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  • Prin Oungpasuk, '15

    Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering Relationship Status: Single Hobbies: Ballroom Dancing, salvaging my...

  • My Primanti Experience

    It feels like every time I mention the fact that I go to school in Pittsburgh I am met with the same response: “You’ve been to Primanti...

  • Dreams of Italy

    Lawrenceville is quickly becoming my favorite area around school. After spending time at CMU I was convinced for so long that there were no...

  • Bryan Spencer, '12

    Major: I love CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Relationship Status: Singling and mingling Hobbies: Being friendly, making spreadsheets, watching hockey...

  • Alex Cohen, '12

    Hometown: Tampa, Florida Major: International Relations and Politics Hobbies: Playing with his dog Heidi Cohen, wearing EPIC shirts from...

  • Braving the Storm

    I have a mental bucket list of things to finish up before I graduate. But it’s not your typical bucket list: it has nothing to do with...

  • Point Brugge Café

    The endless grind of Carnegie Mellon doesn’t leave us much time to explore Pittsburgh, try out new activities or generally get out much at...

  • Oh Yeahhhhhh

    Tired of Razzy Fresh? Me too. But I wasn’t ready to go back to Coldstone to fulfill my ice cream fix either. This past week a friend took...

  • Why I Went Greek

    I decided to rush during the fall of my freshman year. And corny alert: it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I was initially attracted...

  • Class of '11

    Congratulations to all of the cuties graduating this May. Good luck!

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