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The Best Way to Learn The Ins & Outs of College Apps, Campus Life & More


Majors. Dorms. Roommates. Campuses. Internships. College will probably be one of the most exciting times of your life, but when you're a high school senior, the prospect of choosing the college that is right for you (and getting in!) can be beyond nerve-wracking. How do college experiences vary between big state schools, Ivy Leagues, small liberal arts colleges and technical schools? How will college be different from high school? What tricks of the trade can help you make the most out of these next four years?

Fear not, pre-collegiettes! Her Campus has teamed up with McDonald's to answer all of your burning questions in a three-hour live “College Confessionals” webcast featuring undergraduates from 10 different campuses and moderated by Her Campus co-founder Annie Wang (that’s me)!

During our webcast, you’ll hear from real students who currently attend Boston University, Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, Northwestern, Princeton, UCSD, UConn, University of Florida, UMass Amherst and William & Mary. They’ll share their experiences and demystify what college is all about. We’ll cover topics including the application process, campus life, academics and how college compares to high school.

Best of all, YOU can submit your own questions to our collegiette panelists using Google Hangouts. Simply create a Google+ account and send your questions through the broadcast page, located at Here’s how:

3 Tips for Digital Spring-Cleaning That Will Make Your Life MUCH Easier


We all know the importance of spring-cleaning – it’s a time to de-clutter, start fresh and achieve a renewed sense of Zen in the middle of the year. We usually focus on physical objects and tasks, like donating the clothes we never got around to wearing in the last 12 months. But there’s a different kind of spring-cleaning that we should all incorporate into our routine: digital spring-cleaning!

Digital spring-cleaning is all about simplifying, managing and consolidating everything that makes up your digital life, whether that’s your bursting email inbox, your scattered class notes or the overwhelming number of devices you use. Digital spring-cleaning was a new concept to me before I attended Microsoft’s Champions Summit for lifestyle and technology bloggers in Seattle last month, but I left the event knowing that there were definite changes I would be making in my life. Read on for my top tips for digital spring-cleaning!

1. Ditch your SLR and invest in your smartphone

Taking a great photo takes technique and practice, and that starts with always having your tool of choice ready. At the summit, I met a couple photographers from We Are Juxt, a group of mobile photography enthusiasts from across the US who have quite literally ditched their SLRs and invested in their smartphones. Their blog exclusively features mobile photography, and the photos are stunning, since many of today’s smartphone cameras come incredibly close to matching the capabilities of traditional SLRs.

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Win a $50 Gift Card Toward an Artisan Floral Bouquet From!

This giveaway has ended.   Happy Spring, collegiettes!   We can think of no better way to usher in the new season than by giving or getting a beautiful bouquet of fresh local flowers! Meet, a start-up that partners with top local artisan florists in your city to deliver unique designer floral arrangements that will put your typical online florist's cookie cutter bouquets to shame.   Here at Her Campus, we're a little obsessed with decorating our office, so we were so excited to give a try! Here are some pictures I took of the bouquet that got delivered to our office. Simply gorgeous! These are from Bow Street Flowers, a local florist located in Boston (check out more of their beautiful work on their BloomNation storefront or Facebook).    

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9 Ways to Wrap the Perfect Gift


They say it’s better to give than to receive, and as someone who loves to wrap gifts, I definitely agree with that statement! Of all the things I love to do during the holiday season, wrapping gifts is definitely near the top of my list, and over the past few years I’ve developed a few techniques for making my gifts look that much more tempting sitting underneath the Christmas tree. Here are a couple of my tried-and-true gift-wrapping tips!

Tip #1: Try picks

What’s a pick? It’s a small decorative object or cluster of objects, like a few Christmas tree leaves or a group of baubles, that’s in the form of, well, a pick. These were originally made to stick in wreaths to add flair to them, but it turns out they also make the perfect toppers for Christmas gifts! What I’ll do is tie a giant bow first, and then tuck the pick right behind the center knot. Voila – instant wow factor!

Wrapping paper: Marshalls; ribbon, pick, washi tape and tag: Michaels

Tip #2: Try stacking multiple gifts together with coordinating paper

You can create really interesting present shapes by combining two or three separate smaller packages into one larger piece. Of course, only do this when the gifts are related and will be used together! Play around with how you incorporate ribbon – often, the added height and different shapes of your individual gifts help you elevate a standard ribbon into a sculptural element!

4 Tech Innovations for Your Best School Year Yet (& Office 365 Giveaway!)


Her Campus has been proud to partner with Microsoft as an Office Champion for three years and counting to bring you tools, tips and tech goodies that will keep you at the top of your class. To kick off this year’s partnership, Microsoft sent me to Seattle to visit the Microsoft Campus and learn about the latest Windows and Office product updates! Read on for my top tech takeaways for collegiettes and find out how you can enter to win a copy of Microsoft Office for yourself!

For the Perfect Study Guide: OneNote

Question: What’s efficient about having a separate document of notes for every lecture and every class? Answer: Nothing. Does that sound a lot like what you’re doing with your current note-taking? Stop. Now. Seriously.

Enter OneNote, a note-taking program that lets you organize notes into tabs and folders within a notebook so you can keep all your notes for a certain class together. You can also search across all your notes easily so you can quickly look up something you wrote down in class. No more combing through a million files!

When it comes time to put together a study guide, you can easily see everything you’ve got at a glance, whether that’s notes you’ve taken or even images or documents, which you can embed right into your OneNote notebook.