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Spectrum: Fall 2013 Shoot


Good things comes in threes. For the past three years, Tola and I have watched our annual fall photo shoots flourish. It has been a privilege and an honor to work with all the volunteers (from models, to hair salons, to lunch sponsors, to the clothing sponsors). This year, we present Spectrum. Many thanks of course to the sponsors who provided our models with clothing and accessories to wear for the shoot -- Boy Meets Girl, L. Mae Boutique, Le Chic, Lulu's, and Nathalia Kraynina. In addition, we would like to thank Teen Vogue and partners (Big Star USA and PacSun) for the pieces provided in the #BTSS (Back-To-School-Saturday) trunk. 

Fall Photo Shoot Planning Committee: Dorothy Charles, Tiffany Cheung, Tola Emiola, Ajibike Lapite, Mary Schulman, Diamond Wheeler, and Kristin Wilson

Make-up Artist: Minerva Pedroza || Hair Stylist: Tola Emiola

Models: Morgan Celistan, Kristen Coke, Maritza Juarez, Daria Koren, Alexandra Kubiak, Breanna McMahon, Sydney Montgomery, Miriam Pearsall, Victoria Rinker, and Mary Schulman

Dear Freshman: Advice Compilement


Freshman events are by no means lame! Go to them. Yes, there may be a party going on at an eating club, but head to the freshman function. There is plenty of time to hit the eating clubs. Frosh week is the time of the year that fellow Princetonians will be accessible and open to making friends. Once the work floods in, it's a whole different story. Make friends early and party later.
You probably won't be best friends with your roommate. Don't stress over that. Just be civil. Your roommate is going to be the one to see you when you're crying in your room, sick in bed, with bed head.... at your worst. Try to establish some level of friendship.
Don't be the know-it-all. When you act like you know it all...your professor AND classmates are just waiting for you to fail. And when you do and are looking for're screwed.

10 Things a New Collegiette Must Never Do: A Guide to Princeton


Welcome to Princeton. Welcome to the next four (<four if you become a transfer, which is OK) years of your life. Welcome to an uncommon chance to begin again an effort to hammer out a new and specific dent in the social order. However at Princeton University, a place known for being known, this chance is not so much a “chance” as it is an Olympic Obstacle Course—you’ll have to navigate mental mazes and dodge deft devices non Princeton-going collegiettes won’t have to. Luckily, able to recollect an excess of egregious errors I made as a sparkling, new collegiette, I must caution you against saying and doing (if only cotton shirts weren’t flammable…) things of a similarly irreparable nature. Heed just one of my sanity-preserving warnings and you may find yourself far closer to winning freshman year (yes, it is a contest) than any of your co-collegiettes.

Her Campus Princeton: Spring/Summer 2013



You've started to realize that it's a bit of a trend, right? The ladies of the Her Campus Princeton team loves to get all dolled up. Check out the entire lookbook here and feel free to let us know what you think. 

Photographers: Leonidas Konstantine Tolias and Lovia Gyarkye
HCP Sponsorship Coordinator: Ajibike Lapite
Concept & Design: Tiffany Cheung

Fashion Speaks


Marcus Stroud



Year: 2016

Prospective Major: Psychology 

Hometown: Prosper, Texas 

Sign: Libra 

Favorite color: Blue



Football. I play linebacker for the Tigers


Princeton Big Sibs. This organization is about to do some big things in the lives of many!


Single or taken: Single 


Favorite Pick Up Line Used: "Girl, if beauty were a time you'd be eternity" …followed by laugh and rejection

Favorite Tv Show: Friday Night Lights: "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose."

What are you most attracted to in a person? A girl's uniqueness, her personality, and faith. 

If you won the lottery what would you do? I'd take care of my family, buy myself a new truck, invest a little, and save the rest.

If you could have any job in the world? It'd be pretty rewarding to do something like the show "Extreme Home Make Over Edition". I don't think I'd ever get tired of a job like that.

Event Recap: 2nd Anniversary Mixer


Want to see if we caught you on camera at the event? Check out the photo album here. 

February 16th Her Campus Princeton celebrated it's second annivesary (February 7th) with 120 collegiettes. We listened to music. We socialized. Downed amazing beverages and ate delicious desserts that we're still talking about (are we alone?). Everyone left with great gear and as a thank you to the many brands that sponsored our event we're going to briefly review our corporate supporters.


Lulu Scarves and Accessories provided the most fabulous items that are still being raved about in Frist Campus Center (yes, we overhear you gals!). The first thirty guests received gift bags provided by Lulu Scarves and Accessories which contained head turbans or headbands; in addition, Lulu Scarves and Accessories provided thirty Her Campus personalized tops as well as eighty black-and-white umbrellas personalized with a pink: "Her Campus." We love seeing y'all on campus with the umbrellas, tops, and turbans (especially you, Farrah!). Let us know what you think of Lulu Scarves and Accessories in the comment box or on our facebook page! 

Her Campus Princeton on Lemon and Line


Her Campus Princeton Goes Knots About Nautical Fashion!

Her Campus Princeton officially digs all things nautical and it appears that the passion for nautical garb and accessories has left the ports of non-sailing towns and  docked in Princeton. We're certainly not complaining.  We've been spotting nautical bracelets all over campus--exciting!--and so we contacted Lemon & Line in regard to potential partnerships and sponsorship of our most recent event. Check out the event recap coming out soon!

Launched in 2010, Lemon & Line produces handcrafted, nautically inspired bracelets made out of marine grade materials. Nautical bracelets also known as sailor knot bracelets were historically crafted by sailors to show off their rope-working skills and were seen as good luck charms. Lemon & Line has Ajibike's all time favorite blog's  (College Prepster) approval but check out why HCP loves Lemon & Line below!


Kristin Wilson (HCP Event Coordinator) on Lemon & Line:

Her Campus Princeton: 2nd Anniversary Mixer


There's guaranteed to be delicious desserts, trunk shows (isn't it about time to start shopping for mother's day?) as well as really great goodie bags for all guests and even better goodie bags for VIP guests (randomly selected but there is more information about that in the RSVP link!) Please RSVP here.

Soie Discount Code: TIGER40


You guys make endless comments regarding Yoonha's and Wilhemina's dresses in our team pictures. Well Soie is the place to go. Use code TIGER40 for 40% off anything in the store! Shipping is free for orders over $50!