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Date Night: Under the Mistletoe



10 Ways to Stay 'Cool' this Thanksgiving Break



The weather may be cooling down, but as families come together for Thanksgiving it is hard to escape the inevitable emotional heat of reunion. With children screaming, grandparents interrogating, and everyone crowding, there seems to be nowhere to turn for comfort. Fear not; these 10 activities will help you escape to your happy place…at least for a moment…


1. Take time to ponder. Step back and breathe. Sometimes just a little bit of space is all you need. Need inspiration?


2. Tired of endless questions from countless relatives about your personal life? Catch up on the news. Maybe you love reading the newspaper, maybe not. Want an easier (and more entertaining) way to stay informed? Sign up for this daily news email at


3. Give someone a hug. Studies have shown that hugs reduce stress and help maintain relationships. 



4. Stay away from Black Friday. I know the sales look too good to be true. Why should you avoid these amazing deals? Nothing is more stressful than thousands of riled up shoppers rushing a department store. Not to mention there is serious threat of injury…