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Alexie Evans

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Autumn at UWO


Photo by Ava H

Photo by Ava H

Photo by Alexie Evans



Photo by Sabryna Brooks

Photo by Alexie Evans

Tara Chen


This week’s campus celebrity is Tara Chen, a fourth year Health Science student who is the President of the Health Studies Student’s Association. Tara made the decision to move from Cambridge, Ontario and attend Western not only because of the interdisciplinary Health program and beautiful campus, but also the welcoming atmosphere she felt at Western. “I remember when I helped my older brother move into Med-Syd Hall when he was in first year, the sophs mistook me for a first year. They were so enthusiastic, engaging and friendly.”

As President of the HSSA, it’s safe to say that Tara has her hands full, working hard on new ideas to keep students engaged and figure out the best ways to fulfill their ever-changing needs. “My team and I are constantly working hard behind the scenes to improve the Western student experience,” she tells me. The team also works closely with school administrators and one of Tara’s biggest responsibilities is making sure that the Student Opportunity Fund (SOF) is spent correctly. “The SOF is our program’s donation fee and the money is solely used to improve the student experience,” she explains. “We’ve sent students to conferences, guest speakers, workshops and we helped launch the Leaders of the Future program with the School of Health Studies where we helped a HS student with an internship with the World Health Organization!”

Cassie Branco


Our campus cutie this week, Cassie Branco may be pint-sized, but this fire cracker will show you a good time once she's out of her shell! Besides being a fashonista, Cassie is also a dedicated student... and yes, she's single.

Program and Year: 2nd year Major in Psychology and Minor in Sociology

Hometown: London, Ontario

Relationship status: Single :)

Favourite Activities: Dancing, flag football at Kings, cuddling, hanging out with friends/going out 

Why did you decide to come to Western? It’s close to home, was very well known for psychology degree’s, and I had heard great things about the atmosphere and people.

What has been your favourite memory so far at UWO? O-Week 2013!! 

What is your biggest turn off? When someone’s overly outgoing.

What do you look for in a guy? Great smile and tall :)

Do you have a part-time job? Yes, at the Garage retail store.

The best part about working at Garage? The amazing staff that I get to work with, and helping people find great styles to wear for the season.

What are your plans for Halloween this year? Dressing up as a gum ball machine and partying with my friends!

UCC Haunted House


Have a break between classes this week and $3 to spare? Come check out the UCC Haunted House in the Mustang Lounge!  The haunted house will run from 1:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M. as well as 6:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M. All proceeds will go to Childreach!

Kelsey Potts


This week’s campus celebrity Kelsey Potts was born and raised here in London, Ontario.  Kelsey is a fourth year double majoring in sociology and English. To say Kelsey is an animal lover is an understatement. As a full time student, Kelsey also has to take a lot of time out of her days to take care of her two young dogs, Charlie and Lily.

Although she also works part-time at the retail store Garage, Kelsey’s love for animals brought her to the Country Club for Pets in London, where she also works part-time. Kelsey absolutely adores her time at the Country Club, which she describes as a dream job -- besides cleaning, grooming, and taking care of the dogs physical health, she also leads puppy socialization classes, which means she basically gets to watch adorable puppies play for hours!

Kelsey’s super busy life outside of school has not deterred her from being a focused and determined student. She plans to apply to teacher’s college in Nova Scotia after graduation this year. She describes her love for engaging with people and presenting in front of crowds as the spark that is leading her towards teaching. “Everyday is different and you get to make real connections that can last their entire years through high school.  You make a difference in what people want to learn and can come up with new and creative ways to approach boring subjects.” 

Harris Park


Photo by Alexie Evans

Photo by Alexie Evans

Photo by Alexie Evans

Photo by Alexie Evans

Photo by Alexie Evans

Lierka Vandepoele


Meet this week's campus cutie, Lierka Vandepoele. Lierka is busy with being both a full-time student and a part-timer in retail, but that doesn't stop her from having a good time partying and socializing with her friends!

Hometown: Delhi, Ontario.

Program/Year: 2nd year Honour Specialization in Psychology.

Relationship Status: In a relationship.

Favourite Activities: Sleeping and eating pizza.

What’s your favourite thing about your program? Getting to know and understand people.

Three words to describe yourself: Caring, forgiving, and independent.

What’s your biggest pet peeve? Excessive tapping!

What are three things you can’t live without on a daily basis? YouTube videos, a double double coffee, and my friends.

Biggest deal breaker in a relationship: Not having a good sense of humour.

Favourite Off Campus Location: Gibbons Park.

Favourite On Campus Location: King’s Library.

Favourite London bar: Jack's!

Coffee or tea? Both!

Favourite memory at Western so far: O-Week 2013.

What Movies Taught Me About University


Remembering Oscar de la Renta: Our Favourite Gowns


With the heartbreaking news of Oscar de la Renta's passing away this week, we put together our top 5 favourite looks by this legendary designer.

"The qualities I most admire in women are confidence and kindness." - Oscar de la Renta

Tony Lee X-Rated Hypnotist


For only $10, you can enjoy a hilarious night of watching Tony Lee 'the X-rated hypnotist' hypnotize your fellow students.. or maybe even get hypnotized yourself.  

Tickets can be purchased online or at Western Connections in the UCC basement. 

For only $13, you can buy a combo ticket for both the Tony Lee show and the Wayne Hoffman: Mentalist and Illusionist show on October 27th!