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Erica Avesian

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A Freshman Girl’s Guide to Frat Parties


Picture this: A room jam-packed with college students, reeking of Natty Light and sweat. A little grinding action in the corner and a girl dancing in the middle of a table, thinking she’s the hottest thing since sliced bread. Boys who look barely old enough to have finished high school wearing neon green shirts that say “sober monitor,” holding the key to popularity and new friends in their hands—aka warm keg beer. The latest hits playing in one room and body-thumping techno music blaring in the basement. Failed attempts to pick up girls and drunken PDAs with complete strangers. The beer pong champ running the table and a floor so disgusting you wouldn’t dare take off your shoes. Welcome to your first frat party.

We want you to enjoy new freshman experiences, but we don’t want you to look like an amateur (There’s nothing worse than a group of upperclassmen pointing at you and chanting “FRESHMAN!”) —so here’s a guide on how to navigate the frat party scene like you’ve been there for years.

DO know which frat house you are at.

18 Ways to Cool Down When It's Way Too Hot Outside


We’re halfway into summer and the 100-degree days and heat advisories aren’t going away any time soon. That’s why Her Campus is sharing our favorite ways to take a break from the sun and chill out from the blazing hot summer! Instead of laying on your couch in a dark basement wishing you lived in Antarctica, try out one of our fun ways to cool down from the hot, hot heat.

1. Make your own slip n’ slide. Transform your outdoor BBQ into an absolute blast with a homemade slip n’ slide. Find an old tarp, spray it with a hose and let the slipping and sliding begin.

2. Snack on frozen fruit. It’s the perfect afternoon snack when you’re craving a sweet treat that can cool you down. Try topping your morning cereal with frozen fruit for a new take on breakfast. We recommend frozen bananas dipped in chocolate. Beware of the brain freeze!

3. Go ice skating. Turn this fun winter outing into a summertime activity that will definitely bring your body temperature down; it’s a nice alternative to fireworks and bonfires. Whip up a batch of frozen hot chocolate after you’re done skating.

4. Make iced coffee. “Making my own homemade iced coffee every night (for my mid-morning commute) is a tasty and cost-efficient way to keep me cool,” says Kenyatta, a recent grad of the University of Texas at Austin.

8 Things to Expect in the Post-College Dating Scene


You’re a college graduate now—hooray! Along with your diploma comes a whole new dating scene. The guys haven’t magically transformed into perfect gentlemen, but you’re not so different from your crazy college self either—for now at least. Living alone in a big city for the first time with a real job and a whole new selection of men isn’t as simple as it seems. Here are eight things to be prepared for in the post-college dating scene:

1. Booty calls/hook-ups are not relationships

You might have followed the “we’re together” mentality in college even if you were just hooking up and not going on actual dates. But after college, you should expect him to take you out if he’s serious about being with you, not just take you back to his apartment. If he doesn’t, you’re probably not in a relationship.

“I thought hooking up was the be-all end-all of dating since that’s all that I knew in college, but this all changed after graduation when I met a guy at work. Our first date consisted of dinner and a walk in the park, not hooking up and sleeping at his place,” says Rachel* from Grand Valley State University. It’s true that he might not be able to afford an expensive date on his new limited budget, but if he’s actually interested in dating you, expect to go on more dates than you went on in college.

Post-college dating dare:

Make sure your first date with a new guy happens outside of your apartment. Let him know from day one that you are not a booty-call by refusing to spend the night too soon.

2. Casually dating multiple people at once is the norm

The Secret Truth About Trying Too Hard With Guys


You meet a guy at the bar and he invites you to his date party. You automatically think that means he wants to date you so you text him over and over again trying to hang out. And when that doesn’t work, you move on to the next one—someone, anyone to be your boyfriend.

If finding a boyfriend is at the top of your to-do list, you should probably cross it off right now. Trust me, there are way better things to do with your time. The guys aren’t always going to drop what they’re doing and sweep you off your feet; it’s a shame, we know, but this doesn’t mean you have to put all your energy into desperately searching for “the one.”

We talked to college girls and guys who shared their experiences about girls who didn’t get the “be a little mysterious” message. Marla Martenson, matchmaker, life coach, speaker, and author of Excuse Me, Your Soul Mate Is Waiting, tells us the secret truth about trying too hard.

What qualifies you as a desperate collegiette?

Going for what you want is good, but trying to turn every man you meet into your boyfriend is not. Although you might want a boyfriend, you don’t need one. If you’re always searching for a man to complete you, you could be a desperate collegiette (but don’t worry, Her Campus is here to help you!). This desperation can come in many forms: asking everyone you know to set you up on dates, fantasizing about your future with guys you just met, texting every guy in your phone hoping one of them will profess his love to you, or going home from the bar with random guys.

11 Ways to Ruin Your Chances with Your Crush


Love can make us do crazy things, especially the kind of unrequited love that occurs during a one-sided crush. We might think these are innocent behaviors that bring us one step closer to our happily ever afters, but they aren’t. If your crushes are always running for the hills, it’s not him, it’s you. Let Her Campus fill you in on 11 reasons why this may be the case.
1. You text him 5 minutes after he gives you his number.

And when he doesn’t answer, you text him again and again and again. “Where are you? Want to hang out? Come get me. Hello. Where are you? Why are you ignoring me?” He’s ignoring you because you’re acting like a crazy person. If he doesn’t answer you the first five times, he’s not going to answer you the sixth time either. No matter how hard you want to try again, remember that double (and triple, and quadruple) texting is a big no-no. Chris, a student at Michigan State University, shares his story: “I went out on a date with this one girl and she legit texted me nonstop wanting to hang out every single day, even when I didn’t respond to some.” Stalker!
2. You like every single one of his profile pics. 

8 Texts Guys Never Want to Receive


You spend hours crafting the perfect text message, adding an extra exclamation point, contemplating whether to use a smiley face or a winky face, and rereading it ten times before hitting send. You’ve waited the appropriate amount of time so you don’t sound too desperate or uninterested and your best friends gave you the okay. Now all you have to do is wait for his response. You stare at your phone until it lights up, but the only new message you see is from Mom. So what went wrong? Her Campus talked to the guys to learn about the texts they dread receiving from girls. Listen to our texting advice and start being a smarter texter.

1. Don’t send this: “Heyyyyyy”

Extra letters are annoying and unnecessary; guys don’t like it when you’re constantly saying “hiii,” “What’s uppp?” or “Goodnightttt.” Tyler*, a recent grad of Oakland University, says, “stuff like heyyyyyyyyy is fine every once in a while with me, but when every text has extra letters that’s kind of annoying.”

Instead, send this: “How’s it going?”

Guys don’t need extra letters to feel special (that’s a girl thing). You don’t want to sound whiny or overeager or like a middle school girl when texting him, so stick to spelling words with the normal amount of letters at least the majority of the time. If you’re afraid “hey” will make him feel like he does when he receives any other one-word response, put together a short and sweet line that expresses what you want to say like “Want to get drinks?” or “Let’s study together today.” Reserve the extra letters for times when you really need to emphasize something, or if you’re ready to paaaaartyyyy.

Collegiettes' Craziest, Funniest Walk of Shame Stories


You wake up in an unknown bed wearing last night’s clothes—or worse, wearing nothing at all. You turn to your side and see the body of a guy you might have just met the night before (sadly, he’s not as cute as he looked via your drunk goggles). Your mouth is dry, your eyes are burning, and your head is pounding—you’d do anything for a tall glass of water, a pair of comfy pjs, and a ride home. But chances are, the dreaded walk of shame stands between you and all those things. You’re not alone, we’ve all been there. Read on to hear about other collegiettes’ crazy, funny, or just plain weird walks of shame.

How to Turn a Casual Fling Into the Real Thing


It’s Monday and you have a coffee date with Steve. Tuesday arrives, and it’s time to have lunch with Paul. On Wednesday, you’re hooking up with Ryan. Thursday rolls around and you’re having a “sleepover” with Alex. Friday comes and you meet a new guy at the bar. You're texting him all weekend long.

You’ve got yourself a handful of mini dates, hook-ups whenever you want them, and attention all around, but you’re missing out on the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing. It can be hard to juggle multiple guys at once and even harder to say “bye bye” to all but one guy and turn the chosen one into the real deal (especially in college when long-term relationships are almost nonexistent).

Her Campus is here to help you pick and choose which guy is boyfriend material and learn how to replace your one-too-many casual flings with the one real thing. We’ve even talked to the guys themselves to learn what this oh-so-mysterious species thinks (you’re welcome!).

First things first, distinguish between a casual fling and the real thing.

Weigh the good and bad.
There are pros and cons to both: the go-with-the-flow feeling of a casual fling, and the date nights/meet-the-parents moment of the real thing. Flirting and texting is not the same as dating. And neither is drunkenly hooking up on the weekends.

A Freshman Girl's Guide to College Formals


Missing your high school prom, when you got to dress up in a poufy pink dress and dance the night away with your BFFs? Worry no more; if you’re in a sorority or have a close friend or boyfriend in a frat, your first college formal is right around the corner.Think of formal as the college version of a high school dance (minus the cheesy decorations and teacher supervision). You can forget about homecoming court drama and choosing a dress that follows your school’s strict dress code. This is your chance to have all the fun you want without following too many rules.

Need help deciding what to wear or who to bring? Her Campus is here with all the inside tips for making this event live up to all the hype.
DO choose your date wisely.
Whether you go with your boyfriend, best guy friend, or hookup buddy, you should be careful about picking your plus-one. It’s common for girls to get set up by their sorority sisters, but it’s probably best to meet the guy in advance.“Formals can get pretty couple-y, so it's important to go with someone who will be a good time and who's fun to dance with AND chat with,” says Jenni, a Delta Gamma sister from Bucknell.

DON’T be afraid to bring a friend.

The 9 Types of Facebook Posts Guys Hate


There are many things we collegiettes do that guys just don’t understand, and our Facebook routine is one of them. No one wants to be that annoying Facebook girl who overshares every little detail about her life, friend requests everyone within seconds of meeting them, or posts 25 over-edited photos from the same occasion. Her Campus talked to real college guys to learn what annoys them the most about your Facebook so that you can stop committing these oh-so simple, but overly annoying Facebook behaviors before he defriends you.

1. Too many check-ins

“Monica Green was at the grocery store with Emily Sharp and 2 others.”

“Checking in” all the time is like giving everyone an open invitation to stalk you. It’s a habit some of us love (checking in, not stalking), but according to the guys, we should probably stop notifying the world of our whereabouts. He doesn’t care what road you’re on or where you ate dinner. And he definitely doesn’t want to see what bar you’re getting drunk at. According to David from the University of Illinois, girls who constantly check in think everyone cares where they are, but it's just plain annoying to him. You mean, you don’t think I’m more popular now that you know where I am all the time? Save the checking in for vacations or special events. Although he doesn’t want to see your location 24/7, he’ll probably enjoy your check-in at the finish line of the marathon you’ve been training for all year or a photo and check-in at the Rocky Mountains.

2. Photoshop overkill

“New pic. What do you think?”