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Jacqueline Klecak

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American Horror Story new season review


With the second episode of the 5th season of American Horror Story airing tonight I figured I’d recap and review last week’s premier.

Let me start off by saying I am not a fan of scary things, I actually hate them. I refuse to go to Fright Fest with my friends at Six Flags, I’ve never seen Insidious or The Conjuring and I don’t plan on it. But I enjoyed, if you can enjoy something gruesome and strange, or rather was glued to the television during the 1st episode of AHS’s Freak show.  

The camera angles, the suspense, the idea of freak show itself was riveting and attention grabbing.

As the bearded lady, the host of the freak show, put it, “A plethora of the strange, the weird the bizarre,” perfectly sums up the characteristics of this season.  

The setting is Jupiter, Florida in 1952, kind of symbolic that the city is the name of a planet because the events and characters seem as if they are from another universe. The episode appropriately opens up with a murder, it wouldn’t be AHS if it didn’t.  I won’t go into detail about the episode to avoid spoiling anything but these are a few things I thought were really interesting and creative:

·         The conjoined twins, who are referred to as “the monster” have 2 heads, 3 kidneys, 4 lungs, 2 hearts, only one reproductive system, and can speak to each other in their heads through twin telepathy.

·         There is a really creepy, serial killer clown that just casually walks around town. I think it’s interesting that he is always in public in his costume. His character also can’t speak so you are always anticipating his actions.

·         Elsa, the lady who wants to open the freak show and tries to round up “freaks” to perform thinks the people outside the circus tent and not part of the freak show are the ones with monster souls

Don’t forget to watch AHS tonight at 10pm to see how these characters develop and what will happen next. 

A Slice of Life at Rowan: The Freshmen and the Dancing Portal


As I entered The Game Room in the Rowan University student center, right behind Wow Wingery, I heard the rhythm of stomping shoes. As I moved closer I heard video game sound effects. I saw bright lights and a small stage. Three students were mesmerized by the machine craeting these noises and lights. But they weren’t talking. There was so speaking while these students bounced and skipped on this mini stage in The Food Court. It was a serious game of Dance Dance Revolution.

The screen with many moving arrows indicating which direction to move your feet in makes me dizzy. But to these students the DDR machine was a portal. A portal away from The Food Court and away from Rowan. Perhaps it was a way for them to escape the stress of their school work and the hustle and bustle of The Food Court. They were there to just have fun for a little while before returning to their busy college-student lives.

The girl was tall with a long straight brunette ponytail. She was wearing black sweatpants that clung at the bottom and a gray v-neck workout shirt. She was there with her friend, DJ, whose name I heard her say later. He’s wearing gray sweatpants and a light blue t-shirt with the phrase “kill me now on it.” He must be a theater junkie because Rowan had a production called Kill Me Now in this beginning of last semester, which is coincidentally about the ultimate dance competition. You could tell these two were friends and it seemed as if they dressed in athletic clothing and brought water bottles and workout bags just for the occasion of playing DDR. This was their workout for the day, their time to have fun. 

The other guy that participated in DDR was not their friend. They met him right then and there. 

“Are you a freshman?” asked DJ.

The guy nodded his head.

“Us too,” said DJ.

Annual Lip Sync Competition


Get ready for the traditional Homecoming Lip Sync Competition hosted by comedian, Lucas Bohn. Grab some friends, find your favorite tune, dress up, and compete against other Rowan students for $1,000 in prizes! Information about the competition and how to sign up as either an individual or as a group can be found at



One of the most well received events from last year has come back to RAH, ImaginAerial! This Cirque du Soleil style event has live acrobatic performances and amazing high flying stunts. All of these amazing amusements will be right here in the Pit. If you missed it last year, here's your chance to see what all the buzz was about!


Oriana Moreno: International musician and Rowan student


* When I met Oriana Moreno at my on-campus job at the writing center, I knew I wanted to profile her. I wrote this article last semester after interveiwing and spending time with Oriana in Barnes and Noble. Here is her incredible story.*


When she was a little girl, Oriana Moreno wanted to be a dentist… Coming from a family of musicians, this was an unlikely dream. But then one of her favorite teachers in music school, Simon Gollo, gave her a proposition:


“Go to your home and you pack your violin and put it under the bed. If you leave it there for two weeks, if you see that you can be happy without playing your violin for two weeks, you don’t have to think- you are going to be a dentist. But if you can’t go two weeks without playing an instrument- you have to be a musician.”

Moreno did as she was told …She couldn’t resist more than three days.

“You feel something empty. I don’t know how to explain that because music is the only way you can say to tell people who you are without words. And I don’t think people who is not a musician can feel that with the things they do because they need words.-You cry and say ‘I’m gonna quit, I’m not good at it.’ But then you have your concert and you hear this (she claps her hands) just for you. It’s worth it. Everything’s worth it- a feeling that you feel so full. I don’t know how to explain it but it’s beautiful.”

Her father, a guitar player, wanted his children to play instruments as well and had a strict rule of practicing for one hour every day.

10 Prof Decoration Must-Haves for Your Dorm


Okay, I'll admit the Prof isn't the most intimidating of mascots but he certainly makes for cute dorm decorations. Lucky for Rowan students, owls are very "in" right now- decorations, jewelry, clothes, furniture- you name it and there's probably an owl print version. Not to mention these irresistably adorbale items are found in stores right near Rowan- giving your college living space a Prof makeover ( or takeover if you get a little crazy with the decorations) couldn't get any easier. Since my college house that I share with five other equally Prof-obsessed girls is filled with owl decorations I figured what better place to look for decoration advice inspiration than right in front of me. 

1. The shower curtain

2. The wall canvas: 

3. The rug

4. The window clings:

5. The door decs

6: The DIY decorations:

7. The refrigerator magnets

What it’s like to live in a college house of six females


The smell of hair burning on a curling iron, the sound of Beyoncé blasting, and cute decorations and inspirational quotes everywhere in sight. If those are the first things that come to mind when you think of six college-aged females living in an off-campus house together, then you’d be correct.

Living in a house of six women who are best friends is kind of like the crazy, overbearing family in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, only not as overbearing or  Greek but just as crazy. The scene where the main character, Toula, has every female in her family trying to do her hair and makeup at the same time on her wedding day is just a more intense version of living with five roommates.

As a resident of an off-campus house at Rowan University, I can confirm that decorations, music, and hairstyling do make up a large portion of our house’s atmosphere. But that’s just the stuff that visitors see. Living in this house with these five other women has a different meaning to me.

Okay here’s the truth. There is drama, crying, laughing and no privacy. I don’t just have to worry about myself, but all my roommates as well. It’s kind of like having a family. We share the refrigerator and freezer, which is always packed to the brim and I know before I open it that something will come shooting out and injure my foot. My love life, school life, and social life are everyone’s business. If someone is sick we all take care of them. If someone is going through a breakup we all hate the guy. If someone needs something to wear we all offer our wardrobes.

Friends since the first day: Alyssa Cooney and Kaylin DeSantos


           Alyssa Cooney and Kaylin DeSantos freshman year: 2011/2012


       Alyssa Cooney and Kaylin DeSantos junior year: 2013/2014

Alyssa Cooney and Kaylin DeSantos, roommates in an off-campus house at Rowan, have been friends since the first day of school freshman year. It's now almost the end of their junior year and they still do almost everything together as well as with their other four roommates (which includes myself.)  Here's a little more information about them and hopefully you are as lucky as they are to be best friends with one of the first people you meet in college.




Age: 20

Year: junior

Major: Communication Studies, Marketing and Advertising double minor

Sign: Taurus

Campus involvement: Relay for Life Committee member, Unified Sports, Lambda Pi Eta member

Where is your favorite spot on campus? Why?

“ People watching in the caf is really fun to do. Especially if you’re like us and end up staying in the caf talking way long after we finish eating. I also just love campus in general when it’s nice out because everyone is outside and happy and doing things!”

What friendship advice would you give to incoming freshmen?

8 signs you are obsessed with being a journalism major


1. When your roommates/friends can’t find you for hours because you are:

Interviewing someone for an article Taking pictures for an article Writing an article

2. When your roommates/friends talk about any classmate, professor, or well-known person on campus and you’re like “Oh yeah I know them. I interviewed them once.”


3. When you see a potential article in everything. - Even when you are at a party you secretly want to write down funny quotes or brainstorm for your article comparing freshmen and senior behavior.

4. When you can’t read an article without taking note of the writer’s voice and structure. You don’t even really care about the content- you are too busy admiring their craftsmanship.

5. When your roommate, who is a psych major, is talking about this creepy serial killer she learned about in class and your first thought is- “Wow that serial killer would make such a great profile article.” 

6. When your friends decide your new nickname is “Interview Lover.”

what's your favorite current series?