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  • The Books Keep Piling Up

    Spring Semester is in full bloom (no pun intended), and that only means one thing-buying new textbooks. Whether you use the Elon University...

  • Remembering Fall

    Even though it's finals time, look back on our beautiful fall semester and remember when the leaves changed color and it was a great autmn.

  • The Leaves are FALLing

    When the leaves fall, and the weather becomes more brisk, you know it's autmn. And what a beautiful photo to show what fall at Elon is like.

  • Spring Will Come Again

    While we may be depressed and want the flowers to bloom and the leaves to stop falling, remember that spring will come again, and fall is...

  • DU and Spectrum BBQ

    Delta Upsilon and Spectrum hosted a Barbeque earlier in the semester-can't wait until we can do that again!

  • Hydration At Its Finest

    Why hurt the environment AND waste money on plastic water bottles when you can sport one of these school spirited water bottles from the...

  • Welcome Back from Fall Break!

    Welcoming all collegiettes™ back from a wonderful fall break! Whether it was spent at home or on a small vacation, we all know you're happy...

  • Don't Stress About Midterms!

    Just because it's midterms week doesn't mean you need to get super stressed! Remember to relax and SLEEP-it will actually help your brain...

  • Elon Bookstore is Prep-tastic!

    Just in time for tailgating and football, the Elon bookstore has many frat/prep-tastic articles of clothing to show both your southern and...

  • Get Your Gear at the Bookstore!

    Need to show some school spirit for the games this season? Pick up some one of these hats (and so much more) and the BRAND NEW Elon...

  • New and Improved Colonnades!

    The new and improved Colonnades area! For those of us who remember the year-long construction in 2010-2011, the end result is beautiful!

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