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Alexie Evans

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HC Western Ontario Does Hoco


Photo by Steph Kesler

Photo by Brooke Horrobin

Photo by Steph Kesler

Photo by Brooke Horrobin

Photo by Steph Kesler

Photo by Emila Sara

Photo by Steph Kesler

Photo by Steph Tzogas

Career Fair


Looking to explore your career options?

Western's Career Fair this Thursday is your chance improve your communication skills, expand your network, and explore job opportunities. The event will include over 55 organizations that are recruiting for local, national, and international positions. These organizations include:

Law School Admissions Council Forum in Toronto


Are you a senior student at Western this fall? Some of you may be entering your final year at UWO, and now is the time where you may be starting to think about (and stress out about!) what to do when you’re finished your undergraduate degree. If you’ve ever thought about going to law school after university, or even if you’re not sure what it is you want to do, the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) Forum is here to help you broaden your job opportunities for the future.

On Monday, September 22nd, the LSAC will be hosting a law school forum in Toronto at the Hyatt Regency Toronto. The Forums offer a ton of different workshops, including the Diversity Information Panel, About the LSAT and Financing a Legal Education.The LSAC Law School Forums are the only forums that offer a workshop lead by an actual member of the team writing the LSAT, which is helpful in providing you with first-hand knowledge and feedback on what to expect during your preparation to apply to law school.  As a result of attending the LSAC forum, over 75% of previous attendees have discovered schools they had never even known about!

Many people do not know that since the 2009 recession, a very large scope of job opportunities have become available to those after law school, including jobs in fields such as social media, entertainment, and sports. Besides the exciting and unique job opportunities that come with attending law school, there’s also a financial benefit - for those who go into the law field, there is a positive rate of return on average salary over course of lifetime versus the cost of tuition.

Western Homecoming 2014


At Western, Homecoming isn't a one-option event. It's an action-packed weekend with something for everyone!

Saturday, September 20th, 9:00AM - 5:00PM: Homecoming Celebration ft. Gord Bamford at Concrete Beach

FREE entry to see performance by Canadian Country Music Singer Gord Bamford FREE Pancake Breakfast All-Ages Event Licensed Beer Garden FREE face-painting Gourmet food Prizes and giveaways More info on the Facebook event page

Saturday, September 20th, 11:00AM - 2:00PM: Mustang Cookout by South Valley parking lots

$10.00 tickets available in advance, available day of if space permits BBQ ticket includes choice of hot dog, hamburger, sausage or vegetarian option, along with a soft drink and choice of fruit or chips Activities for children and families Visit the website for more details 

Saturday, September 20th, 1:00PM - 3:00PM: Western Mustangs vs. UofT Varsity Blues Football Game at TD Stadium

$25.00 tickets available at Western Connections in UCC, Western Rec Centre, Online, or by Phone (519-661-3090) More info available on the website


Beautiful WesternU


There's nothing better than a sunset on UC Hill.
Photo by Bethany Dietz

Visiting an affiliate college is worth it for this view.
Photo by Bethany Dietz

What can we say? We <3 University College!
Photo by Bethany Dietz

Volunteer Fair 2014


This upcoming Wednesday, September 17th and Thursday September 18th from 9:00AM - 3:00PM, the University Students’ Council and The Student Success Centre will present Volunteer Fair 2014.

Volunteer organizations will be in the University Community Centre Atrium to inform students at UWO about volunteer opportunities that are available to university students in London.

Organizations involved in the Volunteer Fair include:

Boys & Girls Club of London Brain Injury Association Brio Music London Canadian Mental Health Assoc. Chelsey Park Retirement Community Cheshire CHRW Community Living London Cross Cultural Learner Centre Epilepsy Support Centre Foot Patrol Frontier College Hemophilia Ontario SW Ontario Region Hope's Garden Hutton House Investing in Children London Children's Museum London Track 3 Ski School Purple Bikes SARI Therapeutic Riding Student Success Centre  Sexual Assault Centre London The ARTS Project The Gazette YMCA of Western Ontario Youth Opportunities Unlimited

Visit the Facebook event page to learn more!

Chia Seeds: The Power Food


If you’re like me, you’re used to seeing daily uploads on Instagram of “#cleaneats” meals. One thing a lot of these food-grams have in common is the inclusion of chia seeds - and there’s a reason why. Actually, there are plenty of reasons! These gluten-free seeds are a power food packed with benefits that can easily be added to any meal, from smoothies to salads. Here’s a list of some (but definitely not all!) benefits of adding chia to your diet.

1.  Feel Full Faster

While any diet needs to be supplemented with healthy eating and exercise, the chia seed is excellent in helping to maintain a healthy body weight. When soaked in water, chia seeds retain 8-9 times their weight, and forms an interesting gel coating. This increase in size and weight and gelling action helps you feel full faster and keeps you full for hours. The trytophan (an amino acid also found in turkey) helps to regulate appetite, sleep, and improves moods. Oh, and FYI: Chia seeds are flavorless, which means you can add them to virtually anything without sacrificing or altering flavor!

2. Omega-3 Oil

If you’re a vegetarian or don’t like fish, it’s hard to find an alternative source for omega-3 to improve heart and cholesterol health. Well, search no longer! The richest plant-source for omega-3 oil is found in the chia seed. Also, by weight, chia seeds actually contain more omega 3 than salmon!

3.  Guilt-Free Baking

The Power of Social Media: Amanda Todd’s Lasting Impression


The Power of Social Media: Amanda Todd’s Lasting Impression by Alexie Evans

A young, pretty girl comes home after her schoolmates beat her up and logs onto her Facebook account. Everywhere she clicks, all she sees are hateful posts about herself: “She deserved it,” says one. “Did you wash the mud out of your hair?” taunts another. “I hope she’s dead.” Fighting back tears, she locks herself in her room, grabbing a pair of scissors, which she uses to create another bloody line across the canvas of her skin. After months of feeling attacked, ostracized, and hated, the young girl feels she has no other option. She decides to take her own life. Amanda Todd was only 15 years old.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for youth across Canada, accidents being the leading cause. With a rate of over 500 youth suicides a year, why was Canadian teen Amanda Todd’s suicide so highly publicized, while every other teen suicide seems to be ignored? What makes her case so different than every other? Since her death, more than 600,000 Facebook users have ‘liked’ Amanda’s memorial page.

Amanda’s story is a complex one. It is a story that people can relate to, since many young people are bullied or suffer from mental health issues. Christie Pflug, an 18-year-old student who has suffered from anxiety herself, says Amanda’s story is one that would get a reaction — whether that attention was good or bad. “Publicity is publicity,” says Pflug.

12 Makeup Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making



We've all been guilty of at least one of these makeup mistakes. Learn what the most common beauty mistakes are and how to fix them!

1. Not Using A Primer

This is #1 for a reason! Applying a primer to your face first allows your foundation, concealer, and eyeshadow to glide on smoothly and last longer. Otherwise, makeup may settle into your fine lines and creases, making you look older. Try Victoria’s Secret PRO Airbrush FX line of primers.

2. Applying Foundation with a Sponge or Fingers

Foundation brushes are better than sponges not only because they waste less product, but they are also much better at blending - giving you a more natural and less cakey appearance. Make sure you regularly wash your foundation brush, and always choose a brush with synthetic rather than animal hairs. Eco Tools makes great brushes that are not only great quality, but are also well-priced.

3. Applying Concealer Before Foundation

The whole point of concealer is to hide and lighten blemishes and other imperfections. If you put it on before foundation, it blends away and gets cancelled out completely! But also be careful of applying the “reverse raccoon eye”, where the skin under your eyes looks too light. Concealer should be no more than one shade lighter than your skin. Use a brush to dab on a cream concealer like Urban Decay’s 24/7 Concealer Pencil. Follow with powder.

4. Wearing an “All-day” Sunscreen

Western U Down Under


Looking for something to do this upcoming Wednesday, April 3rd? Well Mustangs, search no further! Brought to you by our very own Samantha Clarke, the Med-Syd Formal Lounge will be transformed into the best Australian-themed party in London: Western U Down Under!

Fourth year kinesiology student Samantha Clarke is currently a finalist in a contest that Campus Perks and Tourism Australia are holding to win the opportunity to be a Travel Blogger on a 17-day trip to Australia. In order to win this title, Samantha is bringing “The Best Jobs in the World” Campaign to Western University. There are six fantastic jobs offered in the campaign, including: