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Camlyn Valdez

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The Intern Zone



Getting the Gig

Internships are a lot like a GPS: you need it in order to know where you want to go, and then you’ll know if you even like where you’ve gone. It’s either you know what you want or you’ll figure what it is that you absolutely hate. But how to land your dream internship, that could be a bit tough.

Here are a few ideas on how to land the job

The Technicalities: 

Do Your Research:

Always, always, always, do your research! Google the person interviewing you, the industry, the company, random facts about the company, anything that will show that you have invested time and did your homework!

Prepare Yourself:

Set your alarm clock and make sure it is on LOUD, don’t forget that it may be on SILENT.

Pick out your outfit the night before! Have it ironed and ready to go, from the hair, to the accessories, to the shoes, to the purse. This will cut down your worry time. Have your bag ready as well, you don’t want to spend an extra few minutes running around the house looking for your keys or your wallet.

Print EXTRA copies of your resume!

Look the Part:

HAIR: Nothing exaggerated, try a slick back pony, if your hair is long enough. Or leave it out. Try not to have your hair in your face so that you’re not pushing it off during your interview. Something inviting, something cute, something professional, something that says “Thank you, but I landed this job the minute I walked in.”

FACE: No bold lipstick! Save that for when you actually get the gig. Keep it to a natural color, baby pinks work, but not Nicki Minaj pink. No cat eyes, glitter, color eyeliner, extra –extra lashes. Basically, you want a clean simple natural face. Some peach, pink blush, natural lips, and natural looking eye makeup works in your favor!

The Breaking Down of the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack!



Some of my favorites are:

“Where I Come From” by Passion Pit: Classic Passion Pit sound which sounds like toys, bells, and many light/airy sounds. If you're a fan of Passion Pit you will not be disappointed by this cute song.

“Bittersweet” by Ellie Goulding: Ellie lends her fairy like unique voice to this amazing love song. This is a truly beautiful song with lyrics like "Your cheek is softly by the sun, makes my heart beat like a drum."

“The Forgotten” by Green Day: This is not the typical Green Day song we usually hear. This track is slower with softer lyrics. “The Forgotten” is definitely a reminder that Twilight has left a lasting memory with so many fans; this song reminds us of how fast this phenomenon went by.

“Fire In the Water” by Feist: This shorter song has a very Florence and the Machine vibe to it. As dark and slow as this song sounds it has a hidden underlying beauty in the lyrics, such as, "Love's the sweetest feeling, openly believing."

“Heart of Stone” by Iko: This song is definitely one of my favorites from the album. “Heart of Stone” is definitely a sad track but the singer shows such beauty just from her delicate voice. The lyrics are very simple but eloquently written.

“Cover Your Tracks” by A Boy and His Kite: Unknown bands are kind of a “Twilight Soundtrack” specialty. “Cover Your Tracks” has a Switchfoot feel to it. It has very pretty verses and a cold chill worthy chorus. The lyrics to this song could easily be my new life motto; it delivers such a great message.

“Ghosts” by James Vincent McMorrow: Sounds a little like the band The Temper Trap. Another slow guitar driven song but has a really lovely message.

Jasmine Reynoso '15




Hometown: New York City   Year: Sophomore

So I know that you are interested in starting a Hispanic dance club, tell me more about that.

Well, the first time we performed was for cultural and we had ten members at the time. Tanya asked Jennifer if she wanted to dance and she said yes and she basically just put us together. After that event I was interested in making it a permanent group and they (Jennifer, Oyuki, Denise and Stephanie) were as well. We decided to get together again for the Latino banquet and we performed for that. Now I am trying to spread the word around campus. We have been having weekly lesson to get people involved in the group and to just check it out.

Have you spoken to John Haley to see how to get things started?

Well I believe last semester Jennifer talked to Barb Karper but I’m not sure how that went. I spoke to Barb Karper recently and she spoke to John Haley about it and they are interested in making it something more. But we just have to make a constitution, find a moderator and have 15 people who are interested. It’s been difficult to find people that want to try out because they think they require some dance experience and we are trying to make it clear that they don’t. So right now we are taking it slow and providing dance lessons for them to get comfortable. And if they get comfortable hopefully we can make it something more.

Is this something that you want to be your legacy after you leave Le Moyne?

5 Ways To Have Spring Break Fun in Winter Weather



WRITTEN BY ShanaKay Salmon

    As usual spring break time is upon us except it’s in the beginning of March where it’s 20 degree weather and the skies have unloaded inches of snow upon us. The question I am sure we all ask ourselves is, how do I make my cold spring break worth my while? Well below are five ways to ensure that you will have an amazing spring break even in this dreadful weather!

1. Make sure to meet up with friends that you haven’t seen in awhile. By doing this you ensure that you have people around to make it fun and it gives you the chance to reconnect with people that you may have lost contact with. Having people around you guarantees a very interesting time.

2. Keep yourself busy. Yes it is cold outside but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good time. Plan activities that will keep you warm but also have the promise of a good time. Indoor activities could be bowling, roller skating, the movies, parties etc. Do not limit yourself. An event is only as fun as you make it.

3. If you are of age, go out to the bars with friends. A good drink, a tasty meal and compelling conversation go a long way.

4. Sometimes a night in does the trick. Invite your closest friends and have a night in armed with snacks, movies and fun games. There is nothing wrong with resorting to childhood antics to have a good time. Break out the twister and laugh your way through the most uncomfortable positions. I guarantee that you will have such a good time, you will forget all about your winter blues.

5. If all else fails and you just can't deal with the cold, book yourself a trip to Sunnyville and enjoy the sunny beaches and tropical drinks!

Remember your spring break is only a week. Make it worth your time!


Who Run The World? GIRLS.





Girl Power...EVERYWHERE!

Women are bringing it these days! There are so many strong women proving that girl power still exists in the media, in a positive way. Here are a couple of the hottest women on the scene right now!


Not only did she rock the Superbowl Halftime Show, but shut off the power in the stadium (just kidding…well…maybe). About a day after the Superbowl, Beyoncé announced her Mrs. Carter world tour starting in Serbia and ending in New York City. This will be her first tour since having her baby last year. On Saturday, February 16th at 9 p.m. her documentary will premiere on HBO. This will show everything from her miscarriage, pregnancy, concerts, and of course the one and only Jay-Z. But she’s not done yet. On the same night only an hour before her HBO special, Oprah has an interview with the Queen Bey herself on the OWN network at 8PM.  This woman is unstoppable! Not to mention it sounds like she will be releasing a new album sometime this year. The thing that is so amazing about Beyoncé is how graceful and mature she handles everything. She is respectful and always extremely grateful for all of her success.

Jennifer Lawrence.

Conquering Valentine’s Day with a big Ka-Pow!


  Written by Tiffany Howell.



Valentine's Day Leftovers.  For the coupled up or the single ladies, there's something to do all the time. Valentine's day was not just about love for your significant other on that specific day. Keep spreading the love to your friends and family in small ways. It's the thought that counts, and the small things that add up. 

To celebrate this love reeked day, it is simple, treat it like any other day, for one. It's not like anyone is watching you to see what you do on Valentine’s Day, there aren't any spies. Probably the only people that would ask are your friends. Half the time your friends will ask what you're going to do on Valentine’s Day because they  don't have anything to do either. That's the next thing. Don't sit a home alone watching lifetime movies and eating ice cream for the whole day because you will probably get mad at yourself later. Let your friends be your valentine, be proud. Make it a girls day, talk about guys, share secrets, get a sugar rush, watch movies with your favorite celebrities like Johnny Deep, Orlando Bloom, Idris Elba, Channing Tatum, Dwayne Johnson and many more.

Campus Celebrity: Elijah Rudisell


Written by Kadisha Kentish

Elijah Rudisell is a sophomore at Le Moyne College. He’s currently released a mixtape, Soulful Ignorance, skyrocketing at almost 7,000 views and 5 stars. Here’s what Elijah has to say about his journey.

When did you start rapping?

I started rapping and writing when I was eight but I didn’t take it seriously until last year.

Was this your first mix tape?

I would like to say this is my first but it’s not. I put one out last year, but it wasn’t what I wanted it to be so I kind of like try to disregard that one.

What’s your music inspiration?

A lot of things. I don’t know, I mean there are a lot of ways like you can express yourself but this is the way I prefer to do it.

Are you proud of your mix tape?

It’s done well for me. It’s almost at like 4,000 downloads right now and it’s only been 3 weeks without any promotions. I just threw it out there and it’s doing pretty well. I’ve gotten a lot of good reviews and people love it, nothing but good feedback from it so I’m definitely proud of it.

What’s your favorite song on your mix tape?

I don’t really have a favorite song, I can’t even lie, I like them all. I had to make sure every track I put on there was good so, when I look back on it I’m not like damn, I wish that I would have put this song on there or I wish I wouldn’t have put that song on there. Every song on the mix tape is a song I wanted to have and I think every song is good.

What was the hardest song to do?

Resume Workshop


Find out how to best present yourself on paper to get your next summer job or your first job after graduation. Sponsored by Career Advising and Development. For more information, call 445-4185.

LMC raises awareness WORLD'S AIDS DAY


Le Moyne students raise awareness on World's AIDS Day by passing out pamphlets and wristbands.

Le Moyne C.A.R.E.S


Le Moyne's C.A.R.E club passed these out during dinner last night! Check out the calendar by the cafe for a whole list of C.A.R.E week events!