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Allie Jones

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The 10 Couples You'll Meet in College


Think you’re prepared for college romance?  Until you can spot the most notorious campus couples, think again!  Read below for HC’s guide to the top ten duos you’ll get to know in your four years.

1. The Couple Who’s Already Booked the Campus Chapel

These “romantics” are engaged or soon-to-be.  They lovingly refer to the children they do not have, and they’ve already spent at least one year of major holidays together (including, but not limited to, the Fourth of July).  If they seem on a different track than most couples, it’s because they are.  Expect them to skip out on fraternity ragers for quiet weekends at (ugh) bed and breakfasts.  But hooray for true love, right guys??

2. The Sorority Sweetheart and the Frat Star

These Greek gods have all the social connections and one or both of them is most likely a chapter president.  They’re pretty.  Like J.Crew catalog pretty.  And while there’s always underlying drama with these two, you’ll never see them miss a big social event!

3. The Activists

Remember way back when Summer got all vegan-y on the last season of The O.C. and started hanging around that Che guy?  THEY WERE THIS COUPLE.  They always have a cause, and it always involves wearing really similar pants.  Find them planting sustainable foods in the campus garden, having sit-ins to stop wildlife clearing in order to build new dorms and, most importantly, biking everywhere.

4. The All-Americans

Op-Ed: Why You Should Rush a Sorority


This article is an op-ed. The opinions presented in this piece are that of the author and not necessarily that of Her Campus.

Thinking about rushing a sorority?  Read the other side of the story here!

I’ll admit: upon entering college last year, joining a sorority was not on the top of my priority list.  I wanted to get involved writing for campus publications, audition for theater productions, ace all my classes—basically, I wanted to be the same über-involved girl I was in high school.  To me, Greek life seemed like a distraction from what was really important.  And besides, I had already been a high school cheerleader AND a Catholic school girl—adding “sorority girl” to the list seemed like one lame porn plot too many.

But nevertheless, I found myself signing up for rush with the rest of my freshman floormates.  I figured I’d go through the rounds to see if I was missing anything, and eventually drop out if I wasn’t.

It turns out I was.  Meeting hundreds of girls in the span of two weekends may sound like a total nightmare, but it was the perfect way for me to meet like-minded women: driven, sociable, and engaged.  Rush was a way for me to get exposed to groups of girls outside of my freshman hall, and I’m still friends with girls I met during recruitment, regardless of whether I ended up pledging their sorority or not. 

So here is my experience in the first year of sorority life—I think my sorority spirit could even make Casey Cartwright proud.

Your Guide to Dormcest: Avoiding the Pitfalls, Scoring the Perks


Whether it’s the cute baseball player down the hall, the arty English major one floor up or the lacrosse-penney-sporting-Natty-drinking bro just two doors down, let’s face it: your college dorm is teeming with hotties of every race, creed and fraternity.  Incoming freshmen get ready: living with guys is unlike anything you’ve experienced before.  But is it wise to tap into this veritable meat market knowing there’s a risk of bumping into a foiled hook-up every time you want to walk down the hall to take a shower?  Have no fear, darling co-eds.  Use these fixes for common dormcest “pitfalls” and you’ll be plunging headfirst into intra-dorm relationships before you can say, “Hey, I live on North Campus too!”

The Pitfall: Mismatched Expectations

It’s going to be tempting to jump into romance as soon as you get on campus and realize you have hot guys living next door.  Even the girl with the most self-control can have trouble resisting such romantic convenience.  But take it from Kelsey*, a collegiette who got involved with a guy in her dorm right off the bat, it’s better to wait.

“Right away I thought Tyler* was cute. After our first meeting, I started to see him all the time around the dorm. We ‘hung out’ quite a few times in the next couple of weeks, but it was nothing more than friends with benefits. One time, we were messing around and he wanted to have sex but I said no.  He understood, but after that incident we were completely awkward around each other.”

How to Turn Your Summer Fling Into a Fall Boyfriend


As Sandy and Danny will attest, there is nothing like summer love. Summer is a time of casual Fridays, spontaneous travel, and eating ice cream in the street—everyone feels more free. So how do you tame your summer fling into a fall boyfriend? Collegiettes weigh in:

Keep it casual—at first.

No one wants to hear a profession of love a few weeks into dating! Summer romance is fun because it’s carefree. Mayssa, a recent graduate of New York University who was abroad in Rome last summer, told HC that it’s important to keep a “summer boy” guessing. “Don’t move too fast,” she says. “You have to leave something to look forward to!” Mayssa found this play-it-cool strategy to work particularly well with Euro boys.

To do: Plan a date a week in advance, not a month. (If you MUST get concert tickets ahead, don’t mention them to him until closer to the date of the show.) By keeping things light and making plans on the fly, you’ll show your summer boy that by staying with you, he would guarantee himself a fall semester that’s anything but boring.

Mayssa’s Italian boyfriend looked a lot like Paolo from the Lizzie McGuire Movie. 

Introduce him to one or two of your friends.

While he’s not a serious boyfriend yet, it’s important that he get to know your life outside of the summer situation you have going on. What you don’t want to do is overwhelm him with your six best girlfriends. Pick one or two of your friends who sit on the “chill” side of the spectrum (be honest, you know who they are) to meet him before everyone else. Once he starts to meet your friends, he’ll feel more connected to you, get to know you better, and be able to picture what dating you (past the summer) would be like.

10 Ways to Get a Date by Valentine's Day


Don’t you miss those grade school days, when every person in your class had to put a hand-addressed Valentine in your red-paper-pasted box?  Now, only the smug coupled-up people among us are guaranteed some attention on Valentine’s Day, and even they complain it’s not enough (he didn’t get me the right kind of flowers! etc).  So why bother with it?  Well, because it’s kind of fun to get all dolled up and go somewhere romantic, imagining for weeks beforehand how it will be the best night of your life.  What do you do if you haven’t got a date to look forward to yet?  Make one.  Here are 10 foolproof tips to make sure you’ve snagged a body to sit across from at the fancy restaurant of your choice.

1. Mix some red into your daily ensembles.
This study (you really needn’t bother with reading the full thing) shows that when collegiettes wear red, college cuties pay more attention to us.  Okay, maybe they didn’t use those exact terms, but that’s the gist of it.  Wearing the color may entice boys to “sit closer” to us and ask us “more intimate questions.”  One “intimate question” being, “Will you allow me to pick you up in my horse-drawn carriage on February the 14th?”

Heidi gets uh, festive!

5 Moves That Are Ruining Your 'Game'


So you’re going out a lot, meeting a lot of guys, and yet, none of them are asking you out.  What’s the problem?  Are you too available?  Not available enough?  Read on, collegiettes, for the five moves that are ruining your game.

1. You’re too drunk  

“Yeah, I met this adorable guy last night.  He was so cute, I think his name was Henry?  But I can’t find anything similar in my phone.  Could he be Hat Guy?  I don’t remember him wearing a hat . . .” Any of this sound familiar?  If you’re too drunk to remember parts of your night, follow-through is going to be tough.  How do you even remember if you liked the guy?  Or what you talked about?  This will make for an awkward situation . . . if you ever see him again.

What to do: Stick to one or two drinks. 

If you really want to make a good impression, don’t be buying the bar (for yourself).  When you stay lucid, you have a much better chance of remembering names, conversations, and most importantly, looking cute (not to mention staying safe).

2. You’re too flirty

It’s important to look interested in the guys you’re talking to (if you actually are, that is!).  But hanging all over multiple guys at one party/bar sends a signal that you’re not interested in getting to know anyone personally (i.e., you’re just looking to hook up.)  Are you interested in the guy who’s skeezing on every girl at the bar?  No, you think he’s creepy, and guys will think the same thing about you.

7 Ways to Get a Bad Reputation Freshman Year


College is a wonderful time for, ahem, exploration.  What we must remember however, my dear collegiettes, is that you have four (sometimes even five!) years to complete said exploration.  You need not make your way through all the fraternities in the first week of classes.  So which classic “freshman” moves should you avoid this fall?  Read on for HC’s top seven:

1. Posting pictures on Facebook of all your super cool party times. 
This is the easiest way to make yourself look like you are not super cool—after freshman year, no one post pics of that craaazy Wednesday night playing beer pong in a fraternity basement.  You can post photos from going out, but skip the ones with red cups or super-sloppy faces.  It just makes you look like you never drank before college if you have to constantly affirm on the Internet that you do, indeed, party.

2. Spending multiple nights at one fraternity house . . . with multiple members of said fraternity. 
Don’t get me wrong, ladies.  It’s okay to have fun with guys, but having fun with guys who know each other/live together is a one-way ticket to a reputation you don’t want.  Nobody wants to be the Omega Chi Tissue Paper of the semester... just don’t do it!  Especially if you want to be able to hang out with that fraternity/group of guys longer than one semester.  Hook up with too many guys in a group, and it’s too awkward to go back.

Just pick one, OK??

5 Cheap & Easy DIY Home Spa Treatments


We’re working late into the night on research papers, interning unpaid at companies that may not hire us after graduation, all the while trying to keep up a “healthy” and “youthful” appearance. With no cash to hit up the salon once a week, we’ve gotta get creative. Welcome to the Her Campus DIY routine—get a facial, mani, pedi, body soak and hair treatment all with items you can find at home (or for cheap at the grocery store). Prepare to feel pampered without feeling spoiled.

Brightening facial

You need: One lemon, 3 whole strawberries, one banana

This DIY face mask is sure to brighten up a tired complexion. The vitamin C in the strawberries lightens dark spots, the lemon exfoliates, and the banana conditions.

How to: Remove the stems from the strawberries and dice. Mash the diced strawberries in a small bowl with the banana. Add the juice of one lemon, and apply to the face, avoiding the eyes. Leave on for 15 minutes, or until the mask starts to feel dry. Rinse off with cool water.

Rejuvenating manicure

You need: One lemon, half of one cucumber

If your nails are dull and yellow, all you need is this soak to liven them up. The lemon bleaches stained nails and the cucumber soothes dry hands.

How to: Slice the lemons and cucumber into a bowl of cool water. Soak hands for ten minutes. Push back cuticles with an orange stick and paint nails as usual.

Exfoliating pedicure

You need: Epsom salts, olive oil, brown sugar

The Best & Worst Spots to Hook Up This Summer


Summer means one thing to me. Okay, so maybe more than one thing (I momentarily forgot about Beyonce's new album).  But at least one of the five best things about summer is the opportunity to hook up in new and exciting locations. Winter left us stuck inside (yawn), but with warm weather comes a whole new crop (pun intended) of places to get down to business. Some are better (read: less illegal)  than others, so read on for HC’s best and worst hook-up spots and start mapping out your weekends!
The Beach

Anyone who’s ever tried to order a drink underage knows the infamy of Sex on the Beach.  While it may sound totally romantic and exotic, HC votes “no” on this tried-but-not-true location. You know when you lay out on the beach, and even though you’re on a towel, sand ends up, er, everywhere? There are some places where sand should just NOT be. 

Ranking: 3 of 10 (it’s really just the sand thing… oh and possible charge for indecent exposure)

The Dugout at Your Local Ballpark

Head to your old high school or a Little League park close by (after hours, please – the children are our future) for a guy-approved romp. Dressing up for the occasion is a tad (read: WAY) over the top, but definitely wear something you can get dirty in.

Ranking: 7 of 10 (good, clean American fun)

The Bar Bathroom

5 Ways to Find a Summer Love


Summer is here, and if there’s one thing on everyone’s mind, it’s getting that summer boyfriend. Now that we’re away from the meat markets that are our college campuses, we’re gonna have to work a little bit harder to get the boys. This is a challenge you are up to! Here are HC’s top ways to prime yourself for that summer love (or, you know, fling…)

1. Throw a “Welcome Summer” Barbeque.
This is the easiest way to get all of your friends and their friends in one place. Tell your girlfriends to each invite two “available” dudes, and, then, FLIRT. Grab a couple of numbers, and use your already-honed flirtexting skills after the barbeque to get these guys even more interested. (click here if you need a refresher.) Once you meet a guy, follow-up is key!

2. Look cute for your summer job.
Most of you probably have internships or your run-of-the-mill ice cream scooping jobs this summer. While the experience you will gain in any position will be valuable, from a purely social viewpoint, you need to remember that these are all new people you can meet! If there are cute guys at your workplace, bingo. Set up a lunch or after work drinks with your coworkers. If guys are lacking at your place of business, don’t stress. Have your work girlfriends introduce you to some of their cute single friends! This is what we call real, live social networking. You can also try lunching where cute guys from other offices hang out, provided your work clothes are CUTE.

3. Lay out.