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Cara Sprunk

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How to Wear Fall Dresses with Miss Me


The beginning of fall means that wonderful time of in-between-weather fashion. For many seasons, this is kind of an annoying time clothing-wise (i.e. when transitioning from winter to spring, you always end up carrying your jacket around). But as we bid farewell to summer and hello to true fall weather, we get to show off our fall clothes without having to hide our last remnants of a summer tan. Excellent!

Enter in one of my favorite combos: boots and a dress. Naturally I was bored of many of my current dress options that work so well with a pair of worn-in boots, so I got two new ones from Miss Me.

The first one I got was the Onyx High-Low Dress ($69). While we usually think of black dresses for night, this dress was fun to dress down for daytime. I paired this dress with ankle booties and carried a cream colored sweater just in case it got cool. The dress looks simple in this photo, but has nice details on the top — a bit of a floral, lace black trim and buttons in the back. But because the embellishments don’t overpower the dress, I could add a chunky necklace to go with it! Plus a great black day-to-night dress like this is perfect for a day of both class and internships, as it transitions well, so it was a win all-around!

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What It’s Like to Be in a Sorority, As Told By Disney Characters


It’s the start of rush!!

Everything is going great, until you get cut by your top choice.

But you push on…

And no worries, in the end you got a bid!

Too bad the girl next to you is crying over hers. Oh well.

You find the best big sister in the world.

And you get to go to mixers with fraternities

And get to show off your sick dance moves in front of your sisters

But then you find out your so-called sister likes the same guy as you

And it goes a little sour that night at the party…

And you wake up feeling like an idiot.

To make matters worse, you get called in by standards about your behavior the night before.

But, it’s fine because next year you get to live in the sorority house – good thing you found a roommate!

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