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Hannah Harp

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Relationship Advice, From The Characters Of Girls


Dating is complicated and no one knows this better than the quirky cast of HBO's Girls. Displaying the unique elements we all must endure as a part of this generation, Lena Dunham's creations, Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna, and Jessa, have served as the raw voices of the Millenials. Week after week, these characters manage to remind us of ourselves in one way or another as we tune in to watch them cope with the chaos of their lives on our TV screens.

So far, we've watched the four women experience many personal ups and downs throughout the show's three seasons, many having to do with navigating through complicated relationship issues. Although they may appear to be just as dysfunctional as you and your best friends, if you sift through all the muck, the girls of Girls actually offer up some surprisingly helpful dating advice.

Love is scary.

The modern age of dating can be a nightmare. The mere thought of the dating scene leaves you feeling hopeless.

But no matter how tough the times, you must always keep your standards strong.

Your true self is your best self so don't be someone you're not simply to impress a new guy. Let's be honest, we all like Marnie the most when she actually chills out for a second and lets her true fun-loving self shine through.

Fallon Delivers Strong First Week As New Host Of Tonight Show


If there was a book titled, “How to Reincarnate Late-Night TV Talk Shows For Dummies,” our golden boy Jimmy has earned the right to author, illustrate, and publish.

With a slew of cameo appearances and signature sketches, Fallon could not have had a better first week, as he launched into the next chapter of his career with The Tonight Show. Sitting pretty at his new desk, Jimmy brought the refreshing humor and personable demeanor his audience keeps coming back for, ushering in a new era for a show so beloved by many. Proof of the Brooklyn native’s warm welcome to the stage last week is just about anywhere you look--his debut has been the hot topic on campus and online. Let's not forget that the network ratings are nothing short of gleaming.

In just a few short sentences of last Monday’s opening monologue, Fallon covered 60 years of the show’s history and officially claimed his position in line. Many fans wondered how the new time slot, new studio, and new shoes to fill would alter the content of Jimmy’s quirky routine. It is safe to say that Jimmy’s not changing for anyone. With an air of slight timidness and charming promise, Fallon has settled into Studio 6-B and made himself at home with his old Late Night cronies, announcer Steve Higgins, and his incredible house band, The Roots.

Known for his immense humility, it was no surprise that Fallon took time out to thank his viewers for their loyalty and NBC for the new opportunity.

10 Reasons Why Spending Valentine's Day With Your Girls Is The Best


Valentine's Day is here yet again a.k.a. "Single Awareness Day," as my friends and I like to call it. Even if you're one of the many who won’t be receiving flowers, chocolates, or be taken to a fancy dinner, there is still plenty of hope to have fun, so look on the bright side ladies! V-Day falls on a Friday this year which means you and your equally single amigas better plan on milking the holiday for all it's worth together! Her Campus argues that Valentine's Day is actually more enjoyable with your friends over a significant other and here are 10 reasons to prove it.

1. You don’t have to stress about getting dressed to impress.


2. No pre-date jitters.


3. You can go out with your friends, order whatever you want off the menu, and proceed to stuff your face without worrying about what some silly boy would think. 


4. Your girlfriends don't have to ask you what you want from the bar. They already know.


5. No boyfriend = no awkward conversation about "where this relationship is going."


6. You know exactly what gifts to get your girlfriends and their reactions upon opening them will surely make your night.

On Your Mark, Get Set!: Basic Guide To Marathon Training


It is hard to comprehend with all of this snow still on the ground, but race time is quickly approaching for those of you who have committed to running a marathon or half this spring! Whether you are a beginner or already an avid runner, effectively training for a race is a huge undertaking and requires a lot of preparation. Many of you who have registered for spring runs like the Flying Pig in Cincinnati have probably already jumpstarted your training, so here are some valuable basic tips to keep in mind as you work to reach your goal.


Before you begin training, you should be able to run for at least 30 minutes without stopping. Distance is not important right now! Just spend a couple weeks getting your body used to running. Combinations of run/walks are great to use during pre-training because they ease your body into the exercise and minimize the chance of experiencing a running injury.


Your mileage should gradually increase each week with your longest run being 18-20 miles if you are doing a marathon and 10 miles if you are doing a half. Taper off in the final weeks leading up to the race to allow your body to recover from training. You want to be well-rested and strong for race day! It always helps to make a plan before you just jump in blindly, so establish a routine and do not stray from it. We advise you to utilize a pre-made training program like this one from Women’s Health to get in a groove that will produce encouraging results!

Find Fresh Motivation:

Snow Ball 2014 style


Intern Inside Scoop: 4 Proven Tips To Wowing Your Boss


Over J-Term, I was fortunate enough to intern with Indianapolis Monthly Magazine right in the heart of Circle City. As a journalism major with four measly months left at Miami, this opportunity came at the perfect time and helped me prepare for the fast-approaching real world in so many ways. As an editorial intern, I learned to fact-check pieces from writers. My main job was to make sure that articles were factually and grammatically correct before going to print. Fact-checking can be quite tedious, but it is vital to keeping a publication on schedule. Through doing this type of work, I learned how to approach a written piece of work in an inquisitive manner and then thoroughly comb through the details. In the journalism industry, one’s livelihood depends on credibility. There is a responsibility to the readers to publish correct information; you publish one little slip-up and readers’ loyalty to your blog/column/magazine will be compromised in one way or another. So even if it wasn’t the most glamorous work I have ever done, I knew it was important so I was really excited to get the chance to contribute in this way and I definitely earned a new appreciation for magazines. Gone are the days of simply flipping through a publication without thinking of the intricate progress of meeting a deadline.

Photoblog: Miami Homecoming Week 2013


HC Miami Campus Style Week Of 10/21/13: Weekend edition


Photo Credit: Stephanie O'Loughlin

Photo Credit: Que Anh Nguyen

Photo Credit: Hannah Harp and Que Anh Nguyen

Photoblog: Homecoming House Decorating Contest


Photo Credit: Caitlin Barry

HC Miami Campus Style Week Of 10/14/13


Photo Credit: Stephanie O'Loughlin

Photo Credit: Sydney Larivey

Photo Credit: Que Anh Nguyen

Photo Credit: Hannah Harp and Que Anh Nguyen