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Julianne Grauel

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Your Crunch Time Spring Break Workout Plan


In order to be bikini-ready for spring break you swore you’d hit the gym hard everyday and eat right… but it never happened. Now spring break is next week and there will be tons of swimsuit photo ops that you’re just not feeling hot for. Have no fear! HC has put together a few healthy tips to help you slim down in just a week—because we all know crash diets and exercising your life away in the gym for a few days is unhealthy, un-fun and unlikely to produce any results.

How to Solve Awkward Internship Moments


Internships are hard. You’re expected to be prompt each day, not make any errors and pretend that each task you’re given, even making 100 photocopies, is the groundbreaking work you’ve been waiting for all week. On top of it all, the workplace comes with its fair share of awkward moments you may never have had to deal with before.  Worried about what to do in those situations? Patricia Morgan, author of From Woe to WOW: How Resilient Women Succeed at Work is here with HC to help you through all your awkward internship moments.

Awkward Internship Moment: Running into Anna, Bill Or Joe, Or… in the bathroom, or elevator, or by the coffee machine

We all have our work idols and maybe you are lucky enough to actually work for your idol’s company this summer. Now what do you do if you run into that super boss in the office elevator? What’s pushy and what’s not?

Morgan stresses that you should make the most of the encounter—make any conversation with your work superstar worth his or her time. Compliment some work he or she has done lately or pitch an idea for something. You get the idea. Network like a champion, and go for it! Don’t just offer bottomless compliments; be specific. Because who doesn’t love a little flattery now and then?
The conversation can go a little something like this: “Hello, my name is ______ and I’m an intern here this summer.  I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed reading your most recent research. It reminded me of X. Have you read it?”

Awkward Internship Moment: Requesting a Vacay

5 Things To Do With Clothes You Never Wear


It must be a girl thing. We seem to never want to throw out anything. Even though we will never have a prayer to fit into those 00 jeans again, we keep them. For inspiration for weight loss? For a glimpse of how hot we were before puberty? Who knows. It’s time to do some spring, er, summer cleaning, and transform your closet from one overflowing with clothes that don’t fit or were cute a few years ago to one that is full of clothes that are cute NOW and get enough wear to justify keeping. 


1. Sell them

Take your unwanted clothes to a thrift shop and sell ‘em. Before you head off, sort your clothes by season and style. Of course, check for stains or rips on your clothing, as those items won’t sell. Make sure your clothes are interview ready: cleaned, ironed and sharp.  Shop around and see which shops will give you the best rates (not all thrift stores are created equal). 

If you’re feeling ambitious and have a lot of unwanted clothes, yard sales are always an option. Advertise, sort your clothes by price, and wait for the money to flow in. Generally the rule of thumb is to price items around 25% of their original value, but go with your gut; you can always bargain later. 

One last option is eBay! If you’re Internet savvy and not looking to spend an entire day selling things outside in the heat, this might be a nice option. This way a huge consumer base can browse your clothes. Unlike a yard sale, however, you will have to pay a fee for each item you list and sell. 

2. Donate them 

How to Become a Doctor: The Path to Earning Your MD


So you entered freshman year calling yourself a pre-med.  Now you’re hearing horror stories of orgo and MCAT prep, and wondering what to expect on the road to an MD. I talked to a pre-med student, an advisor, and a first year med student to get the low-down on being pre-med, the med school application process, and what medical school is actually like.

College Days

Prin Oungpasuk, '15


Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Relationship Status: Single
Hobbies: Ballroom Dancing, salvaging my social life, video games.
Favorite Place to Chill around Campus: Hammock outside Donner

Transferring Colleges: Why to Consider It and How to Do It


You hear it from everyone: college is supposed to be the best four years of your life. But what happens when you feel like the college you’re attending isn’t the right fit? No need to stay; you can transfer! If you’re considering switching schools, HC’s here to help with the ins and outs of the process.

My Primanti Experience


It feels like every time I mention the fact that I go to school in Pittsburgh I am met with the same response: “You’ve been to Primanti Brothers, right? Have you seen that Man vs. Food??” 
Every time I would answer the same: “No, and no.”
There’s just something totally unsettling about the concept to me. You’re telling me I have to get French fries on a sandwich? Maybe next to a sandwich. But certainly not on one (but hey, I think fries are completely unacceptable on salads as well, turns out that’s standard in the burg also). French fries seem to be their own food group in Pittsburgh, and I may as well begin to accept it. 

With my days in the steel city rapidly dwindling I figured now is as good of a time as in to suck it up, order a sandwich and take a few weeks off of my life during one meal. After all, the sandwich shop has apparently existed in Pittsburgh since the 1930’s so clearly people like it. 
I  walked into the Oakland shop and ordered what I thought would be the most innocuous and healthy (ish) option on the menu: A turkey sandwich. But the sandwich arrived smothered in cheese, topped with coleslaw, tomatoes and the iconic French fries.
I hardly made a dent in the sandwich. I attacked it with a fork and knife and completely avoided the Italian bread all together. During my meal, I watched other patrons happily chomp down on their lunch—bacon, double egg, ham, steak, it seemed every variety sandwich flowed out of the kitchen.
While it might not have been the favorite thing I’ve ever eaten. I’m happy I gave it a shot. Cross that off the bucket list! But next time I want a sandwich in downtown Oakland, I’ll head straight for the Panera! 

Dreams of Italy


Lawrenceville is quickly becoming my favorite area around school. After spending time at CMU I was convinced for so long that there were no fun options in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, I never ventured far from Craig Street. You’re telling me there are other places than Starbucks, Subway and Union Grill? Crazy.
Lawrenceville has a lot of great spots. But my latest favorite is Piccolo Forno. Think amazing pizza, pasta dishes (order the lasagna…trust me), and yummy appetizers like bruschetta and meatballs. The pizzas are made in a large brick oven and in my opinion, taste like the one’s straight out of Italy. 

I studied abroad in Florence last semester and this restaurant is now my go-to whenever I start missing my Italian way of life, i.e. hearty meals, a slow pace of life and classwork that revolved around fashion and short stories. The restaurant seems to always be full of happy patrons, sipping wine and munching their Italian goodies.
The entrée’s are around $15 each, but you’ll have another meal thanks to the leftovers (and then some). If you’re not craving pizza or pasta there are several sandwiches on the menu as well. Each sandwich is served on cibatta bread—try the caprese Panini or the Fiorentina, salami, artichokes and cheese. 

Piccolo Forno doesn’t accept reservations, so you should plan to head out there on the early side; shoot for around six  to ensure there’s not much of a wait. Also, it’s BYOB so grab a bottle of wine on the way. 

Buon Appetito! 

Bryan Spencer, '12



Relationship Status: Singling and mingling

Hobbies: Being friendly, making spreadsheets, watching hockey, being republican, shouting 

Goals: To get to a million pictures on Facebook, bring back "dynamite" as an adjective

Favorite Quote: "If one's actions are honest, one does not need the predated confidence of others, only their rational perception." -Ayn Rand

Alex Cohen, '12


Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Major: International Relations and Politics

Hobbies: Playing with his dog Heidi Cohen, wearing EPIC shirts from, and taking late night cruises in golf carts.  

Favorite Cereal: Honey Bunches of Oats With Strawberries