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Alison Stephens

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Taylor Helms '14


Taylor Helms is a four-year starter for the Lady Tiger’s Field Hockey team. As the current captain, her responsibilities have taken new form in her final season while she attempts to lead her team to another Final Four appearance.

End of the Semester Blues



Find yourself stressing with only three weeks left? You keep telling yourself two weeks of classes- one week of finals. That’s only 21 days or 504 hours or 1260 minutes if you really want to get it down to a science. Procrastination has finally reached its limits and due dates are…well…now. Although these dates have been on the syllabus all semester you find yourself cursing at your professors thinking how “unfair” their requests are. At times like these it’s best to keep your mumblings to yourself and take some of these helpful tips to keep you optimistic as you trudge through hell- or as some people call it- the end of the semester.

Ignorance is NOT Bliss When it Comes to Caffeine.



So, you’ve had a long day- a long week, actually. Let’s be honest it’s been one hell of a semester. You just want a pick me up, but you need to get the job done because Roy O. is calling for a late night. Rushing to the hub you stare at the drinks. Monster catches your eye. You think- might as well grab two, right? It can’t hurt? Oh, but it can!


Two 24-ounce Monster Energy drinks are equivalent to drinking 14 cans of coke. Put a time limit on this consumption and results can be deadly. Having that much caffeine in your system can cause a heart attack for all ages, even young and healthy kids. Caffeine toxic level fall between 150-200 milligrams per kilogram of body weight- for a 150-pound woman this is about 50 cups of coffee. Seems like a lot, right? And you are probably thinking there is no way I would EVER drink that much caffeine. Wrong.


There were more than 13,000 emergency department visits related to consumption of energy drinks in 2009- almost ten times as many as reported in 2005. Energy drink consumption is on the rise, and with the combination of alcohol, it is easier and easier to pound caffeine in your system over a short period of time. Without even realizing it you could be putting your health at a great risk.


September 30th to October 6: OLD GOLD!


This week’s events schedule is dedicated to OLD GOLD WEEK! Numerous events will be held throughout the week. Here is just a glimpse into some of the fun activities you should take a look at!

D3TV Cash Cab

Monday, October 1st through Wednesday, October 3rd, DePauw’s D3TV will be doing there own version of “Cash Cab” for the 175th anniversary. This is a produced television show where random passerby’s will be picked up and asked trivia question for prizes as they make their way to their destination. Make sure you know your facts about to DePauw and keep on the lookout for the cash cab!

What: D3TV “Cash Cab”When: October 1-3
Where: All around campus- keep your eyes peeled!Why you should be there: Have fun while getting a ride to your destination and learn some fun facts about DePauw’s history.

Blood Drive

DePauw is hosting their 175th Anniversary blood drive! The goal this year is 175 units of blood, which will be hard, but with a little help from everyone we can do it. Hosted all around campus to everyone’s convenience and at multiple times there’s no reason to say no. For every one person that gives blood three lives are saved. So drink a lot of water and get ready to give back!

What: 175th Anniversary Blood Drive
When and Where: October 1st 10-2 PM UB Ballroom
October 2nd 4-8 PM Humbert Hall
October 3rd 2-6 PM Blood Mobiles in Bowman Park
Why you should be there: Give back to the community. A little of your time can save a life!

Women’s Varsity Volleyball Match

Preparing for Summer: It's Not too Early!


Sunday’s filled with campus golf, sun tanning in Bowman, and the occasional slip and slide make for a relaxing spring. With formals, informals, Little 5, and almost every weekend jammed packed with baseballs games and other events, it’s hard to think summer’s right around the corner, despite the familiar warm weather. But let’s face it ladies, in two months, the last thing you want to do is take your last final and think, what now? Here are some ideas to keep the fun rolling as you dive into beautiful summer!

A Little Motivation: A Peek into a Bright Future


A Little Motivation: A Peek into a Bright Future

Alison Stephens


The end of a semester can be tough. Final papers, projects, and exams make every day overwhelming. Sometimes, you just want to throw in the towel and give up, but something keeps you at the library until two in the morning finishing that last little bit of homework. It’s exhausting!

Thankfully, there is the motivation of Christmas Break and Winter Term right around the corner to keep you focused; it’s the light at the end of the tunnel! Here’s a peek at what’s to come—consider it a quick vacation from the endless work to dream about the wonderful things ahead. 


Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays!

Fall Break: Time to Amp-Up the Comfy!


Empty house. No boys. Practice. Practice. Oh…. and practice. As Volleyball and Field Hockey finish up their seasons, Swimming and Basketball are just starting up over the never-ending, said to be relaxing, notorious Fall Break. Most students gather their strength in preparation for the week of midterms before heading home to Mama’s home cooked meals and their own cozy beds. Other students prepare for a slightly different break filled with games, practices, team bonding exercises, and our favorite activity: sleeping. Athletes know this last week has been filled with sweat, greasy hair, and no makeup, but at least we have sore muscles to show for it…right? Okay, so maybe we don’t have much to brag about, but we have mastered one skill this week, other than the perfect stroke or defensive stance: how to dress comfy and feel good about yourself at the same time.