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Kara Falcone

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Men's Basketball vs. American University


Come support the Mountain Hawks as they take on American this week at Stabler Arena!

Lehigh in Snow


Mountain Heart Concert


This acoustic Grammy-nominated band will be playing here at Lehigh this Friday February 1 at 8pm in Zoellner Arts Center. They have shared stages with Brad Paisley, Alison Krauss, George Jones, Lynyrd Skynyrd and more. Their music is a combination of rock, country, blues, jazz, and bluegrass and they are an up-and-coming band that you won't want to miss. For ticket info you can go to or go to the box office on campus Tues. 12–6; Wed/Thu/Fri 12–5; Sat. 11–1. 

Lehigh Beats Bucknell!




This past week Lehigh men's basketball defeated Bucknell 65-62 on the road! 

Lehigh in the Winter!


Sorority Recruitment


Sydney Maltinsky-Wilson



Most commonly known as Syd, Sydney is a sophomore at Lehigh University. She lives in Drinker with many other athletes, including some of her fellow Field Hockey teammates. You can always find her with a smile on her face, even after a brutal practice. Her natural ability to make people laugh makes Syd a great friend and hallmate. Recently, Syd started leaving her huge speaker system in the girl’s bathroom – it has been a constant dance party in Drinker ever since. You can find Syd on campus either practicing Field Hockey or getting her study on in Lindy – don’t be afraid to say hi, she always offers a smile and a wave back!


Name: Sydney Maltinsky-Wilson


Major: Economics


Hometown: Pittsburgh


Sports/hobbies: Field hockey, I guess field hockey is kind of my hobby but it's also like my job too.


What’s on your favorite playlist? I listen to a little bit of everything so some Country, some stuff like Blink-182, some Shaggy and even some house music.


Favorite aspects of Lehigh life? Great friends and a gorgeous campus.


Rathbone or Cort? Cort.


Favorite movies? Friday Night Lights, Step Brothers, Titanic, Thank You For Smoking.


The best part of being on a D1 team? Free Stuff Friday- when we get new clothes from the athletic department.


Where do you see yourself in ten years? Hopefully employed with a good job but other than that not really sure.


One last interesting fact about yourself? I made it to the Junior Olympics for throwing Javelin when I was 13.

Thanksgiving Break


Thanksgiving 2012 will be on Thursday November 22. Because of the holiday, Lehigh will not be holding class from Wednesday November 21- Monday November 26. Have a great break everyone!

Lehigh/Lafayette: Rivalry 148


Lehigh defeated Lafayette this past Saturday in the oldest and most played rivalry in the country. This year marked the 148th playing of the rivalry, and Lehigh's fifth straight win. The game was played at Lafayette, and the stands were packed as fans supported Lehigh defeated the Leopards 38-21. 



Lehigh's COMM 30 Class: Helping Sandy Victims

Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast hard a few weeks ago, and many areas surrounding Lehigh University have been devastated by the storm's effects. The Lehigh population consists of many students coming from the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania areas that were so badly hit by Sandy. Lehigh's campus itself was also affected, and classes were cancelled for an entire week. The Comm 30 class is doing what they can to help out, so we asked a student in the class and HC Lehigh writer Lizzie Gilbert a little more about the project.           What is Comm 30? Comm 30 is a course called Media and Society taught by Jeremy Littau. It is a requirement for both the journalism major and communications minor.   How many students are in the class? Are they all participating? 40 people are in the class however only 35 are participating in the project. The other 5 are choosing to take the final exam.   How often does the class meet? Our class meets twice a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:45-12   Can you tell us a little more about the class and what you do in it? We have 4 reflection papers throughout the semester, each pertaining to a book we read outside of class. Our first reflection paper involved us tracking our media usage for an entire week and reflecting on that.   Why did the class get involved with Hurricane Sandy? It was our professors idea to do this project. Instead of a final he wanted to find a way to highlight all that we've learned regarding different mediums and social networks. We are using our knowledge to spread the word and raise awareness.   Has the project been successful?