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Elizabeth Rauner

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Daniel Marks '14


Some are born Campus Cutie, some achieve Campus Cutie, and some have Campus Cutie thrust upon them. For Daniel Marks, this title has been his since birth. 

Major/Minor: Politics, Philosophy

Hometown: New York City

Relationship Status: I have a great girlfriend!

I know you’re very involved around campus, what have you been up to this past year?

On campus, I am the current Ziv Senator and Politics UDR, but for fun I'm a skipper on the sailing team and I play club soccer. This year I joined the senate because I wanted to improve the quality life on campus, and last week I helped organize a big Ziv-Ridgewood BBQ with the DCL. I am also a writing tutor and undergraduate buddy in the Gateway/ELP program, so I have the unique opportunity to meet and work a very diverse range of students.

Sounds great! What future plans do you have as far as campus involvement?

Next year, I will be fortunate enough to serve as a Roosevelt Fellow as well as a Senior Interviewer at Admissions, and I'm already excited!

So you’ve put a lot of work into leadership roles, how do you hope this will help in the future?

After I graduate, I want to work in New York City government. I have worked for the NYC Mayor's Office for two summers, and this summer I have my dream internship with a Senator.

Awesome! Now let’s have some fun. What are your sartorial inspirations?

My grandpa is the snazziest dresser I know, so he's tried to teach me his ways.

What is your favorite part about living in NYC?

My favorite part of living in NYC is going to the great lawn on a weekend afternoon in the summer. You run into a million people you know and someone's alway got a football.

Any hidden talents?

Shayna Rubenstein '16


Hometown: Lexington, MA
Major/Minor: Double Major in Biology and Sociology, going to try to minor in Hispanic Studies

What clubs are you a part of on campus?

I am involved in Hillel by being on the First Year Council this year and chairing Hillel at Brandeis and Mitzvah Corp's event "Share Your Hair." I tap with Hooked on Tap, dance with the Adagio Dance Company and I have been the costume designer for two shows at Brandeis (Bat Boy as the assistant costume designer and Seussical as one of the two co-costume designers)!

How did you get so involved with these activities?

Well, I have been dancing since I was about three, so being part of the dancing clubs was sort of a no-brainer as it is something I really enjoy. For theatre, I was the costume designer of all my high school shows and I really found the process of creating a vision and seeing it through to be rewarding, even if we don't get that much credit. For Hillel, well, firstly I am Jewish (couldn't tell by the name, could you?) and I feel a strong connection to the Jewish community here at Brandeis. I got involved in Hillel because I wanted to help others foster the same connections that I have found here on campus.

Do you recall any big moments from being involved with these clubs or highlights from the year?

Tech weeks are always the highlight of all the clubs I'm apart of. "Tech week" is the week, or even few days, before a show (theatre or dance) where you have rehearsals for hours and and hours. Even though you get VERY little sleep, the work you put in during these days always pays off in the end.

Spring is finally here! What are you most excited about?

50 Reasons to Love Spring


This list is in no particular order. Enjoy. 

Anna Bessendorf '15



Elizabeth's Workout Mix


Spring is sneaking up on us and I know what you're thinking: oh crap, shorts. Time to haul our asses the gym. But working out can be super fun when you have a great playlist to go along with the activity. So here is an hour of fun pump up songs to enjoy as you make up for hibernating in the library these past few months. 

Playlist found on spotify. 

(Also my scanner is being uncooperative, please ignore the bad quality photo.) 

HC Brandeis's Favorite Fashion Blogs


We'll admit it: we spend way too much time on the internet. Here are the fashion blogs we've been loving lately:

Patrycja likes following @fashionclimaxx2, which is the instagram of the fashion site, Fashion Climaxx. She likes it because it shows large variety of styles, inspiring her to spice up her wardrobe with new trends! 

Elizabeth R. adores following Obsessee, an L.A. based fashion blog created by Madeline Sensibile. Maddie is a college student (likes us!) who's been blogging ferociously since her high school years. What Elizabeth loves about following Maddie's tumblr and main site is "seeing how she infuses a love for British Pop Rock, Punk Rock, or current music inspiration, into her killer taste in fashion and personal style." Sounds awesome! We'll have to bookmark it.

(Madeline of Obsessee taking a new spin on the sweet, but edgy rocker look.)

Leah loves because it allows you to follow many bloggers with different perspectives. The site is user-friendly, making it that much easier to immerse yourself in this online fashion community.

Paris Fashion Week Roundup


Alright so I'm about to try and recap Paris Fashion Week in one blog post. It's probably impossible, but I will do my best. First, I must mention that I am not a fashion blogger. I literally don't know anything about what I'm saying, but PFW is awesome. As a New Yorker, I do hold a special place in my heart for NYFW because there's a lot of black and fur and leather which are all things I adore. However, PFW is still my favorite and this year has been amaze.

Artist Spotlight: Lenny Schnier '13


This week's style blog is featuring student artwork by Lenny Schnier. 

Lenny Schnier

Bronte Velez '16


Hometown: Atlanta, GA.

Major/minor: Hoping to do an interdisciplinary study with Applied Theatre and Peace and Conflict Studies with a double minor in Afro-American Studies and Social Justice and Social Policy.

You're known to be quite the dancer, how did you get into dancing as a child? Or if it was later in life, what was the inspiration?

I actually would just see the dancers at my church dance and I expressed an interest in it to my parents. I was only three years old. From there, I danced just in my church until about 11 when I began to receive formal training at a performing arts middle school. At 13, I attended a performing arts high school and started training with a pre-professional dance school outside of school where I attribute most of my love for dancing and my understanding of it.

That's incredible! Dancing seems to be a huge part of your life, do you dance on campus? 

I do! I’m with the Dance Ensemble in conjunction with Adagio Dance Company and this semester I joined the hip-hop dance group on campus, Kaos Kids.

How has being involved with these clubs enhanced your Brandeis experience? 

My senior year of high school I was sure I was going to school for dance but I was interested in the Posse scholarship that was associated with a couple of schools in which none had a reputable dance major. When I got Posse in December of 2011, I got worried that I would never dance again but luckily I’ve had awesome outlets to not only dance but also create my own work with other dancers. I really am glad that I have not had to stop and that dance is still a large part of my life.

Are you involved in any other clubs on campus?

I’m also a part of the Vocal poetry team on campus and I am very into spoken word and poetry! 

Spring Exhibits at The Rose



This semester at The Rose Art Museum is a pretty big one. On display now at the Rose are three fabulously curated exhibitions that are unique to each other and past exhibitions that you might have seen. First and foremost, it is my duty as a member of SCRAM to be like "YO visit the Rose!" Now that that's out of the way let's talk about what's going on in our adorable little museum.

One small change you may notice is the floor. Yes, the floors are now glass. Thanks to Walead Beshty's installation, we can see up your skirt! *smirks* But really, Beshty collaborated with the Rose's director, Christopher Bedford, to create On the matter of abstraction (figs. A & B) and Walead Beshty: Untitled (Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University: Waltham, Massachusetts, February 12 - June 9, 2013), an exhibition comprised of abstract pieces from the Rose's collection and his own original work. I think it's quite a treat. I went in a bit of sensory overload when I first walked in at the opening a few weeks ago, but trust me it’s worth it (and the glass cracks as you walk on it).