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Channing Holman

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UT's Fashion Kings and Queens ‘Transcend’ the Runway


For Carrie Bradshaw and her circle of “Sex and the City” fashionista gals, New York Fashion Week is the preview of next season’s hottest trends showcased by top fashion gurus. But for Longhorn fashion kings and queens, the University Fashion Group in conjunction with the Textile and Apparel department's annual fashion show is not just any show; it is the show of the year. Who needs Alexander Wang and Victoria Beckham when up-and-coming trendsetters are strutting across the Forty Acres? (But if Mr. Wang and Mrs. Beckham wanted to offer their fashion advice, we would totally take it!)

  The show has been a UT treasure for half a century and within the last decade, increased attendance from 500 to 5,000 with all eyes glued to the runway. Last year, Brad Groeski from, “It’s a Brad, Brad World,” and Ross Bennett, former “Fashion Star” judge both made appearances and thoroughly enjoyed the show.   This year, 23 senior designers stepped to the sewing machine and transcended the runway with 120 pieces of original designs at “Transcend,” April 18 th at the Frank Erwin Center. The garments tirelessly sketched and stitched over and over in the labs of Gearing Hall came to life as a direct reflection of the designers' fashion-driven psyche.

“I thought it was interesting and different. I didn't expect the clothes to be so fashionable but I was really impressed,” said Icelee Russell, UT advertising and radio-television-film major. “I've never been to a fashion show but I feel like this was up to par with the high profile fashion shows I've seen on TV.”

Five Artists to Follow Up on After SXSW


South by Southwest infiltrated Austin in large numbers this year bringing in both up-and-coming and popular artists from around the globe March 11-17. Now that Austinites have returned to their semi-normal, but obviously weird-by-nature lives, traffic has remained a nightmare and parking still ensues heartache, but at least we now have new music to listen to thanks to the eclectic mix of sounds that contaminated our souls.

Isaac Murphy, 2013


Valentine’s Day is over, but if you’re perfecting your spring break body on the track, you may run into this charismatic gentleman working toward a gold Olympic medal. And in case you want to save yourself the embarrassment of reliving middle school track, you can find this cutie enjoying poetry slams on Tuesday nights. All collegiettes want a suave and intelligent guy – Isaac Murphy is all of the above. Did I mention he’s dashingly good looking with a Colgate smile? Well, that too.

The State of College Dating



Like many other stunning college women, I’m a busy single girl on my way out of college and guys are one of the last things on my mind. After a sweet relationship turned sour, I’ve more than likely run away from my fair share of serious relationships. But after overhearing about my supervisor gladly deactivating her OkCupid account, and my former classmate gushing about a new dating app, Tinder, during happy hour, I realize I’ve indeed missed out on the dating scene. Is this how the beauties of our generation find dates these days – via dating websites and apps?

The New (Dating) Frontier

It’s obvious that the dating scene has changed over the years. Our generation no longer has to depend on a friend of a friend introducing us to their dashingly charming and suave relative. We have the Internet, which gives us ample opportunity to stalk our soon-to-be boy of the moment, and technology is way too advanced for guys to even keep up with. 

 Regardless, dating is one of the best ways to get to know another person, not cyberstalking. Dating isn’t an extinct behavior, instead it’s one that has evolved, which allows people to meet far differently than before.

“Most of the time people meet on social networks,” said Paul Eastwick, University of Texas psychology professor. “People often meet their partners and [relationships] progress over time.”

A few decades ago, dating was a form of courting, a prelude to marriage. Now, dating has taken the form of group field trips or as Eastwick refers to it, “informally hanging out.”

“Dating in the millennium, there is speculation that men and women hang out in mixed sex groups,” said Eastwick.  

Christian Smith, 2015


Name: Christian L. Smith

Year: Class of 2015

Gone, but Not Forgotten – Darrell K. Royal Dies at 88


Cheering the Longhorns to victory in DKR stadium was a bit more somber with the death of Darrell K. Royal, former University of Texas football coach. UT football players will ran the “wishbone” formation during the first offensive play and donned “DKR” decals on their helmets to honor the deceased coach. The 2012 Iowa State showdown was the first game without Royal. 

The (Football) Season for Fashion


As a Texan, it’s a requirement to be prideful, but as a Longhorn, it’s an absolute must to be confident and fashionable. In case you haven’t caught on, tailgates and sporting events are meant to show school pride. That being said, it’s time to ditch the homemade t-shirts with half the football team's numbers on the back, for fashion-forward items made especially for Texas Longhorns.

“Texans revel in football, winning and competition. Texas women want to excel in all that they do and they want to look good while they do it!” said University Co-Op Women’s Buyer, Jo Nell Pierpont.

To launch the fall Longhorn wardrobe collection, the University Co-Op hosted their first fashion show on Oct. 4 featuring looks for everyone: students, parents, kids, and even your furry friends. The fashion show gave away UT gift bags filled with girly essentials: Burt’s Bees Chap Stick, Bare Escentuals foundation, a calendar, and an
over-sized bag. All guests also received 15 percent off all merchandise. Throughout the show, the Co-op gave away coupons and gift certificates.

“During tailgating events, girls have really cute clothes. I think it’s really cool for the Co-Op to have cute clothes right on The Drag!” said Sasha Sivolob, senior accounting major.

Because the Co-Op is so close to campus, it is essential for it to have all the things that students need for all occasions. Jo Nell Pierpont recently began working for the Co-Op with hopes of revamping Longhorn attire.

“When I came to Co-Op last spring, I envisioned a more feminine and fashion forward profile for our Women’s departments that would include offerings for both co-eds and Texas Exes. This year, we have more targeted product and we’re representing more fashion trends than we have in the past,” Pierpont said.

Informed Collegiettes: 2012 Presidential Election


Democrat or Republican? President Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? Blue or Red? Who will you choose in the 2012 upcoming presidential election? Not sure? Read on because the 2012 presidential directly impacts education and college students (the Federal Pell Grant, loans, unemployment, etc.). In 2008, many college students couldn't vote because they missed the age requirement of 18-years-old, but this year, a new era of eager students anticipate placing their vote and it is critical students know who they are voting for.

The Republican National Convention took place first with Mitt Romney directly attacking President Obama’s plans to improve the economy and providing thoughts onx his plans of action.  
In an attempt to encourage students financially struggling through school, Romney stated, “We’ve always encouraged young people — take a shot, go for it. Take a risk. Get the education. Borrow money, if you have to, from your parents. Start a business," Romney said to the Washington Post. According to the Republican platform, Romney plans to improve community colleges to compete with four-year universities and ultimately reduce the increasing number of students graduating into a pool of debt. 
Under the platform, Republicans believe, “The federal government should not be in the business of originating student loans; however, it should serve as an insurance guarantor for the private sector as they offer loans to students,” as stated in the Republican platform. The Republican Party is in favor of providing equality amongst men and women.

Fall Wardrobe Must Haves


I was once told, “There has and never will be someone like you,” so why would I dress like anyone? Be an individual. Stand out. And don’t be afraid to be bold. At Austin Fashion Week, I saw how retro looks of the past are turned into contemporary fashion statements from top designers all over the country; perfect for you to make your own statement, fresh from the runway. Take a look at our top five fall must-haves and add a little swag to your fall wardrobe!

1. Mix-and-Match: Matchy-matchy styles are long gone, so give in to this fall trend and mix bold colors for a confident statement. Deep blues, leprechaun green, royal purple, and sunny yellow are all colors to pull into the fall season. Try BobbyK’s from Gainesville, Fla. blue and emerald green, color-blocked, hip-hugging dress, if you dare.

2. Cover Up: There’s no need to bare it all under the scorching hot sun when you have super cute bikinis, monokinis, and cover-ups courtesy of Lisa Kaminski to beat the summer heat. Kaminski’s line incorporates solids, paisley, stripes, floral, tribal, and animal print, which seems to be a trend that’s reluctant to pass. Before temperatures drop to seemingly Arctic degrees, take a dip in the pool in one of Kaminski’s bikinis, perhaps her safari monokini with a crisscrossed back,; sexy yet tasteful.

Obama’s Support for Same-Sex Couples


North Carolina recently banned gay marriage as a constitutional right shocking the entire country and creating an even greater divide between those for gay rights and those opposed. One day after this took place, President Obama announced his support for union among all, regardless of sexual orientation in an interview with ABC News; the first president publicly in favor of gay marriage.

"At a certain point, I've just concluded, that for me, personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married," Obama told ABC News.

States determine whether citizens are allowed to be married homosexually or heterosexually. While the federal government cannot force states to enforce same-sex marriage or ban same-sex marriage, opinions on Obama’s stance was indeed murmured throughout school hallways, work offices, and religious establishments.

Gay rights have been a major issue in America for quite some time. While many view Obama’s public announcement was a political stunt to gain the younger generation, many others applaud Obama for making such a statement.

Prior to Obama’s statement, Vice President Joe Biden and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney spoke out on their opposing gay rights beliefs. Biden strongly endorsed gay marriage while Romney disagreed and stood firmly against gay marriage in his statement, “ … but my view is that marriage itself is a relationship between a man and a woman and that's my own preference,” Romney said.