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Christina Favuzzi

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HCCP Weekly News Update


Congratulations on making it through Week 7 collegiettes. We understand if you slacked on reading the paper and watching the news. Have no fear, HCCP is here with the headlines from this week and your weekend weather update. 


University Police are investigating after finding a gun in tower four of Sierra Madre on Tuesday. 

UPD responded to an anonymous tip that a student was in possession of a rifle. They confiscated an unloaded 22-caliber rifle and several rounds of ammunition.

Police say the student owned the gun legally and they do not think he planned to use it.

Sierra Madre residents called the ordeal a misunderstanding. 

“When I heard about it I was pretty shocked because I know him really well,” Forrest Baker, a Sierra Madre tower four resident said. “He’s a totally normal guy, he’s super nice.”

It is illegal to have a gun on campus. The district attorney’s office is reviewing the case and will decide if any charges will be brought against the student.


Cal Poly top students and California’s top crop are teaming up in a new partnership.

The partnership between Cal Poly and the California Strawberry Commission was announced in Sacramento on Tuesday. The celebration took place on Dexter Lawn on Wednesday, where students were treated to strawberry smoothies.

The project provides students from all majors with opportunities to apply their knowledge and will bring new growth to the University.

“What this partnership means is that it will establish the Center for Sustainability and Research Education for strawberries here at Cal Poly,” Amy Hewes, spokeswoman for the College of Engineering, said.


Vagina Monologues


The Gender Equity Center presents the tenth annual production of the Vagina Monologues this weekend. 

The Vagina Monologues is a play written by Eve Ensler about the female experience, particularly regarding sexuality. 

Ticket proceeds go to Cal Poly Safer, the Sexual Assualt Recovery and Prevention Center, the Women's Shelter Program of SLO, the North County Women's Shelter, and the V-day movement. 

Tickets are $15 for students and $18 for everyone else. Get your tickets now at the PAC website because they will sell out! 

The Quarters vs. Semesters Debate



We've all heard the rumors about Cal Poly's infamous quarter system possibly fading away and transitioning to semesters. 

President Jeffrey Armstrong favors semesters but the Semester Review Task Force, a committee of 24 student representatives, voted in favor of the existing quarter system. 

The final decision on the potential switch will come from CSU Chancellor Timothy White. But current Cal Poly students need not worry about dealing with the switch. If we change to semesters, it will happen seven to eleven years in the future. 

Before the chancellor makes his decision, ASI is giving students a voice with a Student Advisory Vote. To cast your vote, log into your Cal Poly portal and click on the advisory vote logo. Students have until 7 a.m. tomorrow to vote. 

ASI says they will be releasing the results of the vote tomorrow. 

With the results from the advisory vote, the ASI Board of Directors will make a final recommendation to President Armstrong. 

The Academic Senate, which represents faculty from all colleges, will also provide a recommendation on the switch. Like the students, the Academic Senate is expected to endorse quarters. 

Regardless of the recommendations from the Academic Senate, the Task Force and the student advisory vote, the Chancellor may still ultimately decide to switch to semesters. 

Have you voted yet? Comment below with your thoughts on quarters versus semesters. What do collegiettes want? 


HCCP Makes News!


Pick up a copy of the Mustang Daily and check out the article about Her Campus Cal Poly! Special thanks to Sara Natividad for telling our story!    

Expressing sexuality on the catwalk


By Jennifer Alas
Amidst all the studying as we approach dead week, a very special show came to Cal Poly, complete with lion tamers and mimes. No, we're not talking about the circus, but rather our very own Carnival Transgender Fashion Show. The show happened Friday, November 16, 2012.

Carnival Transgender Fashion Show


Amidst all the studying as we approach dead week, a very special show is coming to Cal Poly, complete with lion tamers and mimes. No, we're not talking about the circus, but rather our very own Carnival Transgender Fashion Show. The show will be tomorrow, Friday, November 16, 2012.

The Pride Center and Gender Equity Center are hosting this unique fashion show as a part of Transgender Awareness Week.

“Our message is that we want you to express yourself in a way that’s true to yourself. We know that everyone is different and we want to celebrate that and allow people to be comfortable in the Cal Poly community,” said Hayley Bauarschi. “It’s a way to represent the LBGTQ population and show we support them.”

Over 20 students will strut down the catwalk, all with unique costumes and talents. Ballerinas, acrobats, clowns, magicians, and even a cheetah tamer will participate. These students recognize different sexual orientations and gender identities, as they come together to perform and show support for the transgender community.

“I wanted to do the show because I’ve never done drag before and thought it would be fun, and I really want to support the trans community,” said sophomore mechanical engineer, Logan Cooper. “I’m most excited for the announcers, and for being the sexiest girl in my apartment.”

Recreation, Parks, Tourism, and Administration students, Sarah Torres, Sutton Morey, Hayler Bauarschi, Emily Serepiano and Alicia Cocks organized the show in support of Transgender Awareness Week.

The Transgender Fashion Show is the culmination of the Transgender Awareness Week events. The Pride Center held events throughout the past week which included a Transgender 101 workshop, a discussion with Dr. Elizabeth Meyer , a transgender information booth, and Queer People of Color Pageant.

Her Campus College Fashion Week Santa Barbara


We loved Her Campus College Fashion Week in Santa Barbara! 

Katie Morrow - ASI President


She’s a fourth year social sciences major with a criminal justice concentration and a Spanish minor; she’s an Orange County native; she was a WOW leader and on Open House Committee; she enjoys singing along to Christmas music with her roommates in October, and she can be found rooting for the green and gold at almost every Cal Poly game. So who is this Cal Poly collegiette? She’s your ASI President, Katie Morrow.

Katie first became involved in student government at the end of her freshman year, when her curiosity about ASI pushed her to apply for a position in the Executive Cabinet of ASI. She wasn’t involved in ASB or any sort of student leadership in high school, so her position as Secretary of Legislative Affairs was new territory for Katie.

“I had no idea what I was getting myself into, “ Katie said, “ Looking back, I don’t know if I even would have been able to explain my job until I was a couple months into it.”

Katie enjoyed her work with ASI Student Government, but she said she had no intentions in running for ASI President.

 “I probably know the past 10 ASI Presidents or so, and about half of those students knew during their freshman year that they’d one day run for ASI President,” she said.

But Katie had no intentions to run for the position until midway through her junior year.

“As I got more involved and saw all the different opportunities and learned more about the school and the students, I knew I’d regret it the rest of my life if I didn’t run for ASI President.”

Katie’s top priority as ASI President is promoting The Mustang Way. It is a standard and a series of principles that ASI has set for all Cal Poly students.

Cal Poly Craze


A carnival-like event on campus will include giant inflatables, a zorbing ball and kayak races in the pool

ASI will host the first Cal Poly Craze from 8 p.m. to 2a.m. on Friday night.

There will be free pizza from Woodstocks and Ciao…as well as hot dogs…ice cream…cotton candy… and popcorn.

If you’re a Cal Poly student…remember to bring your Polycard to get in free.

Non-Cal Poly students must attend Craze with a Cal Poly student and pay 5 dollars.

Cal Poly Parents and Family Weekend


Cal Poly Parents and Family Weekend starts this Friday and continues through Sunday. Parents can attend a variety of events to become better acquainted with the Cal Poly and SLO community. Visit The Cal Poly Parent Program website for more information.