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Jetta Harris

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This is what Belly Dancers Wear!


Recently, I've started belly dancing. SO FUN. Especially with your bffs! We had our first performance a few weeks ago, and here's how we looked before the show! Our group is called Secrets of the East, and before our performance we were definitely keeping all our secrets!

Nafisa Masud, New HC Utah Editor!



Next semester, a new editor of HC Utah will be taking over! I will be sad to leave you, readers, but have loved all the work I've done this past semester. Now, meet our new editor-in-chief, Nafisa!

Year/major: Sophomore, currently undeclared but looking into English or the health sciences with minors in creative writing and Spanish

What are you most excited about for next semester? Being the editor of this fine publication! I'm excited to take classes that intrigue me and meet weird people. They always have the best stories. 

What plans do you have for HC Utah? I'd just like for women at the U to be able to turn to HC Utah when they're looking for advice specifically tailored to them. If one day someone came up to me on campus and told me one of the articles on Her Campus Utah helped her with a problem or brought awareness to a topic that resonated with her, that's my reward. 

What other writing or journalism experience do you have? I wrote for my high school newspaper, and for a community newsletter that lasted about six months before we realized only like four people took the time to read it. (I only mention that last one when I'm really trying to impress people). I also write for The Daily Utah Chronicle, our college newspaper. 

Easy and (mostly) Cheap College Recipes: Red Velvet Cupcakes


Attending any holiday parties this season? Naturally, you’ll be getting together with someone to celebrate something. If you need a nice treat or gift to bring along, I’ve got a delicious idea for you!

Two of my best friends got married (to each other!) last week. It was semi-last minute, and I was searching for any kind of gift I could pick up between classes and studying for finals. My friend suggested a muffin tin because they don’t have one, and we’ve needed one at their house before. So I went with it! And I made some yummy cupcakes to put in the pan. Wrapped it all up in cellophane, and it was delicious to go!

Here are the ingredients and the instructions for the delicious red velvet cupcakes I made.


1 box of Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cupcake Mix, frosting and filling included (yes, they were from a box) Vegetable or cooking oil Butter (not margarine) Water Sprinkles Cupcake cups (the little papers that hold them) A muffin tin of your own, to bake them in


Sarah Webb '15


Meet Sarah Webb, left, an outgoing lady on campus who is always, well, going outside!

Her Campus Utah: Major
Sarah Webb: Parks, Recreation and Tourism

HCU: Relationship status?
SW: Single.

HCU: Favorite spot on campus?
SW: Probably the Outdoor Rec Program.

HCU: Best class this semester?
SW: PRT Integrated Core.

HCU: Worst class this semester?
SW: Math 101

HCU: How are finals coming?
SW: I don't have any finals haha

HCU: Any type of employment?
SW: I work at a gym, Curves for Women.

HCU:Weekend plans?
SW: Party and then sleeeeeep.

HCU: Any hobbies you care to share?
SW: I really love river rafting and snowshoeing. I've recently gotten into rock climbing, and I love it. Pretty much anything outside I dig.

Finals Week!


Good luck on all your finals, ladies! HC Utah wishes you a wonderful and safe break!

A Few Tips for Finals



Collegiettes, you are almost there! This semester has almost ended; some of you have likely finished already. If you’re still battling through finals, here are a few things for you to remember.

You may feel like you need to stay up cramming all night, but you should try to get some much-needed shut eye. If you know your final is early one morning, come in early the night before and brush up on your notes before you go to sleep. Set your alarm so you know you’ll be to school on time, eat a hearty breakfast and go kill it, lady!

Online finals can be the worst, especially when you’re lacking motivation at the end of the semester. Battle the procrastination! Schedule your exam the first day it’s open. That way, you’ll get it over with and force yourself to get studying early.

Finals week does extend through Friday, so don’t start partying yet! Save all your energy and intelligence for your exams. When you’re completely finished for the semester, go out and enjoy yourself! Remember what it’s like to have a life again! But not until your last test ends!

While you’re busy studying, working, possibly moving and preparing for the holidays, don’t forget to have some healthy snacks handy! This week you can be super tempted to pick up fast food and microwave meals to give you some quick energy. However, your body will need a lot of good fuel to keep pushing through all your activities. If you have the time now, stock your fridge and shelves with extra fruit and veggies, and don’t buy any unhealthy snacks! That way, when it’s 3:00 a.m. and you need some sugar, you can have an apple instead of a cookie.

HC Utah Holiday Gift Guide for the Men in your Life!


If you’re like me, you know your girlfriends’ gifts are always at the top of your holiday shopping list! That along with my mom and any girl cousins. Girls are fun to buy for! When people like similar things as you, it’s easy to find superb gifts. Men, however, can be a little bit trickier. So you don’t get lost in long lines and crowds on December 24, here are a few gift ideas for the men in your life!

Boyfriend: Something to wear is always a great idea because lots of guys don’t like to spend their money on clothes for themselves, and if you pick him out something nice, you have a guarantee he’ll look suave on your next date. Movies are a good choice too! The last Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises,” just came out. And, you can purchase the whole Batman trilogy for under $30 at Walmart, if he doesn’t already have the other two. If he likes movies but you don’t know which one to get for him, you can also consider a gift card to the movie theater. He can choose what he wants to watch, and maybe he’ll bring you along!

Dad: Dad gifts can tend to get cliché (think: tie), so search for something your dad will love! A t-shirt, coffee mug, or other trinket with his favorite college or professional sports team’s logo on it is a good choice. If he already has a million coffee mugs like my dad, a gift card to his favorite coffee shop or a bag of his most-loved roast is a good option. I would try and stay away from gift cards to places like Home Depot and Lowe’s and instead think about a certificate to his favorite golf course or racetrack.

Kelton Johnson '15


Her Campus Utah: Major?
Kelton Johnson: Speech Communications/Sophomore

HCU: Relationship Status?
KJ: Single

HCU: Favorite Spot on Campus?
KJ: In the MUSS section at Rice Eccles Stadium

HCU: Best Class This Semester?
KJ: Communication Theory

HCU: Worst Class This Semester and Why?
KJ: Calculus. I think that's self-explanatory. 

HCU: How are finals going for you?
KJ: They’re coming great. I've pulled two all-nighters at Geek Week to finish my papers and studying for tests. 

HCU: Any kind of employment?
KJ: Intern at the Honors College and a Peer Advisor for the LEAP program.

HCU: What are your plans this weekend?
KJ: A date on Friday to go see the new James Bond movie, and then I’m going to watch the men's basketball game at BYU on Saturday in Provo!


Five ways to give back this season


Ladies, this time of year, the spirit of giving surrounds us. It is an important time to be thankful for what you have and help out someone in need if you can. Many groups on campus and in the community are creating holiday service projects in which you can participate, you can create your own initiative or you can donate or volunteer with one of the projects below. An easy and inexpensive (it may only cost you your time!) act of service can make someone’s entire year! It’s a great time to do what you can to give back.

You can donate food and non-perishable items to the Unrivaled Rivalry Food Drive on campus. There are two large cans outside the east entrance of the Marriot Library, as well as in the Union and Alumni House. All you have to do is pick up a few cans and drop them off. You can help out at a Utah Food Bank. You can find a location here. All you need to do is call and arrange for a time to volunteer for a few hours. You could be doing anything from accepting donations to sorting food to helping pass out various groceries.


Alyx pairs prints and basics!


Alyx, a sociology major, pairs a fun print with black basics for a fall night out. Her sparkly shoes and necklace add interest without being too busy!