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Emma Faber

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The Unofficial Guide to MoCos


For those of you who don’t know, MoCos stands for “morning cocktails”. MoCos are Lehigh’s unique form of tailgates during our football season. Instead of dressing up in school colors, the lovely shades of Brown and White, Lehigh students do something a little different. At MoCos, you will find students dressed in absurd, wacky outfits ranging from tutus to overalls to full-body costumes.

The MoCos festivities begin very early in the morning. Unlike at most schools where tailgates begin in the early afternoon, at Lehigh, students start the party around 10am. 

As an experienced MoCos goer, I have learned a few important rules to keep in mind that I would like to pass on:

1. The #1 rule of MoCos is: if you don’t dress weird, you look weird. You must dress up.  Not sure what to wear? Some great places to get the craziest outfits are thrift shops, Halloween stores, and places like Claire’s or American Apparel. But really, anything goes.

2. The night before MoCos try and get a good night sleep. Waking up early can be quite difficult after staying out late the night before, especially with a hangover.

Snow Day Fashion


This year at Lehigh, the snow gods have been on our side. We have had more snow days, “ice days”, and 2-hour delays than we can remember ever having before.

Snow days are great. They are an excuse to lie in bed all day and pretend that work doesn’t exist. However, that’s not all snow days are good for. Lehigh students, being the party animals that they are, have coined the term “SnowCos” this year—which basically is an excuse to have a day party during a snow day. (SnowCos= Snow Cocktails)

While it may be nice to lounge around in sweatpants on snow days, venturing outside and meeting up with friends can be a great way to spend the day off. Here are a few fashion tips to keep in mind whether you are heading to “SnowCos” or even the library:

1. Boots—It all starts with a great pair of boots. With the snow piling up, it is essential to wear boots that will protect your feet from the cold and not get ruined by the water. I have seen Lehigh students get creative with their footwear on snow days. Whether you are into the classic L.L. Bean ‘Bean Boot’, simple Hunter rain boots, or fur-trimmed Sorel boots, it is possible to make clunky waterproof boots look fashionable. Try wearing them with some comfy high socks or colorful pants!

2. Headgear—With the wind blowing strong and snow falling fast, it can be hard to brave the outdoors without proper headgear. However, while wearing a warm, winter hat seems like it would be a fashion no-no, Lehigh students have proved me wrong. I have seen students wearing super cute headbands, hats, and even earmuffs that look trendy and block the cold.

Best Places to Study at Lehigh


Finals week has somehow crept up on us, and it’s time to start getting ready for those dreaded end-of-the-semester exams.  Before starting to study, it is important to find a study space where you will feel comfortable and be able to work well. Here are some of the best places to study on campus:

FML Cubicles: For those of you who like to study in a quiet, private space, the cubicles on the 2nd and 3rd floors of FML are a great option. They are perfect for when you need to study alone, without any distractions. Be sure to get there bright and early, as these tend to fill up quickly during finals week!

“The Stacks” at Lindy: If the cubicles at FML are too intimidating for you, “the stacks” in the basement and 3rd floor of Linderman are another good study spot. These two areas are probably the quietest places to study at Lindy, as they are both pretty secluded.

STEPS: If you are starting to get sick of studying at the libraries, many of the academic buildings, like STEPS, have great places to study. STEPS, in particular is great because it has lots of glass walls and windows, so you can find a spot with a great view and not feel like you are trapped in a jail cell (or cubicle).

7 Study Tips to Get You Through Finals


1.     Organize your materials: Getting organized it the first step when getting ready for finals. Before learning the material, you need to make sure that you have all of your notes, old exams, and other important resources organized neatly by subject. This makes it much easier to begin studying than if there were random papers scattered everywhere.

2.      Make a study schedule: Studying for multiple exams can be overwhelming and stressful. One of the best ways to get prepared and stay on top of your work is to make a study schedule. By doing this, you can plan out each day and make sure that you spend enough time on each subject. It is always good to break up work into sections and do a little bit each day, which can be easily done by following a schedule.

3.     Use colors: One thing I always do when making study guides or reading through my notes is to use highlighters and colored pens. By doing this small, seemingly insignificant act, I have more fun studying. It is much nicer to look at a piece of paper that is brightly colored than one that is just plain black text.

4.     Find the right space: Finding the right space to study is one of the most important things to do when studying. It is critical that each person knows how and where he or she studies best. Whether it is in a private cubicle at FML or a large study room at Lindy, finding the place where you work best is necessary.  

Justin Uzcategui '16


Name: Justin Uzcategui

Nickname: Uzi

Hometown: Rye, New York

Year of graduation: 2016

Major: Finance

Greek life: Kappa Sigma

Hobbies and activities: Hiking, guitar, playing ice hockey & golf

What do you look for in a girl? Outgoing personality, sense of humor, pretty eyes

What are your turnoffs? Girls who get absorbed in drama. That ain’t cool

Who’s your celebrity crush? Alex Morgan

What’s your favorite food? Steak

What is one thing you cannot live without? Music

What word would your friends use to describe you? Adventurous

What’s something most people don’t know about you? I’ve been to 20 Dave Matthews Band concerts with the same group of kids

What is something on your bucket list? Get in a cab and yell, “Follow that car!”


Guide to Themed Parties


As the #10 party school in the country, Lehigh clearly knows how to have fun. Lehigh students pride themselves on going out at least 5 nights a week and still managing to get decent grades in their classes.  Clearly, we take the motto “work hard, play hard” quite literally here.

But after a while, parties can get boring and repetitive—especially when it’s the same old sweaty frat basements each night. So, in an effort to spice things up, sororities and fraternities have themed parties. When there’s a good theme, it can turn an ordinary night into an unforgettable one. In a recent survey, Lehigh students voted for their favorite themes…and the results are in:

Fall 2013 Best Theme Parties (in no particular order):

Toga: A classic. Based off of the famous scene from the movie Animal House, a toga themed party is a favorite by everyone. It is fun and easy to dress up for: all you need is a white sheet and some string/rope to tie it together. It is essential that everyone attend at least one toga party during their 4 years at college.

America: Patriotism at its finest. Who doesn’t like an excuse to drink and celebrate the great red, white and blue?

Athletes vs. Mathletes: The stereotypical battle between the nerds and the jocks. Girls tend to go for the “mathlete” look, complete with rimless glasses and high socks, whereas guys usually stick to being the “athlete”.






From February 6th to March 30th, Eco Reps will be hosting a friendly competition, known as RecycleMania. Over this 8-week period, various colleges across the United States and Canada will compete to see who can reduce and recycle the most.

Each school will report the amount of recycling and trash they collect each week. The results that are collected will be ranked in various categories: which school recycles the most on a per capita basis, which school has the best recycling rate as a percentage of total waste, and which school generates the least amount of combined trash and recycling. Participants can track the progress of their campus and use the results to rally their peers to reduce and recycle more!

Each week the Lehigh University Eco Reps will be hosting various campus wide and residential events to encourage students to participate in RecycleMania. For example, Week 1 involved a photo contest. Students were asked to post a creative/fun picture of themselves recycling a water bottle for a chance to win a reusable water bottle.

RecycleMania is a fun and easy way to help improve the environmental friendliness of our campus. So go out there, show your Lehigh pride, and go green!


Do not forget to join the “Lehigh University RecycleMania” Facebook page to stay updated on weekly events!





Ollie Auerbach





Name: Ollie Auerbach


Hometown: Mystic, Connecticut


School/major: College of Business and Economics; Finance Major


Dream job: To be the owner of a professional sports team


Relationship status: Single


What do you look for in a girl?: A great personality


Celebrity crush: Jennifer Aniston


Favorite food: Teriyaki Chicken


Favorite place on campus: The hill


Hobbies: Playing and watching sports


Weird fact: I despite New York sports!


Dogs or cats?: Dogs


Perfect date: Going to a baseball game


Favorite pick up line: Do you want some fries with that shake?

Starting Second Semester Off On The Right Foot



Welcome back, Lehigh ladies! I’m sure we can all agree that first semester definitely flew by. After a nice long winter break filled with catching up on some much-needed sleep and relaxing, the last thing on your mind, I’m sure, is schoolwork. But, I am going to share some helpful tips to make sure that you can easily get back into the swing of things. Get textbooks for cheap.

Most college courses require that all students buy certain textbooks and other supplies. Since every student is enrolled in multiple courses, the costs of each can definitely add up. Instead of buying your books from the campus bookstore for high prices, there are other more budget-friendly options for you to consider. First, ask around to see if anyone has an old textbook that they would be willing to sell you for a discounted price. You can check different Facebook groups to see if anyone has posted offers. Second, go to I can almost guarantee that you will find the textbook you are looking for here, and for very reduced prices. Keep in mind that saving some money now can help you out in the long run!  

Brian Bieman





Name: Brian Bieman


Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland


Year: Freshman


School/major: P.C. Rossin College of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering


Dream job: To work in the NFL


Relationship status: Single


What do you look for in a girl?: I love a girl with a good smile, straight teeth, and pretty eyes. It’s a plus if she can take a joke and be able to hold a conversation.


Celebrity crush: Alex Morgan


Favorite food: Crabs, Buffalo wings, and snickers


Hobbies: Sleeping, watching football, movies, playing sports


Favorite place on campus: Taylor gym, my bed, and Upper UC


Fun facts: My favorite colors are orange and baby blue, and my dog’s name is waffles