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  • Gift Guide: For the Boyfriend

    While boys may claim to be easygoing and laid back, they are impossible to find gifts for. Here is a gift guide that will help you complete...

  • christmas-9.jpg

    Alternative Christmas Songs

    I know we’ve all heard and loved the classics, but there is only so much “All I want for Christmas is You” that a girl can take. Here are...

  • feminism-9.jpg

    The War on Men?

    In a recent opinion piece posted on the Fox News website, Suzanne Venker argues that women have declared a “war on men.” She begins by...

  • The Smart Girls Guide To Voting

    /*--> */ Make sure you are registered! There is nothing more frustrating than realizing you have missed the deadline to register to vote,...

  • Protect Our Breasts

    PROTECT OUR BREASTS INTERVIEW WITH KRISTIN PETERS Tell me about the organization Protect Our Breasts Protect Our Breasts was started by...

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