crowd, you have to celebrate what makes you different from those thousands of others!

Not convinced you’ve got a good quirk? Don’t be so sure. While some quirks may send men running for the hills (think creepy doll collections or nasty hygiene habits), others can be totally endearing. You may be insecure about your tendency to snort when you laugh, but some boys will love you all the more for it – it’s what makes you unique, and it reminds them that you’re a one-of-a-kind catch! Find out which quirks drive the guys wild and how to use them to your advantage!

1. You Have a Really Loud Laugh

You may be embarrassed that you have a horse-like laugh – there’s no denying that it’s inconvenient in the library (and anywhere that you try to giggle about your crush within earshot).

Arden Leigh, author of The New Rules of Attraction: How to Get Him, Keep Him, and Make Him Beg for More, seduction coach, and co-founder of the Sirens Seduction Forum for Women, says that despite the high volume, a genuine laugh is an attractive asset.

“Emotional states are contagious,” says Leigh. “When a guy is around a woman with a great sense of humor who is genuinely enjoying herself, he often can't help but feel good too in the process.”

Score Over $170 Worth of Skin Treatment!


As much as we love summer, we don’t love what it does to our skin. Whether you’re breaking a sweat on a run outdoors, hanging out under the sun on a hot day, swimming in a pool during your free time or forgetting to wash off your make-up after a girls’ night out, you’re probably giving your skin its fair share of harsh treatment this season. That’s why we’re all about showing it some TLC with the best skincare products around!

To save your skin from the not-so-pretty parts of summer, Her Campus has teamed up with X Out (brought to you by the makers of Proactiv®)to offer you a prize package worth over $170! Score X Out acne treatment, including a 90-day supply of Wash-In Treatment, Spot Corrector, Shine Control, Daily Body Scrub and the Cleansing Body Bar. X Out is a fast and simple all-in-one acne treatment, perfect for the busy collegiette! With all of these products at your fingertips (or in your medicine cabinet), you’re be able to put your freshest face forward for the rest of the summer.

What are you waiting for? Enter now to score the top-of-the-line products you need to save your skin!

Win an AMAZING Ring Party from Wanderlust + Co, Plus 20% Off All Jewels


We love that summer means effortless style: throw on a bikini, a beach cover-up and some sandals, and you’re good to go! Still, we can’t help but feel like our warm weather wardrobe has become a bit, well, blah. That’s why we’re all about the accessories this season, and nothing spices up your summer style better than some beautiful bling! To bring you the best in eye-catching jewelry, Her Campus is giving you the chance to win an amazing ring party from Wanderlust + Co, plus an exclusive discount!

Wanderlust + Co is a jewelry label for dreamers and lovers. Inspired by its surroundings and positive vibes, the label is much sought-after by fashion influencers and style icons alike, from Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Lauren Conrad and Selena Gomez to bloggers Aimee Song, Julie Sarinara, Leandra Medine and many more.

Wanderlust + Co lovers are ever-changing, confident and expressive. You can create effortless yet standout looks by stacking their statement jewels with their subtle classics. This summer is all about ring stacks, and Wanderlust + Co has all you need to create the ultimate ring party. Layer standout styles with midi rings and sleek bands — easy additions for that effortlessly cool look you’ve been searching for this season.

51 Reasons Why Your Minimum Wage Job Is Worth It


Sometimes it might feel like you’re the only collegiette who didn’t trade a paycheck for an unpaid internship this summer, but you’re not alone, and you definitely shouldn’t regret it. The next time your best friend brags about her glamorous internship in the big city, remind yourself (or her, if you’re feeling feisty) of why your low-paying, unskilled job is 100 percent worth it:

If You’re a... Waitress

Win a $300 Sephora Gift Card and a Lenovo Yoga Tablet HD!


During the summer, collegiettes are constantly on the go; whether you’re road tripping all over the country, hitting the beach, heading to the office, dancing the hot summer nights away or settling in for a night of Netflix, there’s no predicting where you’ll be headed come morning. That’s why you want to be prepared: you need products that are ready for anything, anytime, anywhere!

So, celebrate the unpredictable, amazing summer with Her Campus and StudentRate! We’ve teamed up to bring one lucky winner a $300 Sephora gift card AND a Lenovo Yoga Tablet HD!

With all of those Sephora cosmetics on your hands, you’ll be able to beat any frizz, sweat or shine that beach days might throw your way. Plus, you’ll be able to take your Lenovo tablet anywhere; it adjusts to all the angles you’ll need while lying on a beach chair or sitting at your desk—wherever your day takes you!

What are you waiting for? Your free swag awaits! Enter here to win the best on-the-go goodies of summer!

9 First Date Disasters & How to Deal With Them


As the attractive collegiette that you are, you’re probably meeting your fair share of swoon-worthy guys. Whether you’re at school, on break, or even in the local Starbucks, you’re definitely turning heads. With all of these exciting prospects at your fingertips, you’re bound to score a few first dates (or maybe just one, if you find someone special!).

While the phrase “first date” can strike fear in the heart of even the most courageous of collegiettes, there’s no need to worry. We’ve broken down nine first date disasters so you know how to avoid them (and how to recover gracefully if the date does take a turn for the worse).

1. Awkward silences

It’s hard to keep up a conversation with a guy you just met. Even if you did know each other before, chances are your nerves are making you more than a little tongue-tied. When did you start stuttering, anyway?

Mike Lindstrom, relationship expert of Ask Dan & Mike and author of Men: 10 Secrets Every Woman Should Know from Two Guys That Do, says that silences are natural.

“These often come from nervousness, one person not truly listening to the other, or [from] a lack of connection on the subject matter,” he says. “[It’s] always best to stick to subjects that have some depth and are more broad."

So ask him to tell you about his family; don’t ask if he’s had a good morning or if he likes Korean food. “Yes” and “no” questions won’t get you very far on the first date, so have a mental list of go-to questions ready before the big moment! Try some of Mike’s suggestions:

7 Things You Should Never Say at Your Internship


Whether you’ve landed the internship of a lifetime or you’re less than thrilled about your unpaid nine-to-five, you want to show off your best attitude and work ethic at all times. According to Rochelle Sharit, a career advisor at a New England university known for its impressive internship program, you should consider your internship a three-month-long interview. Your performance during the internship determines whether or not the company will hire you or give you that coveted letter of recommendation; so, as you would in any interview, watch what you say! Seem a bit daunting? As long as you avoid blurting out these seven career-killing statements, you’ll be in the clear!

1. “I’m bored.”

Imagine you’re trapped in an office on a sunny summer day, staring at your computer screen or notepad, waiting for someone to give you something—anything—to do. It’s not what you signed up for when you agreed to the internship, but unfortunately, it can happen. “That’s not an unusual situation,” Sharit says. “Sometimes the managers get so busy that they don’t necessarily assign enough work to an intern.” So the boredom begins.

Meredith, a student at Skidmore College, faced this exact problem at her internship at an ad agency. “On my very first day, I showed up and they told me that Mondays were slow,” she says. “I spent the day on Twitter and Snapchat!”

Free Finals Survival Swag from Her Campus!


Now that finals week is finally behind us, it's time we give a major thank-you to the ladies that got us through all the rough spots: the Her Campus National Team! Without their help and their oh-so-needed 2014 Finals Survival Kits, our spirits (and our budgets) would have been pretty low that week. Luckily, HC is all about showing its team members the love: they provided these study snacks to chapters all across the country!

Of course, Her Campus can't do it alone, which is why we also want to give a big thank-you to sponsors of the Finals Survival Kits: Chipotle, LUNA, and popchips!


We're so excited about our buy-one-get-one-free cards courtesy of Chipotle, our all-time favorite burrito hotspot. We couldn't help but grab a study date and head over to Chipotle for a much-needed pre-library study sesh meal!


5 First-Date Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making


Tired of your lack of luck in the college dating pool? Your first-date behaviors may be to blame. Whether you’re going the traditional date route by hitting up the fanciest restaurant in town or taking a casual walk through a nearby park, you’ll want to put your best foot forward (and avoid any disastrous deal-breakers in the process). Find out what might be holding you back from earning that second date invitation and how to fix it!

1. Talking nonstop

There’s almost nothing more nerve-wracking than a first date; dealing with those jitters, trying to show your best self and trying to get to know your date all at once is a daunting thing, and we can’t help but let the anxiety get the best of us. Sometimes that means we revert to our nonstop talking state — you know, the one where you find yourself inexplicably detailing everything you had for breakfast this week and explaining why blue is the absolute best color ever. Occasionally, we even say some of the 50 things we should never say on a first date... oops?

The problem? Sharing this much means your date won’t be able to get a word in edgewise, which can cause your connection to crash and burn.

Brian*, a sophomore at Skidmore College, says that taking a chatterbox out on a first date would frustrate him. “I would be turned off if the girl I was going out on a date with was talking so much that I couldn’t get a word in, because if I can’t get a word in, I can’t have a conversation with her,” he says. “It’s a one-way thing. Conversation should go both ways.”