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Alix Gropper

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The Six Types of People you Meet in the 695 Elevator



After three years living in a basement of a chaotic townhouse I finally took a big girl step and broke my apartment virginity. I do love the calm atmosphere, the clean kitchens and the lack of fall millipedes giving me near heart attacks on unsuspecting Tuesday mornings. However, in all honesty, the shiny walls, semi respectable neighbors and feeling of competence, did not shy away from the most awkward/annoying/hilarious part of living in an apartment building…the one form of transportation with a mirror large enough to look into your soul. You all know what I am referring to - the dreaded ELEVATOR:

Ashley Silver



Campus Cutie: Ashley Silver

Age: 21

Faculty: MIT Honors Specialization

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Sorority: AOII

1. The first thing I notice about a guy is: His smile

2. Best night at western thus far? Halloween. Dressing up is so fun

3. Oh really.. What were you for halloween? .. I was a cat.

4. Song stuck in your head right now: “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

5. I am completely terrified of: Spiders

6. Weldon floor? First Floor Laptops

7. Favourite food: Cupcakes

8. People who know me well know that: I was bitten by a squirrel when I was little, and I tend to snort when I laugh really hard

9. Favourite thing to do for fun: Shop online

10. If you could trade places with any other person for a week it would be: Two words - Megan. Fox.

11. Claim to fame: I originated the Facebook pout

12. What 3 items would you take to a desert island other than food and water? My iPhone, my stuffed animal, and the latest issue of Vogue

13. Would you rather be attacked by a giant snake OR an angry piranha? A Giant snake, because at least then I would have a chance at surviving! (I can’t swim)

Shopping in The Tall Section: Jeans



So, you’ve been born over the average height range. Good for you! You’re destined for a life of  kicking the end of the bed frame, an overwhelming amount of WNBA jokes, and oh how can we forget - shopping in the tall section. Where is this magical, mythical “tall section” you ask?  Well even I still struggle with that question. Throughout my life growing up in Toronto, I have yet to come across many stores that were accommodating to “my kind”. Brands such as Rock and Republic and 7 For All Mankind offer styles in a longer length, but I was looking for jeans that did not have to be considered “an investment”.  Most stores would only carry up to 34” length pants and with the introduction of that dreaded Ankle Jean fad hemlines just kept getting shorter and shorter. Thankfully, in my 21 years of experience I have mastered where and when to shop for longer length pants that have countered the stress associated with Spring and Summer fashions (aka non-boot season) without spending a month’s rent.

1)  TopShop - A store only recently introduced to the Bay in the Yorkdale and Eaton’s Centre Shopping Centre’s in Toronto. This store is a rare breed of awesome as they include a Tall section in each of their stores. They carry many options of jeans, cords, jeggings, high waisted black plants and longer length shirts to fit most taller heights. The pants each have a 36” inseam and a mid-rise, and in the summer they offer a selection of shorts with longer lengths to accommodate long legs.