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Harper Yi

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The Her Campus Mid-Atlantic Conference



Join us on April 19th for the Her Campus Mid-Atlantic Conference co-hosted between Her Campus W&M and Her Campus VCU here on the beautiful campus of William and Mary!

The conference is focused on helping young women overcome their two main challenges they face: finding direction in life and making a plan to achieve their personal and professional goals. We will hear from speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds regarding their experiences and insights, giving our attendees the chance to learn more and obtain the tools to build a fulfilling life.

This will be our third conference here at the college, and in addition to wonderful speakers, attendees will get swag bags, an opportunity to network with our speakers and each other, a lunch, and a chance to win raffles for wonderful prizes!

Find out more and register for the event at our official eventbrite page, or look for us tabling in Sadler to avoid the online processing fee!

Also check out the facebook event and invite your friends!

Have you reserved your tickets to see Maya Angelou yet?


Women's Leadership Appreciation Week


Join the W&M NRHH in celebrating the women who make this campus great-- from professors to staff members, RAs to student leaders, custodians to trainers. Write a message of thanks on a white board at Sadler between 10:30 and 2:30, get a photo snapped, and the image will be sent off as thanks!

You could win goodies from the HC Spring Survival Kits


We here at Her Campus William & Mary love working with awesome brands to get cute, cool, fun stuff for the ladies here ate William and Mary-- so it's no surprise we were super pumped to recieve a box of goodies during Spring Break to get the TWAMPs of the campus excited for the warm weather!

The Haul:

Tresemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth Mini Packs - Say good-bye to the frizz of summer humidity! This sample pack of the Tresemmé Keratin Smooth hair care routine will keep your hair shiny and sleek!

Free Chips & Guac from Chipotle - Cool down with some creamy chilled guac and chips from Chipotle-- where the food makes you feel good and you can feel good about the food. 

Discount Cards for Yokini Swimwear - Sometimes you want a nice two-piece bikini that's not uncomfortable or flimsy, and sometimes you wish for the coverage from a skirted two piece but are afraid of looking like a mom. Get the best of both worlds and none of the discomfort of tiny swimsuits nor the feeling of wearing something more appropriate for someone twice your age. The Yokini can be flipped up for a bikini look, or flipped down for butt-coverage and has been featured in magazines!

Have you ever experienced weirder weather patterns than that of Williamsburg, Virginia?


Op-Ed: In response to the Sig Chi Email Incident


As much as we’d like to, we cannot distance ourselves from the Sigma Chi email incident. We cannot fix a problem by blaming “outliers” or “lone agents” for an incident that is symptomatic of a larger issue, not just at this institution, but throughout our society. It’s in every auditorium or conference room in which a woman speaks and instead of listening, comments about her appearance are passed through the audience. It’s in every television show where the dehumanization of women is characterized as normal. It’s in every parent’s mouth who tells their children that boys will be boys.

The misogyny represented in that email is not just a Greek Life problem. It’s not just a William and Mary problem. It’s not even just a problem with men. Rape culture is everywhere, and you can stand-by and uphold it even as someone uninvolved in Greek Life. You can stay silent and uphold it as a woman or even propagate it by slut-shaming, victim-blaming, and telling other women that this is normal, and we can’t push for something better.

How do you feel about this semester?


Hungry Games: Catching Fur


Tomorrow night, at midnight, The Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire will be released in theaters. This is probably one of the biggest cinematic events of the season. The overwhelming success of the first film has led to a bigger budget and therefore an even more exciting experience than ever. As a result, everyone is pumped about the new release.

Even those at Sesame Street. 

Sesame Street released a most excellent parody trailer starring Cookie Monster as Cookieness Evereat. Welcome to the Hungry Games. May the cookies be ever in your flavor!

Flicks: 4 Films to Watch for


I like to try to keep on top of movies, even if they’re not the major studio blockbusters. Here are a few upcoming movies you might not have heard about yet, but might also be interested in checking out.

The Armstrong Lie

A filmmaker set out to make a film about then-hero Lance Armstrong during his comeback year. It was put on hold due to doping allegations. And then the truth came out. And the film regained traction as Lance came to set the record straight. What emerges is a story, not just about a sport and an athlete, but about power and deception. I’m excited for this documentary because it examines not only the man who fooled the world, but the fools themselves. I was one of them. Who didn’t want to believe that this man could beat cancer and return to the top of the cycling world? To be honest, after his terrible cameo in Dodgeball, I didn’t believe him capable of lying any convincing way, let alone carrying on a years long charade that made him a God among men. How many others like him have we idealized? How far will we go just because of a desire to believe in men like Armstrong?

A Case of You

Campus Cutie: Jasmin Green '15


Name: Jasmin Green

Year: 2015

Major: Biology and Environmental Science

Hometown: Fairfax, VA

What clubs and activities are you involved with on campus? Filipino American Student Association (FASA), Club Volleyball Green Team, and research 

What kind of music do you like to listen to? I like indie pop, alternative rock, and electronica best right now.

If you could only own 10 books for the rest of your life, which books would they be? The Harry Potter Series, The Lion the Witch And The Wardrobe, and Pride and Prejudice for sure, the last one would be up in the air. 

How do you like to spend your weekends? I don't get much downtime during the week. I like to go out occasionally, but I enjoy chilling indoors with friends and doing things like catching up on shows, playing video games, or going out and shopping.

What is your favorite quality in a guy? Do I only get one? I would say being passionate. Someone who is really into whatever they do, whether it's a hobby or a talent or a subject in school. 

Do you have any secret talents? I can make a mean pot of adobo (a traditional filipino dish that's a kind of chicken stew).

What is your favorite thing about W&M? I love our campus. This is probably cliché, but it's so gorgeous in the fall. Short and long walks outside or just sitting on the Sunken Garden are such a great diversion from studying, especially in the cool weather.