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Jen Lassen

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What’s New with Bucknell Dining


A new academic year means new changes at the Buck. From comfy new chairs in the Library Couch Room, to flashy new television screens and game tables at Uptown, to a brand-spankin’ new residence hall in the works…change is happening like never before. But amidst all this change, what’s really on everyone’s mind? Food.

The Bison, Bostwick Marketplace, 7th Street Café, and The Flying Bison (Flyson?) recently decided to shake things up with new food, new hours, and new nutrition options. Check ’em all out…and, of course, bon appetite!



Outfits Fit for Summertime Frolicking


In the summertime when the sun's shining brightly, it's tough to not have a good day. could you be unhappy when you're surrounded by your best friends, dancing like fools beneath the summer sun and romping though the lush green grass together? But of course, as fabulous collegiettes, we've got to look our best at all times...even if the inescapable summertime accessory is beads of sweat on our brows and backs. This outfit guide will give you great tips on how to dress appropriately for some apropos summertime tomfoolery.  


Free to romp: It's called a "romper" for a reason, ladies. Invest in a cute cotton one, either in a solid color or a fun floral print, and I promise you won't regret it. Pair with some awesome gladiator sandals, diva shades, and piles upon piles of bracelets, and feel free to romp all day long.

Is Technology Making Us Loners?


You scroll through your Instagram feed-in silence-while you’re in the car with your family. You Tweet instead of striking up a conversation with your seatmate on the train. You text your BFFs instead of making plans with them, content watching Netflix alone in bed while you’re glued to your phone.  

Is technology making us loners? Are we, as “millennials,” becoming more comfortable with the idea of being alone, yet staying connected 24/7? Let’s think about it: how many minutes each day do we actually devote to technology? Take a moment to stop and think about each time you check your cell, post a status, or upload a picture. Personally, between the texting, Tweeting, Facebooking, Instagramming, and emailing I do on a daily basis, my number probably hovers somewhere around two hours. That’s two hours less time I get each day to read, spend quality time with family and friends (sans the distraction of iMessages or Notifications), be outside, spend time writing, or anything other than staring at a screen. And let’s talk about the glaring irony present: I’m sitting here, typing away on my laptop, writing about how technology eats away at our personal time. Who’s pointing the finger now?

Five Steps to Dealing with Change


Change: a five-letter word that symbolizes the inevitable. As I sit here and think about change, I realize that I’m different than I was five years ago, last year, last month, and even two days ago. We change and experience new things all the time; change will never stop. However, sometimes it’s difficult for us to handle these new beginnings, transitions, hellos, and goodbyes. We’re expected to suddenly adapt to different circumstances just because they happen; and oftentimes, we don’t receive a fair warning or the thorough explanation we want. When your world suddenly starts to shift, follow these five steps to genuinely embrace change and find happiness from the chaos.

Ode to Yik Yak


Dear Yik Yak Creators,

Anonymity can be a beautiful thing.  We have the freedom of speech for a reason, so why not use it to its fullest capacity? With the creation of this new application, we are able to express what’s on our mind about the world around us, in 200 characters or less, without any repercussions. How liberating…until someone gets hurt.

Concealing your own identity shouldn’t mean creating a new persona for yourself.  Would you typically call a woman a slut; bash a fraternity’s reputation; or make snarky comments about your professor to their face? If so, congratulations! A mission of yours is to make people feel bad about themselves! Cool. Sike. When did rudeness become the latest trend? Especially in the form of anonymous posting? While I completely see how Yik Yak creates a social community in which people can relate to one another and “LOL” together, of course-based on a post or two, many of the posts about our Bucknell community are negative. There’s no denying that; we’ve all read ’em, liked ’em, chuckled at ’em, or been offended by ’em.

Demystifying the “Bucknell Look”…and How to Make It Your Own


Longchamp bags. Barbour jackets. Tory Burch flats. These are some of the most popular items a Bucknell girl may own. But what exactly is the “Bucknell Look?” Why do people complain that everyone dresses the same? How can we—unique, beautiful, one-of-a-kind females—stand out on our college campus that has been nicknamed “J. Crew U” and called “preppy” or “homogeneous?” First, it’s a matter of understanding why our campus seems to have its own “look.” Second, it’s about wearing what makes you feel confident. Period.

Psychology tells us that fitting in and seeking approval from others are two main factors that affect our day-to-day moods. We want to feel loved. We want to feel like people like us: like how we look, like how we dress, like how we talk and the like. The easiest thing to do? Dress like others you see so you don’t stick out like a sore thumb. But more often that not, dressing like everyone else means we compromise our own personal style. To fit in, we sometimes compromise not only our own style intuition, but often our integrity and individuality, as well.

The Benefits of Napping


“It’s nap time” may be one of the most rewarding phrases in the human language…ever. There’s nothing better than curling up in bed after a long exam, staying up late or just because you need a break. As humans, we’re monophasic sleepers, meaning that we snooze for part of the day and stay awake for the other part. However, we’re the minority: about 85 percent of mammalian species sleep for short periods throughout the day, making them polyphasic sleepers.

Why do we force ourselves to stay awake for a majority of the day, and then crash for the rest? Babies nap, the elderly nap…why don’t we nap more often? There are certainly benefits to napping that are often overlooked in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of our lives. Well, HC readers, it’s about time we slow down, crawl under the covers and shut our eyelids for a short slumber. Here’s why.

Naps improve our alertness and focus. According to the National Sleep Foundation, a 20-30 minute nap is typically recommended to improve our short-term alertness. Napping for this brief period of time has proven beneficial for improved alertness, performance, and focus and won’t leave you groggy or mess with your nighttime sleep schedule.

Naps prevent us from making mistakes. A study at NASA on sleepy military pilots and astronauts found that a 40-minute nap improved their performance by 34% and alertness by 100%. Hence, naps kept them from making mistakes…meaning that naps will do the same for us.

How to Have the Most Productive Spring Break Ever


Spring Break has finally arrived!...but is it really a chance to relax? For those of us lucky enough to be chillin’ stateside over break (I feel you, ladies), Spring Break may feel more like a large to-do list than a chance to unwind. Between internship and job interviews, coffee dates, lunch outings, quality time with family and-don’t forget!-preparation for the rest of the semester, how in the world can people think that Spring Break is actually relaxing? However, if you plan properly, Spring Break will feel like a breeze…maybe not an ocean breeze, but hey, you get the idea. Follow my tips for a successful Spring Break that’ll make you feel calm with each “check!” off the list.

Plan out each day (that means time for yourself, too!). Since Spring Break is such a limited amount of time, don’t waste all of it away. Sure, it’s absolutely necessary to catch up on sleep and have time for yourself, but sitting on the couch for three straight days binging on Netflix? Maybe not. Take time to think about what you absolutely need to do over break (attend an interview, complete an exam or large assignment, etc.) and write it down in your calendar. That way, you’ll feel a sense of responsibility to complete these tasks when you say you’re going to do them. If you map out a schedule ahead of time and tell yourself over and over again to stick to it, you’ll feel less stressed, more productive and will have more time to relax when you need it most.

Wonder Woman Syndrome: Why We Feel the Need to Do It All


At Bucknell, it’s no secret that we go to school with some pretty amazing students. Bucknellians here, there and everywhere are doing research to solve medical mysteries; volunteering in impoverished regions all over the world; directing their own plays or dance showcases; interning at the top companies in the country and so much more. But the catch? They’re doing it all…at once. Especially us girls.

One can refer to this “doing it all” attitude as Wonder Woman Syndrome. For those of you that know me, I’m the poster child for it. Between classes, meetings for clubs and organizations, homework and projects, leadership roles, volunteering and more, it seems that I barely have time to eat, sleep or breathe some days. But on this campus, I know for a fact that I’m not the only girl who’s got this “syndrome.”

While I’m staring at my Google Calendar-which looks more like a colorful LIFE board than it does a blank page-I glance over to the girl sitting next to me and her calendar looks the same. Yikes. I then receive a text from my friend that screams sheer panic: “SOS. So stressed out…what do I do?!” followed by lots of unhappy Emojis…not good. I pass by my girl friends in the Bison who are shoving quinoa to-go into their bags, whizzing by me on their way to the library, then to a meeting, then back for a project. And repeat.

The New Millennial Women: Why We're a Big Way


It’s 2014, and the women of our generation are thriving now more than ever. With technology to our advantage, we’re savvy and smart self-starters that get what we want. But how do we do it, you ask? Where’s the sudden confidence boost that’s made women all across the country-and all over the world-start their own businesses; speak their minds; express themselves through writing, the arts, fashion and more; and revolutionize the way we’re viewed in society? The answer: it’s the result of the Y2K “new age” rubbing off on us. And no, we’re not brushing this dirt off of our shoulders.

There have always been “It Girls.” Marilyn Monroe, Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn…need I name more? But the world simply admired them and put them on a pedestal. We praised-and still continue to admire-them for their lady-like manners, exquisite fashion choices, charm, and perfect looks; there’s no doubt that their influence has spanned decades. But who are the “It Girls” of today? Well, they’re the movers and shakers, the “New Millennial Women” doing big things…and as Miley would say, they can’t be tamed.