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Jodi Guglielmi

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Rock Your Vote: Steps to Take Before Election Day


For many college students, this will be their first time voting in a presidential election. The power to decide our future as a country is so exciting! But before we can do that, here are a few vital steps that students need to make sure they know before going to vote in November.

Make sure you are registered:
If you have not yet registered to vote that is one of the first things that need to be done. Many times, people are registered to vote without realizing it. You might have registered while in high school, or at the DMV when you got your license. No matter what the case, check to make sure you are registered. If you are not registered than you are not eligible to vote. Most states will allow you to register the day of the election at the polls. However, every state has different rules about registering to vote, research your state to make sure you follow the steps needed to register.

If High Point is not your voting district, it is important that you switch your voting status to an absentee vote. This allows you to vote, even if you are not in your assigned district. Most students will need to do this as they have moved away from their district to come to HPU.

You can register to vote online and apply for an absentee ballot at

Know the issues:
Government can be confusing; there is no denying that. Sometimes it’s easy to get lost when trying to follow debates and constant changes that occur during the election process. This is why it is important to get to know the issues before you decide on what candidate to vote. Do some research; find out where you stand on some of the major issues that are discussed throughout presidential campaigning.

Some issues to consider might be: healthcare, taxes, immigration, military action, gun control, and more.

You Win, Carolina Cup: A Recap


The hats were big, the pants were pastel, the coolers were painted, and the beers were cold. Carolina Cup 2012 was underway and rain or shine High Point was going to be there.

The day started off very early, like waking up at 5 AM early. This meant we were all a little delusional but ready to get going. Coolers were stashed under the bus but that didn’t mean we didn’t all have our drinks for the ride there. The cup is was a solid 3 hours away, we needed something to do right? And what’s better than drinking at 6 in the morning? If you asked anyone on the bus, the answer was nothing. By 9 most people had a solid buzz going and they didn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

The bus ride there was anything but sunny and beautiful. It rained almost the entire way to Camden and people were starting to get worried that they might be in the rain all day. Luckily for us college students, instead of this being discouraging, this only encouraged us to drink more in hopes that we would forget all about the rain. This meant more beer, more wine, and more liquor, all before the clock struck 10.

When we arrived at the Cup people couldn’t get off the bus fast enough. The Carolina Cup gods had opened up the sky and the sun was finally out. We were ready to go. Arriving at tent C26 and 27, it didn’t take long for the keg to get set up and the music to start playing. If people weren’t already drunk then you were about to be.
A couple hours in, there was a truck blasting music and people dancing in the bed. It’s not a High Point party unless there is music and dancing right? At this point people were sufficiently drunk and living the “southern” life flashing their big hats and bow ties. The tent was both a destination and a checkpoint for people when some started wondering around to other schools. This was the perfect place to have a drunken run-in with your best friend from high school who went to a different Carolina school.

Jacob Blackwell


 Jacob Blackwell
Relationship status: Single
Hometown: Gainesville, Virginia
Major: Strategic Communications
Campus Involvement: Delta Sigma Phi brother
Nicknames: Yacob, Papito, and Jboogy
Favorite memory at High Point so far: Bid day because I got to spend the day with my new brothers and have a good time
Fun fact about yourself: I love animals, I have a bird in my dorm room now, and I used to have a dog named Bourbon
Favorite pick up line: Got any fries with that shake?
What do you look for in a girl?: Fun, outgoing, nonjudgmental, purdy, she has to know how to have a good time
Celebrity crush: Blake Lively
If you could travel to anywhere in the world where would you go? Africa
Perfect date: My perfect date would consist of a lady friend and I going the beach and spending the day together then going out to a nice dinner to cap the evening off
Favorite quote: Inside all of us is fear, inside all of us is hope, inside all of us is adventure and inside all of us is a wild thing…

8 Signs You're Dating the Wrong Guy


1.When he continues to call you Jill, and that’s not your name. But it IS the name of his ex-girlfriend.
2.When he seems to take longer than you to get ready for a date. Unless you recently cut off all of your hair and have banned makeup (this should never happen).
3. When he is too cheap to buy you a decent piece of jewelry and instead gets you an iron. Just because you can “use it all the time” doesn’t make it thoughtful.
4.If he wears a speedo or owns a fanny pack. Seriously, for everyone’s sake, take it away from him and get out of there as fast as possible.
5.Leaving a mess everywhere you go. You are not dating them to be their mother, they need to learn to clean up or get out.
6. When a guy tells you he is having a “bro night” and then invites a bunch of girls. Excuse me, but since when did those floozies in heels qualify as “bros”?
7.If the check comes and he just gives that smile with puppy dog eyes asking you to pay. Like in #3, dating a cheap guy is never the right guy. He needs to show you that he cares, and sometimes that means doing it with his wallet.
8. He always seems distracted when he is with you. Whether he is constantly on his phone or just plain not listening, he should WANT to be with you over anything else.

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