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Cara Sprunk

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Finding a Fall Jacket with Miss Me


It's coat weather!!! I'm so excited!

As soon as the leaves start to change colors, I find myself desperate for it to get cool enough where a coat can be used for both fashionable and practical reasons. I don’t love coats when I’m shivering or when I’m sweating in them as I walk around campus, but when it’s this perfect, cool late October weather, I can’t get enough of short, trendy outerwear.

I've wanted a jacket with black leather sleeves and green canvas for the longest time. Each one I found was missing something, that is until I tried on Miss Me’s new version of the jacket that had the addition I needed: a fluffy inside and fluffy hood! There is nothing more snuggly in the world of fall jackets than that soft fluffiness in your jacket. This is the kind of jacket you could happily fall asleep in—and seriously, what's better than something chic and comfy?

While this jacket is definitely a fashion statement, an outfit requires more than a coat—so I wanted to create a chic layered look that would look great with it. I paired the jacket with a plaid tunic from Miss Me (because really, what says fall more than plaid?) that had subtle studded accents and a scoop back. The top was long enough to peek out of jacket from behind, which I really loved. Plus, the maroon and gold colors on the tunic looked really great against the green canvas colored jacket.

I completed the look with a deep black pair of skinny jeans with a fun Fleur de Lis on the pockets. The jeans were thick, but so soft and comfy. I love black skinny jeans, and these are so dark that I have no fears of the color fading!

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Dressing for a Chic, Fall Night with Miss Me


It’s definitely getting chillier—but that doesn’t mean your fashion has to suffer. It’s not yet cold enough to completely hide your body with sweaters and leggings, so embrace the temperature and show a little skin!

I decided to try a new look (for me) with a Miss Me Faux Leather & Tweed Moto Jacket ($99) paired with Miss Me black floral shorts. I’d always wanted to work a pair of winter shorts, but had never really tried before.

While shorts and a black jacket can easily scream 'summer', this worked because of the thick, warm fabric on the shorts, which gave it more of a cold weather feel. In fact, if it had been cooler out, it would have been totally acceptable to wear a pair of black tights under the shorts. But, alas, I wanted to show a little leg while I still could.

The outfit, with black simple heels, made for a great going out outfit (which, as collegiettes, we can always use more of). The jacket was trendy, but also kept me warm (which made up for my admittedly cold legs—but that’s of my own doing!). The jacket also had these great gold accents throughout the tweed that jazzed it up and made it more fun. Because of that gold I actually felt like adding any necklaces would have been overkill—the jacket already had enough going on.

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How to Wear Fall Dresses with Miss Me


The beginning of fall means that wonderful time of in-between-weather fashion. For many seasons, this is kind of an annoying time clothing-wise (i.e. when transitioning from winter to spring, you always end up carrying your jacket around). But as we bid farewell to summer and hello to true fall weather, we get to show off our fall clothes without having to hide our last remnants of a summer tan. Excellent!

Enter in one of my favorite combos: boots and a dress. Naturally I was bored of many of my current dress options that work so well with a pair of worn-in boots, so I got two new ones from Miss Me.

The first one I got was the Onyx High-Low Dress ($69). While we usually think of black dresses for night, this dress was fun to dress down for daytime. I paired this dress with ankle booties and carried a cream colored sweater just in case it got cool. The dress looks simple in this photo, but has nice details on the top — a bit of a floral, lace black trim and buttons in the back. But because the embellishments don’t overpower the dress, I could add a chunky necklace to go with it! Plus a great black day-to-night dress like this is perfect for a day of both class and internships, as it transitions well, so it was a win all-around!

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