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Dora Chi

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Listen Up, Freshman!


As a freshman last year, I learned that people love sharing wisdom about making the most of college. Now that I’m a sophomore, I cannot resist the urge to impart my take on living and learning at Brandeis.

I hereby present to you unsolicited advice and honest opinions from a 19 year-old collegiette (who, admittedly, still has quite a bit to learn).

Attend events. Keep your eye out for events that may pique your interest. Many events are also a sanctuary for free food, spirit gear, and miscellaneous. They are also a great way to learn something new, meet new people, or round up friends for some together time. You can make it awesome.

Don’t forget: There’s a pool. There’s a gym. Your tuition money goes into providing numerous valuable services that far too many students fail to make use of, from exercise equipment to extra study resources. In other words, find out what is being offered, and use it to your advantage!

Time flies. Sure, you’ll be here for four years, but those four years will likely whoosh by. Figure out your major requirements and graduation requirements in the beginning. Plan ahead so that you won’t be panicking, rushing to take summer classes, and still feeling lost when graduation rolls around.

11 Unforgettable Moments of My Freshman Year at Brandeis


In a week, my life as a college freshman will come to a bittersweet end.  Goodbye, expensive textbooks! Hello, hours with nothing to do! Goodbye, college chums. Hello, high school homies! From writing 10 page papers to baking Oreo-stuffed cupcakes, freshman year for me was filled with awesome, terrible, hilarious, and just plain weird moments.  Here are some of the most unforgettable:

1. Getting lost on campus

And then realizing a week later how small and navigable it actually is.

2. That time my professor was Batman


And the TAs? Robin, Catwoman, Mr. Penguin, and the Riddler.


3. The Midnight Buffet

Every year around finals time, Brandeis puts on a Midnight Buffet where students can run wild and eat to their heart’s content. Sorry, no pictures! What can I say, I was too busy fighting through crowds and shoving food into my mouth!

4. Crazy squirrels doing crazy things


In case you didn’t know, the squirrels at Brandeis are crazy with a capital C. They know how to peel candy wrappers and have been caught licking Gobstoppers, eating Butterfingers (pictured above), and even noshing on a chicken wing. Beware, these squirrels will eat anything!

HC Brandeis’s Favorite Fall Classes


You will find none of this here!

Maybe it was the wacko-brilliant professor, the inspiring lectures or perhaps the rousing, intellectual discussions. We all had that one class that we really, really enjoyed—and here’s why!

Jess’s favorite class is French 32 with Prof. Hollie Harder.  Jess calls Hollie a “fantastic professor” who “was really understanding of any problems” and says that the topics covered “were actually really interesting and sparked conversation.” To top things off, the workload was “really manageable.”

Lauren’s favorite fall class is Sociology of Body and Health taught by Prof. Sara Shostak, whom she describes as being “extremely knowledgeable, friendly and organized in her lectures.”  Lauren summarizes the workload as “one or two larger papers and a handful of response papers. One assignment requires you to make a change in either your physical appearance or behavior.” For that assignment, Lauren went vegan! Click here to read about her week as a vegan.

Pack your bags... It's time for Camp Bronstein


Last fall, there was Louis Louis Spirit Week – a week of food, dancing, games and merriment. Now that spring has arrived, Deisians can look forward to something that is perhaps even bigger and better: Bronstein Week! From April 8-14, Student Events will host a series of fabulous events, ranging from movie nights to a trip to Six Flags! “Free food, free beer, free fun” – what more could one ask for?

Read on for a preview of a few of Camp Bronstein’s biggest events! Also, don’t forget to check out the Camp Bronstein Facebook page for an updated schedule of activities.


Don’t miss this year’s Mr. Brandeis Pageant, in which over 20 charming Brandeisian gentlemen – including a few whom have been previously featured on HerCampus Brandeis! – will be competing for the ultimate title of Mr. Brandeis 2013. The 5 competition categories are: Formalwear, Questions, Talent, Group Choreographed Opening, and everyone’s favorite, Swimwear. Entertainment guaranteed.

Kasey Dean '14


Last Minute Birthday Ideas


Your friend’s birthday is right around the corner, and you’re not quite sure what to do. Maybe you’re tied up with work.  Maybe you’re low on cash. Maybe you just found out (via Facebook, of course).  Whatever it is, you want to do something to show that you care! No need to panic – check out these last minute birthday ideas!

Special Occasion Cakes:

Brandeis Dining Services conveniently offers ready-to-order cakes.  You can choose from various flavors, sizes, frostings, and top it off with a personalized message (e.g. Happy birthday, Betty Varghese!).  They even throw in the candles, plates, and napkins. Payment can be done by credit card, points/Dining dollars, and WhoCash, and the cake can be picked up at the C-store.  And hey, there are kosher options, too!

Get Crafty: 

Pull out the paper, string, glitter glue, and markers! Go wild and plaster their door, their windows, their room, their car, etc. with a dizzying array of birthday embellishments. This is your chance to have fun, be goofy, and be creative.

Tickets to a fun Event: 

Tickets to a movie showing, a small concert in Boston, etc. can make a fun and thoughtful gift. It’s always nice to have something to look forward to!

Moody/Main Street Odyssey:

7 Easy and Simple Ways to Green Your Dorm Room


1) Take full advantage of that free water bottle, blue recycling bag, and LED lightbulb you got during orientation week.

2) Get your own set of reusable utensils and bowls and mugs. Whether you’re eating yogurt, drinking soup, or dining on ramen, utensils are a necessity! I brought a travel utensil set, mugs, and bowls. I find that I am constantly using them and lending them out.

My prized possessions: A spoon, mug, and bowl…all in one! I give my thanks to the German Club, who was handing out this ingenious invention during a Think Transatlantic event.

3) Put up your shades and get some vitamin D! And switch off that light bulb because you won’t be needing it. You’ll be surprised by the amount of the sunlight that comes in from your window during the day.

Have fun decorating your windows; then put up your shades to show them off!

4) The Move-In Market takes place at the beginning of every year.  Brandeis collects used items to resell for incredibly cheap prices. If you go early enough, you can snag crazy deals on pre-loved mini fans, dorm fridges, microwaves, utensils, and so much more.  $2 for a coffee maker?  That’s what I’m talking about! This year, I managed to get clothes hangers, a large Pyrex bowl that I use every day, and a cute bracelet – all for a grand total of $1. The Move-In Market is a fabulous resource that all students should take advantage of.

Ice Skating Fun


Why not celebrate subzero temperatures by going ice skating? Ice skating is fun, inexpensive, and motivates you to stay active even when the weather outside makes you want to curl up under a blanket, never to step foot outside again. Take advantage of the winter season when ice rinks across the city are open to plan a fun-filled skating trip; check out these local offerings!

Brandeis Ice Skating Club

The Skating Club is a great way to meet other skaters on campus. Skating Club plans skating trips to the Daly Ice Rink in Newton, Mass. and offers free transportation and skate rentals, as well! Joining is so easy—just sign up to their listserv here:!


Veterans Memorial Rink 295 Totten Pond Road, Waltham

How to get there: Drive 10 minutes by car.

Cost: $4

Boston Frog Pond 84 Beacon Street, Boston

How to get there: Take the Crystal Shuttle to Mass. Avenue/Beacon Street, and then walk.

Cost: $5 or $2 on College Night with ID


The Charles Hotel 1 Bennett Street, Harvard Square, Cambridge

How to get there: Take the Crystal Shuttle to Harvard Square, and then walk.

Cost: $5

Winter Hats


Did you know that 10% of your body heat escapes from your head?  With that in mind, hats are a great way to fend against the frigid New England winters, while still allowing you to express personality. From classic styles like tassels and jiggly pompoms to adorable animals, hipster beanies and even edgy “snoods,” Brandeisians all over campus have been rocking quite the eclectic array of hats. 


The wonderful hats above belong to: Joy Wang, Judy Nam, Betty Varghese, Oliver Ling, Mara Migdalski, Jez Huang, Anna Yeh, and myself. 

Winter Involvement Fair



Welcome back, Deisians and welcome ’16 mid-years! Winter Week 2013 is upon us, which means you can look forward to a fun-filled week of winter-themed events around campus. Don’t miss the Winter Involvement Fair going on this Sunday, January 20 th at the SCC. This is your chance to learn about over 100 active student clubs and organizations. Participating in clubs is a fabulous way to meet people with common interests, polish your leadership skills, and, of course, have fun. From groups like the Adagio Dance Company to the Academic Debate and Speech Society (otherwise known as BADASS) to the Cupcake Obsession Club, you are sure to find something that piques your interest. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to try out something interesting, something old, something completely new!   Love to write? Enjoy HerCampus? Don’t forget to stop by the HerCampus table to say hi and learn about how YOU can be a part of the HerCampus team!   Click HERE to access a complete list of participating clubs and organizations. For a full list of Winter Week 2013 events, click HERE.