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Amanda Quain

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Apply Now for a Paid Microsoft Brand Rep Opportunity!



Microsoft is searching for hard working, entrepreneurial, well-connected and social media savvy students to be a part of an exciting and rewarding marketing program on campus this Spring. Your job will be to help increase awareness and usage of SkyDrive through events, online activities, and other efforts – all customized to your campus based on what YOU know about your peers.

SkyDrive stores your files in the cloud so you can access, share, and collaborate on them anywhere. If you love tech products, are excited to talk about them and are looking to gain both real-world experience and extra money, a part-time job as a SkyDrive Ambassador is the perfect fit!

Key responsibilities include:

·       Learn how to build a brand and market it in exciting ways

·       Partner with and learn directly from Microsoft’s marketing professionals

·       Develop a program with social media marketing, product demos, mini focus groups

·       Analyze and track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts

What you’ll get:

·       Resume-building experience to jumpstart your career with a powerful global brand

·       Great pay of a base salary and performance-based bonuses

·       Opportunities to strengthen your leadership skills

·       Exclusive access and knowledge of Microsoft SkyDrive

What you need to know:

·       Program runs on approximately 35 campuses - Each campus team will consist of 3 ambassadors

·       Program kicks off in March

·       This position will require approximately 6 hours per week for 6 weeks


Ben Elling: Just Nerdy Enough


If you checked out Little Shop of Horrors last fall, you’ve already met this week’s Campus Cutie, Ben Elling. A senior Chemistry major, Ben also loves performing (and he can heel-click like nobody’s business.) Sound like someone you want to know more about? Check out Ben’s profile!

Ben singing during a 'Little Shop of Horrors' rehearsal.

Major: Chemistry 
Hometown: Rochester, NY
Campus Activities: I played Seymour in Risley's production of Little Shop of Horrors this last semester, and I hope to do even more performing next semester. I also work in a chemistry lab ... and because my grad school apps have been making me think of nothing but chemistry, I'm going to try to keep the chemistry talk to a minimum from here on out.
Why he came to Cornell: I wanted a tough school that would make me work (too) hard, but that was also close to home and to my friends in Binghamton.

Class: Okay, you win. Polymer chemistry. 
Book: One Hundred Years of Solitude
Movie: Pan's Labyrinth
TV Show: House, Suits, The Closer, Psych, The Daily Show
Music Genre: Pretty eclectic - Pop, 80s Rock, New Age World Music ...

Cornell Resolutions: Welcome Back!


Hey, collegiettes! Welcome back to your spring semester at Cornell. I'm Amanda, your Campus Correspondent. Spring semester is a great time at Cornell- and because I was abroad last spring, I haven't experienced one in a while! On top of that, this is my senior spring. It's weird to imagine graduating. But it also means I have to seize Cornell by the horns and go out in style. (High School Musical style, perhaps?)

I have a few resolutions for this semester, things that I've either loved doing at Cornell and want to make sure I do again or things I haven't done yet. I hereby resolve to:

Eat at three new restaurants in the Commons. Have a 'romantic' picnic in the Plantations. Go to an acapella concert. Wear flip-flops to class in January! Walk all the way around Beebe Lake holding hands (do this with girlfriends so that the boyfriend doesn't get any ideas.) Eat in all the dining halls at least once. Have a potluck in my apartment. Go explore Ithaca's natural beauty (yes, even in winter.)

As the semester goes on, I'll keep you updated on how these resolutions turn out. Wish me luck!

What about you, collegiettes? Anything you need to accomplish before you leave Cornell?

HC Cornell Loves: Food Blogs!


Every week, HC Cornell will bring you a new list of some of our favorite websites and links in a certain category. This week’s category? Food blogs! There’s writing, there’s pictures, and there’s food. Where can you go wrong? Here are three of our favorites.

Have you discovered this site yet? It’s my absolute favourite source of both recipes and life advice. Joy writes like a friend and cooks like a professional. Definitely worth checking out!

Written by a mom who believes that dinner is the most important aspect of strong family ties, this site feels like reading a note from an aunt who sent me one of my grandmother’s recipes. It’s friendly, it’s fun, the recipes are doable (especially if you, like my roommates and I, have your own ‘family dinners’ occasionally, and the cookbook based off the site is amazing. Check it out!

Written by a fellow college student, Handle the Heat combines baking and savory recipes to offer a nice mix of simple, easy to use recipes. The author has a new book about ice cream sandwiches coming out soon (!), but check out the site for a wider variety.

Got a suggestion for next week’s category? Let us know in the comments!

Best Cornell Themed Halloween Costumes


Halloween is right around the corner- how are you going to celebrate the biggest day of the year? (Okay, it’s totally not, but it is the best excuse to wear a ridiculous costume.) Everyone has heard of the typical costumes. Sexy nurse, a mouse (Mean Girls shout out!), Mitt Romney. But for those of you who want to stay topical AND school-spirited, here are a few Cornell-themed costumes to make your Halloween a little more… unusual.

1. The Clocktower
Easy enough! The most important aspect of this costume is the clock face. Use face paint to recreate the clocktower across your visage, wear a cute dress and a pointed hat, and go around singing Disney songs all the time. (My favourite is hearing ‘Go the Distance’ right before a prelim to get myself pumped up.) To make it even more seasonal, stick a pumpkin on your head reminiscent of the famous 1998 incident.

2. Denice Cassaro
Okay, so nobody REALLY knows what our infamous email goddess looks like. But if you wear some basic office casuals, carry around a computer, and constantly tell people about fun board game nights going on in RPCC, you’ll be the hit of the party. Especially if you bring some of those board games with you! Nothing says fun more than a game of Twister. (Is that just me? Well, my fellow game lovers, hit me up.)

3. Dragons and Phoenixes
This is an opportunity to wear a costume that would be exciting anyway but can still be Cornell themed. Grab a friend and battle it out as the Architecture Dragon and the Engineering Phoenix. Bonus points if you actually parade around campus battling.

Carly '13 enjoys a casual scoot in Collegetown on a Kickboard Campus Scooter!


The climb up the hills of C-Town isn't always easy, but the ride down is definitely worth it! Find out more at:

Adrienne Jackson: Actress Extraordinaire


Watching Adrienne Jackson pace back and forth across the stage of the Schwartz Center, wringing her hands and worrying about the crowds outside, you wouldn’t expect to be watching a girl who loves Harry Potter, Stanley Kubrick, and who cries at the same predictable times every time she watches the Lord of the Rings. A favorite of the Schwartz Center (she stars as the lead in Emergence, a collaboration between the Physics department and the Theatre department that plays this weekend), Adrienne is an average Cornellian- just one that spends most of her time being someone else.

A junior from Memphis, Tennessee, Adrienne caught the theatre bug early, and then realized she wanted to be an actress her senior year of high school.

“I was in an opera in Memphis when I was in the 6th grade and remember just being in love with the rehearsal process. However, I became a nerd in the 7th grade and focused on academic work rather than pursuing theatre. Then, as I was teching my high school’s performance of White Christmas, it hit me that I wanted to be an actress. So, when I went to college, I auditioned for some little things and soon that developed into classes which became my major.”

And she hasn’t stopped working since! In addition to her roles at the Schwartz, Adrienne spent this past summer taking classes at the Stella Adler Studio in NYC, a renowned-acting studio. “I learned so much there and really had some amazing moments just in scene study,” says Adrienne of the experience, where she was able to study Chekov and Shakespeare in one of the world’s capitals of theatre. None of it would be possible, she explains, without the support of Cornell and the theatre department here (she describes getting accepted to Cornell as one of her proudest moments, second only to becoming a theatre major).

Cornell sunsets never disappoint!


Flash Question: Labor Day Edition


As hard working collegiettes, we understand the true meaning of Labor Day! Well, sort of. Most of us have never worked a full-time job, and if we did it was probably only during the summer. Labor, for many of us, is staying up all night finishing a paper that’s due the next day. But who am I to disregard the labor we do? As part of Her Campus Cornell’s new “Flash Question” of the week, here’s a glimpse of what some of your fellow Cornellians did over the long weekend.


What was the best thing you did over the long weekend?

“I got to go to the beach with my girlfriend, which was a lot of fun and a great break from the pressures of Cornell.” –Dustin, ‘13

“Kayaking with my family in the 1000 Islands. We have a house there and it’s great to get away.” – Carly, ‘13

“Honestly? I got to wear these awesome pink pants I brought back from my summer in Thailand. They look like something the genie from Aladdin would wear. I wore them to the movies and it made me really happy.” – Natalie, ‘14

“I went on a leadership ropes course with one of my clubs. Not sure how much I learned about leadership, but I learned a lot about my upper body strength (or lack thereof!)” –Sheila, ‘13

New Dylan Owen Music Video Featuring Cornell!


So clearly WE all know Cornell is beautiful, but it seems like a lot more of the world is about to realize it! The newest music video from indie rapper Dylan Owen, himself a Cornell student, heavily features our very own university. (And in fact, the video was in part created by Cornellians- Jeremy Dussoleit '09 and Tim Sommers '10.)

Dylan has made quite a name for himself, and I for one love that he’s bringing our lovely university into the spotlight with him. What do you think, collegiettes? Is this how you want our school to be seen?