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Jacqueline Klecak

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Oriana Moreno: International musician and Rowan student


* When I met Oriana Moreno at my on-campus job at the writing center, I knew I wanted to profile her. I wrote this article last semester after interveiwing and spending time with Oriana in Barnes and Noble. Here is her incredible story.*


When she was a little girl, Oriana Moreno wanted to be a dentist… Coming from a family of musicians, this was an unlikely dream. But then one of her favorite teachers in music school, Simon Gollo, gave her a proposition:


“Go to your home and you pack your violin and put it under the bed. If you leave it there for two weeks, if you see that you can be happy without playing your violin for two weeks, you don’t have to think- you are going to be a dentist. But if you can’t go two weeks without playing an instrument- you have to be a musician.”

Moreno did as she was told …She couldn’t resist more than three days.

“You feel something empty. I don’t know how to explain that because music is the only way you can say to tell people who you are without words. And I don’t think people who is not a musician can feel that with the things they do because they need words.-You cry and say ‘I’m gonna quit, I’m not good at it.’ But then you have your concert and you hear this (she claps her hands) just for you. It’s worth it. Everything’s worth it- a feeling that you feel so full. I don’t know how to explain it but it’s beautiful.”

Her father, a guitar player, wanted his children to play instruments as well and had a strict rule of practicing for one hour every day.

10 Prof Decoration Must-Haves for Your Dorm


Okay, I'll admit the Prof isn't the most intimidating of mascots but he certainly makes for cute dorm decorations. Lucky for Rowan students, owls are very "in" right now- decorations, jewelry, clothes, furniture- you name it and there's probably an owl print version. Not to mention these irresistably adorbale items are found in stores right near Rowan- giving your college living space a Prof makeover ( or takeover if you get a little crazy with the decorations) couldn't get any easier. Since my college house that I share with five other equally Prof-obsessed girls is filled with owl decorations I figured what better place to look for decoration advice inspiration than right in front of me. 

1. The shower curtain

2. The wall canvas: 

3. The rug

4. The window clings:

5. The door decs

6: The DIY decorations:

7. The refrigerator magnets

What it’s like to live in a college house of six females


The smell of hair burning on a curling iron, the sound of Beyoncé blasting, and cute decorations and inspirational quotes everywhere in sight. If those are the first things that come to mind when you think of six college-aged females living in an off-campus house together, then you’d be correct.

Living in a house of six women who are best friends is kind of like the crazy, overbearing family in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, only not as overbearing or  Greek but just as crazy. The scene where the main character, Toula, has every female in her family trying to do her hair and makeup at the same time on her wedding day is just a more intense version of living with five roommates.

As a resident of an off-campus house at Rowan University, I can confirm that decorations, music, and hairstyling do make up a large portion of our house’s atmosphere. But that’s just the stuff that visitors see. Living in this house with these five other women has a different meaning to me.

Okay here’s the truth. There is drama, crying, laughing and no privacy. I don’t just have to worry about myself, but all my roommates as well. It’s kind of like having a family. We share the refrigerator and freezer, which is always packed to the brim and I know before I open it that something will come shooting out and injure my foot. My love life, school life, and social life are everyone’s business. If someone is sick we all take care of them. If someone is going through a breakup we all hate the guy. If someone needs something to wear we all offer our wardrobes.

Friends since the first day: Alyssa Cooney and Kaylin DeSantos


           Alyssa Cooney and Kaylin DeSantos freshman year: 2011/2012


       Alyssa Cooney and Kaylin DeSantos junior year: 2013/2014

Alyssa Cooney and Kaylin DeSantos, roommates in an off-campus house at Rowan, have been friends since the first day of school freshman year. It's now almost the end of their junior year and they still do almost everything together as well as with their other four roommates (which includes myself.)  Here's a little more information about them and hopefully you are as lucky as they are to be best friends with one of the first people you meet in college.




Age: 20

Year: junior

Major: Communication Studies, Marketing and Advertising double minor

Sign: Taurus

Campus involvement: Relay for Life Committee member, Unified Sports, Lambda Pi Eta member

Where is your favorite spot on campus? Why?

“ People watching in the caf is really fun to do. Especially if you’re like us and end up staying in the caf talking way long after we finish eating. I also just love campus in general when it’s nice out because everyone is outside and happy and doing things!”

What friendship advice would you give to incoming freshmen?

8 signs you are obsessed with being a journalism major


1. When your roommates/friends can’t find you for hours because you are:

Interviewing someone for an article Taking pictures for an article Writing an article

2. When your roommates/friends talk about any classmate, professor, or well-known person on campus and you’re like “Oh yeah I know them. I interviewed them once.”


3. When you see a potential article in everything. - Even when you are at a party you secretly want to write down funny quotes or brainstorm for your article comparing freshmen and senior behavior.

4. When you can’t read an article without taking note of the writer’s voice and structure. You don’t even really care about the content- you are too busy admiring their craftsmanship.

5. When your roommate, who is a psych major, is talking about this creepy serial killer she learned about in class and your first thought is- “Wow that serial killer would make such a great profile article.” 

6. When your friends decide your new nickname is “Interview Lover.”

what's your favorite current series?


Grilly Cheese: restaurant review


Not only does Glassboro’s newest restaurant, which just opened on Tuesday,  serve mouthwatering melted cheese sandwiches, it’s also open until midnight, delivers, and accepts Rowan University’s currency, Boro Bucks. Yep, Grilly Cheese located at 22 East High Street is perfect for college students on a budget, picky kids and even vegetarians.

I am a huge cheese lover. American, Provolone, Mozzarella, Cheddar- I love them all. When I heard about a new grilled cheese restaurant, appropriately named Grilly Cheese, I couldn’t wait to go.

I looked up pictures of the unique grilled cheese creations on their website and immediately realized how hungry I was.  I wanted to call for delivery even though it was 11:00pm.  I restrained myself.  Once the restaurant updated their address on their Facebook page to say East instead of West High Street, an unfortunate typo, I set out to try what I hoped would be my new favorite restaurant.

My expectations were met. 

I chose something traditional, The Grilly Cheese- a sandwich with bacon and American Cheese. It was warm and buttery-  the perfect cheese to bread ratio with a crunchy bacon twist. But what made it even more special? It was a double decker grilled cheese. That’s right not just two pieces of bread but three. An entire basket of crispy, golden crab fries on the side and a can of Sprite completed the $8.00 meal.

My only complaint was that the sandwich was not cut in half, which is one of my pet peeves.

Rowan Fashion Enthusiasts Should Check out the Costume Shop



photo caption: Stephanie Nichols, Rowan costume shop director, posing in a costume she made


Unfortunately for all you fashion enthusisasts at Rowan there are now fashion classes offered at our university. But there is something similar. Stephanie Nichols is the director of the costume shop at Rowan

When she was 15, she would take garments from the thrift store and modify them.  During college Nichols majored in English and minored in French and planned on becoming a high school teacher.  “I wanted to save kids the way my high school teachers saved me and given me hope and set me on the right path,” says Nichols. She also saw an advertisement during freshman orientation for a job in the costume shop.  “I can get a job doing this? I mean I do it for free,” thought Nichols.

When she was looking at masters programs for teaching she realized she no longer wanted to teach high school students.   “I had thought that college would toughen me up and make me no longer terrified of high school students but it turned out that I was only 21 and still kind of intimidated by them,” said Nichols.

Her costume shop advisor explained that she could apply to grad school and present her strong technical portfolio showing the production side of costuming.  Nichols attended Temple for grad school and learned the design end of costuming.  A few months after she graduated, a position at Rowan opened up and it was a perfect fit.

Meredith Reeve and Jeffrey Williams


Meredith Reeve and Jeffrey Williams, two 22-year-olds at Rowan University work at the Rec Center, are members of Unified Sports, Colleges Against Cancer, Habitat for Humanity, and have been a couple since 2011.

“We met in high school. We were always good friends but it wasn’t until I went to college across the country that we realized we had feelings for each other,” says Reeve.

Reeve and Williams met at Seneca High School in Shamong, New Jersey. Shortly after high school graduation in 2010 Reeve attended BYUI (Brigham Young University in Idaho) while Williams attended Rowan University.

Reeve and Williams kept in touch while she was in Idaho but they weren’t an item yet.

Reeve and Williams reconnected in the summer of 2011 when Reeve returned to New Jersey.

“We were just in his car talking about me going back to school at BYUI.  I started crying and then he got sad. He just came out and just said he loved me and I told him I loved him too. We weren’t even dating!,” says Reeve.

She already had thoughts of transferring from BYUI to Rowan because the school wasn’t for her, but once Williams told her he loved her she was set on going to Rowan.

“It just made sense for us to date at that point because we were so sad when we were apart,” says Reeve.  

Reeve applied to Rowan and got in!

“I think when I told him I was transferring to Rowan it was just a really good day for us. It wasn’t until I came to Rowan that we really fell into place,” says Reeve.

The couple will be celebrating their three year anniversary in the summer of 2014.

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?