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Brittany Taylor

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Endeavor Space Shuttle Visits UCLA


Endeavor spave shuttle making its way to the science center by UCLA!

Study Break Films


It is now time to get serious and start studying for finals. But we all know we still need time to relax to relieve some of the anxiety. If you are looking for an excuse to take a break from studying for your finals you should check out one of these movies.
The Marvel comic superhero, Thor, has been adapted to the big screen. Thor did a great job adapting the comic book to the screen. Although there are many elements that were taking out of the film (such as Thor being placed into a different body when sent to Earth), the movie was still entertaining. Chris Hemsworth takes on the role of Thor and plays the hunky egotistic warrior well. Natalie Portman is also a great addition to the film bringing her charm and humility to the role.
Overall the film was good but lacked a lot of plot when it came to explaining the romance between Thor (Hemsworth) and Jane (Portman). If you are looking for a packed with action and a warrior looking for redemption then Thor is the movie to see.
Reasons why you should see Thor:
-Natalie Portman is an amazing actress.
-If you have a crush on someone that is into comic books this is a good excuse to ask them out.
-Thor is a prequel to the upcoming film The Avengers. It will come in handy to know some of the plot when the movie is released.
-And of course Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor) is hot!
The Hangover Part II

Eric Jong '13


Name: Eric Jong
Year: Sophomore
Major: Mechanical Engineer
Hometown: Mountain View, CA
Relationship Status: Single

1.  What’s your favorite food?
2. What is your favorite TV show?
Right now, it's House.
3.  What is your guilty pleasure?
Girl Scout cookies
4.  What is the first thing you notice about a girl?
I first notice her smile.
5.  Who is the perfect girl for you?
The girl version of me.
6.  Can you describe her?
Someone down to earth, smart, confident, and just nice.
7.  What is your biggest turnoff?
Bad teeth.
8. What is your dream job?
To become an engineer.