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Ellen Rodowsky and Courtney Beard

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Get the Most out of your Foreign Summer Adventures


Summer is the best time for travel, and we know that many of you have exciting plans for the next few months that probably include visiting some exotic (or maybe not so exotic) foreign countries. Whether your trip is for pleasure, service, or anything in between, here’s how to maximize your summer abroad!
1.    Try new foods.While you may be tempted to stick to the foods you know, oftentimes the best dishes abroad are the ones you may not even be able to pronounce! If you’re nervous about ordering something you won’t like, order a couple dishes to share with a few friends, that way you’ll get a little taste of everything. Tip: ask the locals for the best places to eat or what some of their favorite dishes are, and try to avoid eating in hotel restaurants. Plus, that foreign cutie at the table next to you will definitely notice you trying out his culture’s cuisine!
2.    Interact with the locals.Plain and simple, no guidebooks can give you the low-down on what it’s actually like in the place you’re visiting, so find some friendly locals and start up a conversation – you might be surprised at what you learn! From tips on best places to eat, hidden gems to visit, or how to travel to a nearby city, no one can help you like a native can.