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  • Journalism of Verification

    It was a normal Monday afternoon, sitting in my bedroom in West Campus, studying when I received a text from my friend in a group chat that read, “Hey is everyone okay?! There was a stabbing on speedway and someone has a gun!” RIght off the bat, that text message already has one untrue statement.

  • Meet Psych Sophomore: Ashley Bush

    If I could give any piece of advice to any incoming student it would be to get involved with at least one organization! Being at such a large school I realized very quickly how hard it can be to make friends.

  • 10 Shows Guaranteed to Help You Procrastinate

    Honestly I have had an entire year of this feeling and have finished more TV series than I would like to admit in the past 12 months. So I give you, my professional binge watching opinion of all my favorite shows to help aid your poor decision making. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

  • Pro Choice is NOT Pro Abortion

    No one likes abortion, no one is excited to choose abortion, but sometimes it can seem like the only option. Let’s change the conversation, quit scaring and threatening people and maybe we will see a change in culture.

  • 5 Best Austin Coffee Spots

    5 Best Austin Coffee Spots With midterms in full bloom and the PCL packed to the brim it may be time for you to branch out of the 40 acres...

  • A Dangerous Path

    A Dangerous Path Bailey Rae Bridler I am sure a large amount of us never thought we would see the day when a Twitter mogul would become the...

  • Meet Pawie

    Pawie is the ultimate girly girl who loves pink and ballet and of course her daily dose of coffee. Pawie also has a huge heart and hopes to someday specialize in helping children with down syndrome.

  • Club JPL

    IMG_2726.JPG Club turning up on a Tuesday? More like club JPL turning up everyday during finals week. Good luck booking a study room,...

  • 7+ Awesome Freebies Just For You

    As the semester is coming to a close, it’s important to take a step back and reflect on the past few months. Whether you had the best...

  • Sombrilla Fountain Tradition

    snapshot.JPG As finals approach, students can be spotted trying to save their grade by jumping into the Sobrilla fountain. Per tradition,...

  • Random Roommates and How to Deal

    blog.jpg Incoming college women have an image in their head of their first semester, including the perfect dorm or apartment bedroom. Many...

  • Daniel Smith-Salgado

    campuscutiedaniel.jpeg Name: Daniel Smith-Salgado Hometown: Austin, TX Relationship Status: dating Graduation Year: 2017 Major: geology Fun...